So I ask you, what does it say about those who are able to look back over the course of the last 19 months and not be absolutely horrified at the amount of damage that has purposely been done to this country, in such a remarkably short period of time and not be thoroughly pissed off at those most responsible for inflicting so much damage, much of which may be irreparable. And yet, there seems to be millions of Americans who are quite content with the direction the country is now headed and are neither sufficiently horrified nor pissed off by what has been made to take place.

You see, it’s at the present time that while 100 percent of Americans should be of the opinion that our country is firmly on the wrong track, it’s oddly enough that that number sits at only about 75 percent, which means that there are around 25 percent of us who either think the country is doing just great or are too stupid to figure it out one way or the other. And need I remind anyone that it was 65 percent of Americans who believed America was on the right track during the Trump era, while at the same time Democrats were telling us how it was that the country was in the dumper.

All of which brings me to this past Sunday’s broadcast of NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ during which anchor Chuck Todd said that according to a new NBC News poll, “Americans are angry,” with a graphic showing that 74 percent of those polled said the country is on the wrong track. Todd said, “We are less than three months before the midterms and our brand new NBC News poll paints a pretty bleak picture. Americans are angry. They are disappointed, and they are worried about the future of this country.” The ‘fake news’ media continues its attempt to drive public opinion.

The Democrats’ agenda of “diversity and inclusion” is anything but diverse or inclusive. Identity politics is tribalism and it’s fracturing our once great melting pot. Anyone who voted for Joey B., or continues to support him as he continues, with much help from Democrats in Congress, to wreak all manner of havoc upon our country needs to see a good shrink. Because it’s they who voted for all that we are now being made to live through, from the high price of gas that has now doubled, to rising food prices to our southern border that essentially no longer exists.

Anyway, Todd went onto say, “Just 21 percent of adults say we are headed in the right direction. Once again three out of four Americans say we are on the wrong track. In fact, this number never before in this poll has this wrong track number been over 70 percent for this long. It’s been nearly a year now. Fifty eight percent say America’s best years are behind us. That’s an all-time high in our polls.” Todd added, “So what is behind this rise in pessimism about our country’s future? Well, it starts with this., Americans don’t like either party and they don’t like anyone in power.”

Todd said, “Take a look at this, both parties are very unpopular, one slightly over the other. It is a similar story with both the current and former presidents. The former president’s negative rising a bit faster than we have seen since our last poll.” So even Todd is now forced to acknowledge what has become blatantly obvious to so many, that the country is severely screwed up and now seems headed squarely into the toilet. But Todd is a Democrat, after all, so he tries to spread the blame from those who hold all the levers of power, Democrats, saying BOTH parties are to blame.

Todd is lying about Americans blaming both parties. Joey B. is an abject failure and Democrats are a failure. It’s all on them. Polls shape public opinion, they do not reflect it. The only reason Todd stands there and admits what he’s admitting is because he simply can’t spin it anymore. For decades Congress and presidents ceded power to create regulations to the administrative bureaucracy, and as a result they have written themselves into power that was never legally delegated to them. Now we’re paying the price. They have assumed power and will do anything to keep it.

But the country is far more than merely on the wrong track! Even if President Trump does run, and gets re-re-elected, we will still be forced into fighting trench warfare against a very well-entrenched administrative state for control of America. The administrative state runs this country, and it has corrupted government and our ability to conduct free and fair elections. The bureaucracy is not an official branch of government, yet it exerts tremendous control over presidents and the legislature and the judiciary. We have become a fascist state run by unelected bureaucrats.

Keep in mind that it’s the Democrats who have successfully weaponized the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS, the CIA and the NSA. They control our public school system and much of our municipal law enforcement. Democrats control the ‘fake news’ media, the teacher’s unions, and unions in general. They have shown themselves to be very adept at stealing elections, disenfranchising voters and have even infiltrated the Republican Party with those whom we call RINOs. On top of all that Democrats have created an army of street thugs by attacking, demoralizing and defunding law enforcement.

And as strange as it may sound, it’s not enough Americans who seem capable of connecting the dots. Ask any Democrat voter and they will tell you that this entire country being reduced to a smoldering pile of rubble under incompetent treasonous Democrat control is far better than having President Trump! They seem genuinely happy to pay twice the ‘Trump price’ for everything, as long as he isn’t in the Oval Office. That’s how utterly stupid these people are. Democrats could have us all in cattle cars headed to gas chambers and Democrats would still vote for them.

And just what has led to such pessimism? Let’s start with LBJ’s ‘Great Society,’ Carter’s misery index, ‘BO’s “leading from behind,” to name just a few. What’s missing in America? That would be nuclear families, decent non-partisan public education, respect for law enforcement, support for our armed services and Veterans and a judicial system that upholds the law and reflects the Constitution. With LBJ’s move toward socialism, the country stopped demanding citizens be personally responsible for their lives and demonized assimilation into our American culture.

Most Americans do not like the fact that their nation is being destroyed by those in charge! The flagrant disregard for our laws, and our borders fuels much of the anger. We’re being invaded by mostly innocent people simply looking for a better life, but at the same time there are many invaders who are coming here simply to commit crimes! EVERY American citizen who is victimized by an illegal immigrant should sue Joey B. and his enablers for their complicit cooperation and encouragement for the invaders to invade! We CANNOT remain the dumping for the entire world!

Look, there is only one party which has thrown our borders wide open, who left billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment and hardware in Afghanistan, and thousands of Americans behind enemy lines, is pushing the grooming of kindergarteners and first graders by fat old men in dresses in our public schools, teaching Reverse Racism in schools, corrupting our military with Reverse Racism, spending our country into oblivion, causing record high inflation, making fuel almost unobtainable for the average American and shutting down our energy industry.

And finally, there was only one president who worked tirelessly to bring businesses back home to America, one president who was responsible for making record low inflation possible, for record low gas and food prices and forcing NATO members to pay their fair share. And there was one president who moved our Embassy in Israel and created peace in the Middle East. In other words, he put ‘America First,’ just as he said he would. And the ones now hellbent on destroying America were the very same ones who put all manner of impediments in his path every step of the way.



  1. Back in May 2008, I worked a media event in Southern California and heard first hand from a renowned Israeli Military General in his early 90s a remark of who was the worst President ever of the USA. General Shimon Erem said that Jimmy Carter was the worst ever, and cited a huge number of his blunders, which I had read years ago in a paper. When Carter was President, I was a paper boy, and I read many a news story while folding papers to deliver. What General Erem said came back to me in a flash. I knew what he said was 100% accurate and true. A few months later, I got to personally meet him at my job when he stopped by to record some public affairs programming. About a year later, 9 months after 0bama took office, I got to chat privately with him at another event I worked. We were in a back room area for my colleagues working the event. I asked him if 0bama already became the worst President ever. He spoke to me in code, knowing I would understand him, while having plausible deniability. In code, he confirmed what I knew. I can say General Erem was my friend, as he trusted me, and we also saw each other at other social events and got to just socialize and have fun. He passed away in the spring of 2012, shortly after a mutual friend of ours passed from cancer. If he were around on earth today, he would never have voted for Biden, as he knew what kind of vile jackal he is. He is watching from Heaven, knowing Biden had planned to move the US Embassy out of Jerusalem and into a more violent Muslim occupied area in Israel to spite Donald Trump.

    I kept getting a survey whether we should move the Embassy out of Jerusalem for quite a while during my time on line. I got a word back in January 2021 in my mind one day when Biden was about to carpetbag his carcass into the Oval Office that he was planning to move the Embassy out of Jerusalem. It never left me to this day. The only thing is this: the algorithms detect I know this, and have stopped popping that question up on my feed, even though I never replied to it.

    The Democrats know what I think of them, and are shaking in their boots.


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