So apparently, we have another RINO who is now making noise about throwing their hat into the presidential ring come 2024, and one who apparently believes the fact that she happens to be female will somehow convince folks to forget all about the fact that she is also a backstabbing RINO. Now granted, while she may not take backstabbing to the same level as, say, Liz Cheney, she has definitely proven that she is not someone who can be trusted. And that she actually thinks that, makes clear just how detached from reality she really is. And do we really want someone like that in the White House? Haven’t we had enough of that over the last 19 months?

And so, it was during an appearance on this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Fox News Sunday,” that former ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, discussed what could happen in the 2024 presidential election. She was asked by host Mike Emanuel about President Trump’s prospects before addressing her own, saying that “sometimes it takes a woman.” Haley said, “Well, I think President Trump will decide for himself if he wants to run again.” And she said, “And the January 6 [committee] has been a biased committee from the start without anyone pushing back on any of the information they have. So it’s very hard for Americans to trust it.”

And she went on to say, “What I will tell you is, look, if there’s a place for me, I look at the craziness in the world, I look at what’s happening with this woke culture and our schools wanting our kids to decide their gender, I look at the fact that we’ve got men playing women’s sports, I look at the fact that we got our military focused on gender pronoun classes. What I will tell you is we need to snap out of it. This is absolute craziness. We’ve got enemies trying to come after us, and America has been naive, it’s been weak, and it’s been asleep at the wheel.” She continued by saying, “I’m just saying, sometimes, it takes a woman.”

Haley said, “And Margaret Thatcher said if you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman. We should not take our eyes off of 2022. If we don’t win in 2022, there won’t be a 2024. So we need to stay humble, disciplined and win that. And then if there’s a place for me, I’ve never lost a race, I’m not going to start now. We’ll see what happens, and we’ll go forward. But we need to get America strong again. We need to start focusing on our foreign policy in a way we haven’t done in a while, and we’re going to need to focus on it for the next 20 years. We need to bring sanity back to our domestic policy.”

She concluded by saying, “And we need to start fighting for Americans again — fighting for their wallets, fighting for their children’s education, fighting for opportunities, and making sure we get back on track. I’ll do whatever I can to make that happen.” Her vagina is not some missing, magical ingredient. I don’t understand the logic of these people who have become so arrogant as to think their type of genitalia somehow gives them a right to rule. She’s done, her political career is over, unless, perhaps, she joins the Democrats. She’s too divisive and a bit too woke for my taste, with her silly comment. Why try to pit men and women against each other?

I can only assume that Haley must be on crack, or something similar, if she really thinks she has a snowball’s chance in Hell of gaining the Republican nomination for president. RINOs are hated as much as, if not more, than Democrats by Republican voters. If ever there was a woman right up there with Hitlery and Cheney, it’s Haley. Power-hungry, has a God complex, greedy beyond avarice, and would rule with an iron fist. No, Ms. Haley should NOT BE allowed anywhere near the levers of power unless you want a Hochul, a Whitmer or a Brown, except this loser of a tyrant would be President of the United States, not just a loser governor of a state.

And so once again for the slow kids. There is ZERO evidence that women are any better at running government at any level, and some evidence they’re worse. And please stop with the “it takes a woman” nonsense. Frankly, I am sick of hearing all this female power, women are better crap. The truth is, they are not better, in any meaningful way. And a lot of them are not very nice, are not very trustworthy, are not very intelligent and are not very experienced. I don’t recall any men ever saying “men were better than women” but women today act as if they are superior in EVERYTHING to men and because they have to say it means they are NOT.

The feminists’ ‘girl power’ message has been preached in schools, in movies and in books for decades. Politicians promote it as well. Joey said, “There’s not a single thing a man can do that a woman can’t do as well or better. Not a single thing.” It isn’t true, but it’s the message going out to boys and men. Our society is trying to ‘empower’ women. Yet masculinity has been paired up with the word, ‘toxic.’ No, masculinity is not toxic. Bad behavior is toxic, and both men and women do things that are wrong. Femininity and masculinity are both good. How many times has a more qualified man been passed over so that a less qualified woman gets promoted?

Choosing to vote for any candidate because they are of a particular sex is as outdated and as flawed as choosing to vote for someone because they are of a particular race. Frankly it’s pandering, which would seem to be Haley’s style. We need the best President, one who loves America and has the guts, knowledge and drive to get things done and to “Make America Great Again,” “Make America Safe Again,” and “Make America with Justice for All Again.” That’s President Trump. It will never be her, never be Pence, never be Kasich, or the witch from Wyoming. Globalists have no country, and they should never have any power or position in our country.

Frankly, I think it was rather arrogant of her to channel Mrs. Thatcher in saying, “if you want something said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” I don’t really trust her to do much of anything other than to sell us out just like every other RINO that immediately comes to mind. President Trump got a lot of things done despite the many roadblocks put up by both the Democrats and RINOs. There are plenty of men who may be all talk and no action, but there are plenty of women who are all talk as well. Haley should just stop it with her talk about women being voted in just because of their gender. Men and women are different. God made us that way.

What we have here are nothing more than the delusional visions of grandeur from a narcissistic globalist! Where was her voice when President Trump needed support? She was, and has continued to be, noticeably silent, and waiting in the wings praying there are people stupid enough to nominate her for president. Haley needs to be told that her 15 minutes were officially over when she jumped on the Mitt Romney Bandwagon and after her traitorous U.N. stint under President Trump. She set the women’s movement back all the way to Clinton’s bimbo eruption as far as her slogan, “It takes a woman.” I don’t vote for anybody who plays a gender, or race, card.



  1. Before the 60s and after the era of silent films there was a Termanology called box office poison. Nikki Haley is most definitely political poison in the mouth of your garden-variety President Trump voter. And my comment goes out to everybody on the left pertaining to my comment here.

    Even though it would benefit him greatly to pick a female VP, she is without a doubt,
    Political poison to to all President Trump voters.


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