I suppose I could start out by saying that it’s a broken clock that’s right twice a day or  a blind squirrel that can find a nut every now and again. Because, you see, it is a very rare occasion when I find myself in agreement with that RINO toad from Maryland, Larry Hogan. But it was over this past weekend that he hit the nail on the head. It was when commenting on how it is that, despite their many attempts to prevent President Trump from running for re-re-election in 2024, the Democrats seem to keeping stepping in their own dick, despite the fact that few Democrats have a dick. And how their latest stunt is yet another that seems to have backfired rather spectacularly.   

It was during an appearance this past Sunday on ABC’s ‘This Week,’ that Hogan, the RINO governor of Maryland and someone who fancies himself a presidential contender, claimed that the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago was essentially a win for President Trump because it seemed as if he was being martyred. And it was anchor Jon Karl who asked, “What about Kevin McCarthy, he may the next Speaker of the House, we’ve been trying to get a response from him now that warrant has been unsealed, but him talking about the weaponized politicization of the FBI?” Hogan said, “It is kind of jumping to conclusions without any information. I was pushing for transparency.”

Hogan then went on to say, “If, in fact, they do not have a serious case on serious federal law violations and potentially felonies, they people will make the argument it was all political. Why didn’t you do this for Hillary Clinton when she had confidential documents? Why aren’t people being treated fairly? But this week’s news is not going to be the same as next month’s or next year’s.” Hogan added, “This week, it was actually a win for Donald Trump. It seemed to motivate his base, people rushing to his defense, people feeling as if he had been picked on and martyred. And as if holding out hope, Hogan said, “But I don’t think we have seen the end of the story yet.”

I hate to be the one to tell Mr. Hogan, but the end of this story will be the same as all the others. All were hoaxes intended to weaken President Trump and demoralize his supporters. Instead of working for the American people, the criminal organization known as the Democrat Party, aided by more than a few RINOs, has been hell bent on driving this man out of existence. And the DOJ likely doesn’t really care about the quality of the evidence, not when they have the Trump-hating media to smear, DC grand juries to indict and DC juries to convict. The left is petrified of President Trump winning in 2024, but their attempts to stop him only serve to make it more difficult.

This goes way beyond simply being ‘fake news,’ venturing instead deep into the territory of pure propaganda. Propaganda designed to keep the gullible distracted from the ongoing attack on our constitutional republic. Anything and everything that can keep Americans divided and distracted is being used against this nation. And as long as the majority of Americans are focused on the freak show in Congress, or stories of global pandemics, rising gas prices, food shortages or federal agents breaking into private residences they aren’t likely to focus on the real attack against this nation. No one seems above the law except those who happen to be Democrats.

President Trump has been dogged with bogus accusations and persecuted for over six years. The sad reality is that this raid should upset every American, regardless of political affiliation because it shows just how out of control and truly desperate the Democrats have become in their quest to hold onto power. What these people did, Garland and Wray, was wrong and in poor judgement. It shows that we have a two-tiered justice system. Democrats did this out of fear and hatred of President Trump, but they won’t get the result they were hoping for. People that would not have come to his defense before, are now speaking out about the Democrats’ ‘bridge too far.’

The Russian hoax, the Steele dossier hoax, the Mueller investigation hoax, the first impeachment hoax, the second impeachment hoax, the January 6 hearing hoax and now the Mar-a-Lago hoax, all executed by thugs/swampers, and all have ended up being duds. Every braindead Democrat should realize by now that they have nothing on President Trump but his love of America. That, and the will to fight for this country is exactly why our enemies are so afraid of him and is why they will resort to anything imaginable to prevent him from returning to his legally elected position and resuming his efforts to restore Constitutional law and order to this country.

What is truly amazing here is that the Democrats actually thought that they could get away with it. These people live in such an insulated bubble that they have no read whatsoever on the pulse of this country. Usually when something like this happens to President Trump it’s his enemies who have all the advantages and come out swinging hard with the entire ‘fakes news’ media and the political establishment and their coordinated talking points. It then takes months, or even years, for the facts to finally emerge exonerating President Trump. This time they came out with an incredibly weak hand, and the ‘fake news’ media lost the information war on day one.

And it’s wimps like Hogan, Hutchinson, Christie, Kasich and the many others who claim to love this country, who are merely bystanders trying to see which way the wind is blowing before deciding to take a stand. So all we will get from them until this the facts surrounding this raid finally comes out will be the lame, “Let’s see how it plays out” line. We all know where this is going, and it has nothing to do with the rule of law or justice. President Trump grows stronger with every attack on him. They’ve had years and unlimited resources but he’s stronger today than he’s ever been. The deep state crowd is panicked, desperate, and freaking out for all to plainly see.

Hogan is hoping something earthshaking will come from this latest stunt that will allow him to declare himself a suitable replacement for President Trump. But there was nothing for the FBI to find that won’t have people believing that it wasn’t simply planted. They storm the house, kick everyone out and are left to ransack the private residence of a former president and potential rival of Joey come 2024. In one night we seem to have been moved from being a constitutional republic to being a banana republic. Hogan, himself, has played a role in the martyrdom of President Trump, which has only served to improve his chances in 2024. Hogan is such a loser.

It’s funny how those on the left continually say that no one is above the law. And yet, that is exactly what they have practiced over the years with ‘Slick Willy’ and Hitlery, ‘BO’ with his illegally wiretapping, the fraudulent FISA warrants, as well as with Joey and his crackhead son Hunter. They accuse President Trump of working with the Russians and engage in a multi-year long special investigation with Mueller knowing from the very beginning that it came from ‘Team Hitlery.’ The hypocrisy is rather glaring. President Trump was already considered as a martyr by those in the MAGA world. And this latest attempt has only served to further convince them.

And finally, it’s many of those who are not really all that much different from Hogan in his political philosophy, especially when it comes to his outright dislike of President Trump, that are now claiming that the FBI was only doing its job regarding the recent invasion of President Trump’s private residence in Florida. And they’ve actually gone so far as to accuse those speaking out against it as being the ones who are anti-law enforcement. Which is absolutely ludicrous! But then, why should we be all that surprised, because such is the level if desperation among those who are haters of President Trump and his desire to “Make America Great Again.”


  1. “ all executed by thugs/swampers, and all have ended up being duds. Every braindead Democrat should realize by now that they have nothing on President Trump but his love of America.”

    To me, it has all been executed by not only pure pieces of shit, but also by flat out traitors. The entire Democrat Party is a 100% traitorous party and Biden is the “Alzheimer-head of it. Part of the oath that all Presidents swear to, is about protecting our Nation.

    Well having an open order that anybody in his brother could just come across is not only not protecting our nation but the Democrats policies fully encourage infiltration.

    God only knows how many people have come across that the border patrol does not know, nor have they caught. If we don’t have a terrorist attack on our own soil by the time Biden leaves office, it will be a flat out miracle.


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