So despite the fact that these days there are far more similarities than differences between CNN and Fox News, I have little doubt that ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace is much happier in his new venue. If for no other reason than because he no longer is forced to tolerate the likes of Tucker Carlson. Nope, it’s these days that Wallace gets to work with such legendary ‘journalistic’ all stars as Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper just to name a few. So I’m quite confident that old ‘Commie Chris’ is feeling right at home there amongst his own, able to do what’s he being doing for decades. ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace. the weatherman of American journalism.

And it was this past Friday that Wallace took part in a little speculation, which is what passes for journalism at CNN, during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” saying that President Trump’s lawyers did not participate in the hearing to unseal the Mar-a-Lago affidavit because there’s “probably” a lot in the documents “that is very damaging” to President Trump. John Berman asked, “So, Chris, there was this hearing before a judge in Florida over whether to release the affidavit to justify the search warrant into Mar-a-Lago. Donald Trump had lawyers there for the arguments, but only there. Why is that important that they were there as observers and not more than that?”

Wallace said, “Well, it’s fascinating because, you know, he put out a statement saying that he wanted the entire affidavit released. The Justice Department, Merrick Garland, who said they don’t want any of it released because they think it will identify kind of confidential sources, that it will hurt their prosecution of the case, maybe jeopardize national security. Trump, in public, said that he wanted it all released. But when they had the hearing yesterday, even though, as you point out, he had a lawyer, Christina Bobb, in the courtroom, she didn’t say anything. She didn’t make a motion.” Says the guy who didn’t go to law school and is speculating.

Wallace went on to say, “She could easily have said, you know, ‘The person whose home was investigated here. He also supports release of the affidavit.’ But that case had to be made entirely by media people, people like CNN and other news organizations, to release the document. She didn’t say anything.” He added, “And that’s because I think, frankly, he knows that while it might help him a little bit in the defense, there’s probably a lot in that affidavit that is very damaging.” And he said, “Yes. It’s only allegations. It hasn’t been proven. Probable cause, not beyond a reasonable doubt.” If I speculate wildly out of thin air, can I be a journalist too?

Wallace said, “But, you know, he probably doesn’t want to have that affidavit released because there would be a lot of stuff in there that he wouldn’t like.” For sure that would be what Wallace is hoping for, he was nearly salivating at the prospect. The walls are closing in, it’s a bombshell blah, blah, blah. They never get tired of being wrong. Let’s face it, if it were truly damaging to President Trump, it would have already been leaked to CNN or some other ‘fake news’ outfit. It’s much more likely that it’s damaging to the FBI, CIA and Joey B. Once AGAIN, the Left is running headlong into the tunnel entrance, painted on the side of a mountain!

Delusional drunks who spend all their money on Lotto tickets and liquor have a better chance of hitting the jackpot than these morons, like Wallace, that we have in the media thinking they’ve got President Trump this time, not like last time, or the time before that, or the time before that. They are grotesque rotten evil meat sacks that serve no other purpose than to create division, fear, and smears on a daily basis, and all in service to their corrupt lying Democrat task masters. Wallace is once again spinning the story and creating straw arguments to support his theories. Wallace is a genius, and apparently a mind reader, and a legend in his own rather small mind.

I remember during the initial Kavanaugh hearing Wallace remarking that the evidence presented by Christine Blasey Ford was compelling and highly believable and a “disaster for Republicans,” before Kavanaugh even testified. Wallace wants you to forget that the Democrats have been making up lies and having their lapdogs in the FBI and intel community try to make it stick for the past seven years. From the supposed pee dossier, to the Mueller report, to impeachment number one, impeachment number two, and now the bogus January 6 committee. And what do they all have in common? No evidence of any crime committed.

Everyone around President Trump has been a target of our Marxist FBI. This is corrupt, and absolutely everyone knows it. The CIA has openly suggested that they have no interest in the Biden family corruption and is interested only in manufacturing crimes to stop President Trump, regardless of no evidence of wrongdoing anywhere. They manufactured Russia, Russia, Russia and they’ll plant and or manufacture anything they want to incriminate President Trump. If that isn’t corrupt, I don’t know what it is. Without evidence, Wallace makes baseless claims using his internal bias as his only source for wildly speculative, unsupported claims unlikely to be proven to be true.

So finally, if Wallace is to be believed President Trump doesn’t really want the affidavit released because it might, possibly, maybe contain very damaging information that would be detrimental to him. Were that to be the case, does he not think that Garland would be tripping all over himself to release an unredacted copy of said affidavit? What better way to finally “get” President Trump than to release the document to the public if it proves what they’ve been saying about President Trump all along? But instead, Garland is running scared! Why would he be SO reluctant to release that affidavit if it contained information that could bury President Trump?


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