You would think that with there now being a new sheriff in town at CNN, and with rumors flying that he intends to make, what sounds like, some pretty significant changes in an effort to makeover the network from being less about gossip news and more about hard news, that some of those now employed there might want to start reconsidering how it is that they approach their jobs. Take, for example, Don Lemon who on his best day does not fit anyone’s definition of a ‘journalist,’ much like Brian Stelter who was recently informed that his services were no longer needed at the network. You would think that Lemon might want to be treading lightly. But, nope!

But apparently Lemon seems to be not the least bit interested in altering how it is that continues to present those stories that few, other than himself, in his rapidly shrinking audience are genuinely interested in. He seems not to care that the whole idea is to present those stories, and interview those guests, that will actually attract viewers, not repel them. Lemon clearly has no interest in using his program as anything other than a platform from which the latest Democrat talking points can be spewed and from which his leftwing guests are free to say whatever they wish without fear of being asked those questions which they would have no answer for.

Lemon’s most recent trip into the outer fringes of his party occurred just this past Wednesday. It was then that Lemon joined CNN colleagues Brianna Keilar and John Berman on CNN’s “New Day” and made the ridiculously ignorant claim that since it was white men who wrote the laws and U.S. Constitution, they were the “least discriminated-against people.” It was in discussing Republican Arizona Senate nominee Blake Masters criticizing affirmative action that Lemon said, “He believes nothing of what he’s saying. If you listen to all the people who say the same things that he says, they all sound alike, like it’s a script.”

Lemon went on to say, “He knows that he what he’s doing is and that he’s trying to rile up his base. Right. People who feel that they’re disaffected because they’re white. He’s, he is what, trying to reach this white population who feels aggrieved. It’s a grievance culture. Now, listen, someone like Blake Masters, and quite frankly, white males in this society, there have never been carve-outs in our Constitution for white males. Why? Because they wrote it, because the laws and the structure of the country are built around them, are built around white males.” Every time that Lemon opens his mouth he gives us all one more reason to listen to nothing that he says.

Lemon added, “Listen, I’m not saying that there aren’t a white people, especially and white men who are, who don’t have challenges, who aren’t discriminated against. But for the most part, they’re the least discriminated-against people in this country. There’s never been a carve-out in the Constitution. There’s never been an amendment for anyone who looks like Blake Masters. So all of that silliness aside, because Blake Masters doesn’t believe a word that he’s saying, and I think that most people who say that, leaders I’m talking about, don’t believe a word.” Once again Lemon proves how little it is that he understands about the founding of this country.

So I’m assuming that white males are now to be the focus of any and all discussions? Look, all 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence and all 39 signers of the U.S. Constitution were White males. Every Founding Father, including Thomas Paine who authored the pamphlet “Common Sense,” Thomas Jefferson who authored the Declaration of Independence, James Madison who authored the Constitution, George Washington who served as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison who (under the pseudonym ‘Publius’) authored The Federalist Papers, were all White American males.

Furthermore, nearly every individual who brought about all manner of innovation and ingenuity here in the United States and advanced our nation were also White Americans. From the Wright Brothers, to Charles Lindbergh, to Thomas Edison, to Henry Ford, the list is nearly endless. It’s imperative for the proponents of “social justice” to uproot and overthrow the European and Western underpinnings of the United States of America as it constitutes the bulwark against the “social justice” agenda, and what it is that Joey B praises as the “Liberal World Order,” and ultimately the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.

Radical Democrats, which Lemon very clearly is, want to transform the white, Christian, traditions that the country was founded on. Those traditions created the highest standards in the world for all Americans, not just white Christians. Radical transformation means chaos, crime, and misery. ‘America First’ means traditional stability, security, and prosperity for all. I am a white male and have never seen a bill or law creating free jobs or college for me, or any member of my family. White males have been the greatest racially discriminated race since the late sixties. Much is said about white privilege which does not exist, but black privilege most certain exists!

Clearly Lemon is a supporter of those who continually seek to destroy our Constitution and rid us of every one of our God-given rights. One need to only look around to see the preliminary results of their handiwork. Open, chaotic borders controlled by child abusers and drug cartels, nonsense about there being more than two genders, legitimacy of perverted lifestyles, open perversion paraded on our streets in front of children. Much of the government school system is now a propaganda arm of the political false elite in Washington. Such efforts are clearly designed to wreak havoc on the traditional family, designed by Our Creator.

And to that the fact that we are also now witnessing the deliberate destruction of our power grid, agricultural system and supply chains all in the name of bogus ‘climate change,’ a fictitious invention of the left back in the 1970s. Interestingly, that while those, like Lemon, criticize so-called ‘fossil fuels,’ we still provide our enemies with such fuels from our strategic oil reserves. All around us we hear nothing more than a barrage of lies. Lies from the universities, the ‘fake news’ media and politicians from both sides of the aisle. Yes, this is a glimpse of the “fundamental transformation” planned by those of the liberal ‘New World Order.’

And if white males are the least east discriminated against it’s because they are the most to act civilized. Sorry, just calling it like it is. I’ve lost track of the number of videos I’ve seen of Blacks acting literally like savages. Beatings, robbing, looting. stealing, burning, shooting and on and on goes. Blacks make up 55 percent of our prison population, yet they comprise only 13 percent of the population. Add to that the fact that 75 percent of Black children born in the U.S today are born into a single parent home, and no other race comes close to that. Blacks need to fix what’s taking place in their own lives before they start complaining about how they’re victimized!


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