I’m sure we all know those who think that by claiming to be politically ‘Independent’ they are somehow above the fray and perhaps even more politically astute than are those of us who choose to align ourselves with one political party or the other. But the truth is, more often than not, that these same folks tend to be Democrats who lack the intestinal fortitude to admit who it is that they really are. But it would appear that the latest ploy the Democrats have now set onto motion in an attempt to avoid the predicted bloodbath awaiting them in November will likely serve to draw these frauds out into the open, to be seen for the frauds we all know them to be.  

You see, it was during an appearance on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” it was Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) chairman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney who said that the midterm election is about “mainstream” Republicans and Democrats versus the MAGA movement. But I would be curios to just how it is that this dolt defines “mainstream.” Because if it is one thing that no one in the entire Democrat Party can be said to be, it “mainstream.” Because if we’re being honest here, it’s we MAGA supporters who are actually the mainstream! That’s the dirty little secret the freaks on the left don’t want people to know.

Guest host Mike Emanuel asked, “The president Thursday night said MAGA Republicans are destroying American democracy. He tried to draw a line between MAGA Republicans and mainstream GOP, but he offended a lot of folks in the process.” Maloney said, “There’s nothing the president said on Thursday that has not been said by leading conservatives and Republicans. I mean, with the president said is exactly what people like Judge Luttig said. It’s exactly what people like Vice President Mike Pence and John Bolton have said. If you listen to comments from previous presidential nominees like Mitt Romney. In other words, this is not republicans versus democrats.”

Maloney said, “This is mainstream Republicans and Democrats versus MAGA extremists. This election is about mainstream versus MAGA. I’m proud that we have a president that knows right from wrong.” He added, “Republicans and the Democrats are in large part in agreement it is the MAGA movement that is extreme, that has ripped away reproductive freedom, that justifies the attack on the Capital, that plays footsie with white supremacists, and cue in on conspiracy theorists. That’s what the president was talking about.” Consider this, in Trump’s last month in office 17 illegals were released into the U.S., this past July Joey B. released 120,000. So, which one is “extreme?”

What this upcoming election should be about records: record high inflation, record high gas prices, record high food price index, record high overdose rate, record high homicide rate, record high illegal immigration rate, war, famine, shortages, rationing, dead soldiers, armed terrorists and more. And if, as Maloney claims, Democrats are going to make it a “mainstream versus MAGA” sort of contest, then Americans, regardless of political persuasion, will need to judge who it is that stands for the “mainstream” approach when it comes to addressing all of these issues. And if they’re being honest with themselves, that’s going to be the MAGA Republicans.  

Let’s go back four years and recall the morbidly obese Stacey Abrams who still claims that she is the “legal” governor of Georgia. For FOUR years Abrams has continued to lie about how she was somehow cheated out of being elected due to rampant voter fraud, voter suppression of blacks, and the disenfranchisement of people color. The white man is holding her, and all blacks down, by not allowing them to obtain internet at their homes, not letting them get Voter ID or a driver’s license, and then they won’t provide them with food, water while waiting in line for 10-15 minutes to physically vote in person. And yet Democrats are the MAINSTREAM party of America?

Yes, the Democrats now consider themselves as being “mainstream?” And yet, there has been no investigation into the payments from Russia, China, and Ukraine, made to the Joey B Crime Family via his crackhead bagman of a son and the favors given in return. Favors such as pipelines, Eastern European RE and US energy production curbs to Russia, oil reserves sold, manufacturing and production sold to China, foreign aid skimming in Ukraine and more! Instead, they put this demented old fool on TV making a 1940’sesque speech that could have been delivered by Hitler and the ‘fake news’ clown rave about it Could anyone imagine such a speech given by President Trump?

It’s now outside beyond the beltway that MAGA Republicans can be said to make up the majority of the Republican Party, and we will not allow Democrats and RINOs to destroy our Constitutional Republic. Clearly all Democrat policies have failed miserably, so the Democrats have nothing else but to fall back on name calling and vilifying Republicans. Democrats can say there was no election/voter fraud in 2020, but we all know there was and there has been a lot of work since 2020 to prevent that fraud from continuing. Thousands of MAGA supporters have taken local political positions in their districts that set the rules on elections in their district.

And since we can’t rely on our political leaders to ensure secure elections, we must take control from the bottom. This is what is really scaring Democrats. They are scared they are losing their ability to cheat in many places where they have no chance of winning without cheating. Democrats realized that calling MAGA Republicans “racists” no longer works. So Democrats are now calling MAGA supporters violent and threat to democracy yet they provide no evidence. Because there is none! We now need to work hard to get MAGA Republicans into office. Once in place we can start bringing this country together and dismantling those agencies controlled by Democrats.


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