Ya know, for a guy who’s supposed to be some sort of political genius, for reasons I still can’t figure out, James Carville continues to demonstrate a rather unique way of convincing those who disagree with his side regardless of the issue. Calling someone names rarely convinces anyone of the righteousness of your position. And it’s more often than not that he comes across as being nothing more than an unhinged crackpot who no one should ever take seriously. And yet those in our ‘fake news’ media insist upon dragging out his raggedy old ass as if he’s got anything useful or intelligent to say. Sadly though, he’s nothing more than a hate spewing cartoon character.  

And just how is it that anyone who genuinely loves this country can find any common ground with people like Carville? As I have said before I have no tolerance for those who hate this country and who are working very hard to destroy it. And it’s the Democrat Party that can be said to be guilty on both counts. And the latest outburst of his once again proves that to be true. He’s just a nasty, hate-filled, little man who seems to take great pleasure in being just that.  And it was in a recent interview with The Hill TV that Carville again lashed out at those who disagree with his skewed point of view claiming that the “majority” of Republican voters are “stupid” and “evil.”

And it was in discussing the brand of the Democrat Party that Carville said, “So much of what has happened to my party is we tend to get defined by some over-educated, totally doofus coastal elites that are out trying to write dictionaries or something unrelated to anybody’s life. And that kind of stuff has a tendency to be very sticky, to stick with people. It is not who the party is. They are a very small part of the Democratic Party.” He continued, “These people have the ability to irritate. They have the ability to come up with really stupid things, like ‘Defund the Police,’ the three worst words ever in the English language, maybe.”

And Carville went on to say, “And you know, ‘Let’s get rid of Abraham Lincoln.’ That takes a really smart person to come up with that. So we pay while a huge majorities of the Republican Party don’t believe in evolution. Alright, huge majorities of the Republican Party followed Donald Trump. But somehow or another, we pay a greater price for 11% of our people than they do for 65% of their people.” He added, “People that believe that the election was stolen and have a right to storm the Capitol, which is a substantial number of people in the Republican Party, are evil. Our people are kind of silly. Their people are actually evil. Racism is evil. Alright.”

He said, “Misogyny is evil. I’m sorry. A pronoun is, to me is, ok, fine. I mean, it’s kind of like, if you want to be a vegan, I don’t care. Eat what you want to eat. All right? But that’s not. That’s not the same thing. It is not, yet the media is addicted to both-sidesism.” He said, “The problem the Republican Party has is they got really stupid people that vote in their primaries. And when you have that, you’re going to get in – really stupid people demand to have really stupid leaders. And that’s where the Republican Party is now. It’s not, you know, not all of it. There’s obviously some very high quality, you know, smart, patriotic Republicans. But they’re not the majority.”

Whenever anyone disagrees with anyone on the left, regardless of the issue, the natural response is always to label those who disagree as being uneducated or some other condescending retort rather than address the subject matter. The Left never want to debate. They live in fear of debate. The List of insulting ‘We The People’ by Democrats continues: Hitlery called us “Deplorables,” Joey called us “Neanderthals” and the “dregs of society.” Now Carville calls us “really stupid evil racists.” And they all hate the phrase, “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” Because they hate our country as it was founded with a Constitution including the Bill of Rights.

Now keep in mind that these Democrats are the very same people who believe men can get pregnant, that men should be able to compete in women’s sports, that the religion of Islam is a peaceful one, that somehow whites in the 21st century are somehow responsible for slavery, that there are no illegal immigrants, that the murder of an unborn infant is a reproductive choice, that a vaccine that doesn’t stop COVID, must be forced on people to stop COVID, that wearing a mask while alone in your car keeps you safe, that a woman of color is the best choice over better qualified candidates and all manner of other looney things.

And also, let’s not confuse ‘education with intelligence.’ Anyone who believes a man can get pregnant or any of the other foolishness his side spouts, is stupid in spite of any education. And let’s not even discuss evil, coming from the side that demands a woman be able to kill her baby as it’s exiting the birth canal. I, for one, am tired of logic being suppressed and of pseudo-science ruling the day. I’m no longer interested in the opinions of those who believe, as does Carville, that our country deserves nothing better than to be burned to the ground so that the Democrats can than raise it up from the ashes in their own twisted vision of what America ‘should’ be.

And I’m always more than a little amused whenever Democrats obsess over who Republicans vote for or try to describe all that is wrong with the opposing party. Forget about the fact that this one hit wonder has been neither right nor relevant for over two decades now. As for the uneducated or undereducated claims they pin on Republican voters, just remind them how it is that our public school system is run by corrupt Democrat teacher unions that deliberately ignore academics before then sending students off to some supposed institution of higher learning where the task of producing gullible citizens and more Democrat voters is completed.

The Republican Party, excluding, of course, those RINOs which do still inhabit the party, is not in favor of the grooming of five year olds, has not threatened political war over partial birth abortion, supports law enforcement and doing what’s necessary to reduce the rampant crime taking place on our streets, understands the concept of what inflation does to a society, supports a military that has as its primary purpose the defense of our country and does serve as a Petri Dish, and most importantly recognizes that any nation needs a strong and vital leader which, at this point, our country is very sorely lacking. I’d say he is attacking the wrong party.

Yup, Jimmy you sure are a crafty old SOB, you caught us. We’re racists because we don’t want unvetted criminals pouring over our borders bringing drugs, disease, and violence. We’re sick of criminals being unleashed on our streets only to commit more crimes. We’re sick of the corruption that goes on in this country every single day. We’re sick of the high prices at the pump and the grocery store because of inept policies put into place by those on your team pushing all of it and then having the audacity to blame others and then actually expecting us to believe your lies. We’re sick of an education system that’s being used to indoctrinate are youth.

Oh, and we’re sick of the ‘fake news’ pushing lies as well as our First Amendment rights being trampled on by social media. We’re sick of what now appears to be every TV show and movie promoting values we don’t believe in. We’re sick of babies being butchered in the name of women’s rights and we’re sick of the left weaponizing government agencies to be used against their political enemies. There is a cancer in this country, but you have it all backwards, Jimmy. We see the truth in what has been happening and we’re tired of it. It may take some time but, one way or another, we will rid ourselves of those like you and restore our country to what it once was.



  1. It’ll be quite ripe and rich to watch this crinkled up clown crying when his Deep State Cabal Bed Buddies go up in flames. When the carcass of Joe Biden is shown in the casket, some of Carville’s butt boys will be oinking baseless accusations that Trump assassinated Biden and needs to be arrested, court martialed and put to death for it. But God will have the last laugh, as those clowns find themselves getting tossed into Fire Lake.


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