So you really do have to wonder, are the Democrats totally oblivious to the fact that in a mere 74 days we have an election or, have they now become so confident in their ability to steal elections that they no longer care what they say in their continuing effort to deny just how bad things have now gotten in this country over the course of the last 19 months that they have been in complete control of our government. And oddly enough, what has been made to transpire in that period of time it what transpires every time the American people are foolish enough to put these people in charge of running the country. And yet the American people never seem to learn.

Which brings to Debbie Dingell. Dingell is someone who is even less qualified than most to serve in Congress. You see, it was in their infinite wisdom that those in the same district that both her dead husband, and his father before him, once reigned over bestowed that same honor on her back in 2015 after her husband died. And it’s Dingell who was recently complaining about those she described as “armchair economists” when daring to criticize the masterful job that Joey B is doing to destroy our country. You see, we’re not permitted to complain as our country is being burned down around us. Because, of course, they’re only doing it for our own good.

As I mentioned, Debbie didn’t come to hold her current seat in Congress in the usual way. You see, the seat was once held by John Dingell Sr., who was first elected back in 1933, who held it until he died, at which time the torch was passed to John Dingell Jr. who held it until he died at which time the torch was then passed to his, 27 years his junior, wife, Debbie. And so it’s very clear that the vast majority of those who happen to inhabit this congressional district must also reside at the shallow end of the gene pool. But her lack of credentials certainly hasn’t stopped her from accusing those who dare to criticize those who clearly know more than she does.    

It was during Thursday’s broadcast of something called NBC’s “MTP Now,” that Dingell came rushing to the defense of *president Joey B and his decision regarding the student loan program. You see it was then that she said she was “really tired of these armchair economists who love to take the shots and get attention, but aren’t really working hard to try to solve some of our nation’s problems.” And it was host Kristen Welker who asked, “I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you about the other big news today, which is the President’s announcement on student loans. He’s extending the pause. He’s giving relief of $10,000 to those who make less than $125,000.”

And it was this genius Welker who then went on to say, “Some economists, though, are warning that it could add to inflation, including Jason Furman, who tweeted, ‘Pouring roughly half [a] trillion dollars of gasoline on the inflationary fire that is already burning is reckless. Doing it while going well beyond one campaign promise…and breaking another’ what is your reaction to what you are hearing from some economists who worked in the Obama administration who are concerned about inflation? Is this the wrong time to extend the student loan pause?” What is this bimbo’s reaction? Seriously? And this moron calls herself a ‘journalist?’

Anyway, Dingell answered, “President Biden made a promise and he is trying to help those most in need reduce the stress that they have on them about how they’re going to pay this debt. And it’s really keeping a lot of young people up at night. But I think we’ve got to do more real things, like, we look at other countries, we look at the state of Tennessee under a Republican governor that gives [two years of free tuition to community colleges]. And she went on to add, “We need to look at how we incentivize people to go into fields where there are real shortages, so that, perhaps, we pay for their tuition, and in turn, they give us their public service.”

Welker cut in to say, “Congresswoman, it sounds like you’re saying that the President hasn’t gotten to the root cause and root issue here.” Dingell responded, “We’ve got to work at it more. I agree with that. And you know what I think of these armchair economists who like to get a lot of attention? It’s really easy to take the shots. Let’s get something concrete. I’m really tired of these armchair economists who love to take the shots and get attention, but aren’t really working hard to try to solve some of our nation’s problems. And I think President Biden has done a lot in the last few weeks to address many of the problems that are facing us in this country.”

So tell me, just what is it that Joey B has done to solve any of our nation’s problems? And what have those like Dingell done other than to act as rubberstamps to Joey B’s continuing to wreak all manner of havoc. Look, Joey B has NEVER been a leader! He’s never been good at anything other than being a follower. Joey depends on those operating behind the curtain. But not to worry, because as I said, it’s all that the Democrats are doing, regardless of the border mess, their boondoggle when it comes to bogus ‘climate change’ or this most recent giveaway, that are all for own good, as they claim to have only our best interests at heart.

It was from his basement that Joey B first made clear that he intended to rob the treasury of $300 billion in student loan debt “forgiveness” in an effort to make sure that one voting bloc remained loyal to the Democrats. He made good on that promise as way to keep those effected distracted from our tanking economy and numerous other issues that might keep them from voting Democrat. The egregiousness of this on so many levels is off the charts. And those like Dingell seem to object that those who are going to cover the cost, as well as those who worked their asses off for years to pay off their debts as responsible citizens, are expressing their outrage over it.

And can someone please explain to me how a *president, without the consent of Congress, can simply write off $300-500 BILLION in debt owed to the government? If the *president has that power, then he could just as easily say that all those of his party need no longer pay taxes, essentially making tax law moot since the *president could change it will. Conversely, wouldn’t that same power let the *president say, “Any U.S. debt held by China is null and void?” Government is about processes, not outcomes. Whether you agree with student loan cancellations or not, the process created by this must be challenged, because it can, and will, be abused repeatedly.

When you are a responsible adult and support yourself, it’s by default that you become, as Dingell puts it, “an armchair economist.” You have to be! For decades we’ve heard Democrats complain about costs, and yet they’ve learned absolutely nothing. They continue to tax and spend, always acting as if they have an unlimited budget. And while I may not be an economist, I am, however, directly affected by fuel prices, inflation, tax rates, medical costs/insurances, unsecured borders, competition with foreign markets and many other related issues. And it is how I am personally affected that I base my political opinions and voting choices.

And just why is it seen as being acceptable by folks such as Dingell that I’m put in the position of having to choose between buying life’s necessities or being able to pay my taxes. Get out of my pockets, they’re empty and with so many hands in them, I can’t move anymore. I’m tired of these Washington elitist politicians who feel they have some right to steal from hardworking Americans in order to buy votes from their certain key constituencies and who think they are free to commit treason against the American people and the U.S. Constitution with impunity. And frankly, I’m tired of the economic illiteracy from those in this current administration.

And perhaps if those like Dingell had an interest in anything other than buying votes, perhaps they would first work to determine why it is that the costs of attending so many of colleges and universities has now gotten so ridiculously high. Maybe addressing the root cause would be a better solution. Handing out $10,000 loan forgiveness is only a band aid. Might they going to do another band aid in four years? In short, they’ve solved nothing. We peasants have a right to voice our concerns! We all know that the Democrats will NEVER address the high cost of tuition as these same institutions are major supporters of both the Democrat Agenda and Party.

Look, if there is one thing that I think all of us can safely agree on, it’s the fact that Democrats absolutely despise those of us who have worked hard to start businesses of their own and, in the process, have become wealthy without the use of taxpayer funded assistance. Remember ‘BO’ and his idiotic comment, “You did not build that?” What the Hell did that turd ever build. And here we have this imbecile, Dingell, sitting in the same seat once occupied by both her dead husband and her dead husband’s father. And yet she still feels somehow qualified to complain about those who dare to complain about getting ripped by those like her in government.


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