It’s now each and every day that it seems that I’m waking up in ‘The Twilight Zone,’ a place where so many things have been made to go absolutely haywire while at the same time we’re being constantly being told, by Democrats and their minions in the ‘fake news’ media, how great things are and how lucky we are to have such a man as Joey B in the White House after four years of that horrible Donald Trump. And just how stupid must one be to be able to look around and see where we are today as a country, compared to where we were a mere 20 months ago and say that it’s today that we are better off than we were then. Does that make any sense to anyone?  

Or is, as it is in the case of ‘BO,’ the better question to be asking is to what degree must one be a pathological liar to make such a claim that can so easily be disproven? And by whose definition, exactly, has this country been made better in any measurable way since senile old Joey was allowed to fraudulently seize the reins of power? Now I only ask because it was just this passed Wednesday that ‘BO’ was heard heaping all manner of praise upon Joey, going so far as to assert that the country was better off since he took office as *president. ‘BO’ said, “The country is better off than when you first took office. And we should all be deeply grateful for that.”

‘BO’ spoke as *president Joey and first Dr. Jill hosted ‘BO’ and Moochelle at the White House for the unveiling of their official portraits. ‘BO’ said, “Joe, it is America’s good fortune to have you as president.” And he went on to say, “You guided us through some perilous times, you built on and beyond the work we began together.” An August poll, however, showed that Americans feel differently, as 74 percent feel the country is on the wrong track. ‘BO’ noted approvingly there were many of his own former political staffers working for Joey. ‘BO’ said, “I’m especially glad to see so many of you serving President Biden as well as you served me.”

‘BO’ added that the staffers working for Joey B “were kids back then and now in charge and running the show, which is a little shocking.” And, of course, Joey also heaped praise on ‘BO’, thanking him for serving as an example for his own presidency. Joey said, “There are few people I have known with more integrity, decency, and moral courage than Barack Obama.” And he said, “Mr. President, nothing could have prepared me better or more to become President of the United States than to be at your side for eight years.” Make no mistake, it’s these two men who are the primary source of all the misery that has come to afflict this country in 2022.

’BO’ was clearly the most lawless president in US history. And the man could have been so much more than what he turned out to be after coming into office with so much promise. But sadly, he turned out to be pretty much of a dud, at least as far as making our country a better place. And he turned out to be such a disappointment on so many levels, because he was controlled by his politics. Where he could have improved race relations in this country he, instead, took it upon himself to set them back generations. He did virtually nothing for the black community except to stoke the flames of victimhood. He put what was best for his party over what was best for the country and what was best for those in the black community.

And ‘BO’ is free to think Joey has done a great job. But ask the average voter if they think things have improved over the course of the last 20 months. I don’t care what segment of society you want to name, education, the economy, national security, the borders, energy production, food prices, gas prices, ANY prices or global stability, things are far worse. Everything is far worse now than they were less than years ago. ‘BO’ may have forgotten, or chooses to ignore, where this country was when Joey came into office, but the rest us remember all too well! Joey’s fraudulent reign has been extraordinary in only one sense, in the amount of damage that has been done.

We need only to look at ‘BO’s comments through the prism of how things looked a mere 20 months ago to see how blatantly dishonest they truly are. I mean, let’s take a look at how Joey has made things so much better: Inflation is now at 12 percent, gas prices that have doubled, transgenderism is now being taught in schools, record crime rates all across the country, a southern border that has essentially been made nonexistent resulting in a massive invasion by illegal aliens and an untold number of terrorists infiltrating our country through that same southern border. Yes ‘BO’, I agree, American has become much better since Joey took office. NOT!

And let us not forget the debacle that was our exit from Afghanistan and the thousands of Americans left abandoned as well as the billions in military hardware. Or, Joey’s determination to increase taxes DURING a recession or the allocating of funds for 85,000 IRS agents instead of for more border agents. Or Joey’s decision to further drain our strategic oil reserves only to turn around and sell that oil to China. A dropping labor participation rate, leaving unaddressed the threats and instances of intimidation made against Supreme Court justices at their homes, a corrupt DOJ and rogue FBI attacking so-called enemies of the regime with impunity and so much more!

So I suppose from a liberal perspective one would agree with ‘BO’. We have a *president who has brought about zero economic growth and higher food and gas prices, lorded over a justice system that turns it’s back to thugs and domestic terrorists, supports the butchering of babies right up to the moment of birth, believes in brainwashing those children, lucky enough to avoid the abortionist, instead of educating. A *president out to destroy the oil and coal industry and again make America again dependent on our enemies in order to meet our energy needs and on and on it goes. And according to ‘BO’ “we should all be deeply grateful for that?”

Finally, there’s really nothing about ‘BO’s idiotic comments that should come as being much of a surprise. Democrats actually think that can somehow convince us all that things are somehow better than they really are. And yes, they really do think we’re that stupid. And to be honest, a good many of us are. But you would think that even the most ignorant among us, even Democrats, would eventually come to be able to see through all the smoke and mirrors every time they fill up their gas tank, or stop by the grocery. We’re told by Democrats that what we’ve been made to experience is now the new normal. But it’s the new normal only for as long as we allow it to be.


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