I cannot be the only one who finds it all a bit ironic that when President Trump brought about an economy that was the strongest in decades, you couldn’t find a Democrat anywhere who was willing to give him credit for it. And yet, now that Joey has succeeded in putting our economy back in the dumper it’s these same Democrats who are now falling all over themselves in an effort to congratulate him. And when President Trump made America energy independent it was many Democrats who pooh-poohed the accomplishment. And yet today they rave about how Joey has once again made us dependent on our enemies to meet our energy needs.

So, should we now be all that surprised to hear from another scumbag Democrat about how it is the Joey is doing such a stellar job as *president? You see, it’s according to Democrats that the economy always does better when there is a Democrat in the White House, regardless of whether, or not, that happens to be the case, which under Joey it most certainly is not. And yet, it was during an appearance on Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Inside Politics,” hosted by imbecile John King, that Democrat Sen. John Hickenlooper argued that Joey is not getting credit for his legislative accomplishments is “sort of like the economy.”

Hickenlooper said, “I think President Biden deserves credit for taking the time. Again, I have a tremendous sense of urgency around climate change. And I mean, this effort to climate rescue is long overdue. That said, he got it done, and no one else has ever been able to get it done, and in a 50/50 Senate to look at — if you look at all the things he’s done, the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the PACT Act just got passed this past week, you go down all these major initiatives, some bipartisan, some not, but most of them bipartisan, this is a — in the first two years with a 50/50 majority, people — it’s sort of like the economy.”

And he went on to say, “We have the greatest job numbers and the lowest unemployment in 50 years and people are — the market’s going down and people are wringing their hands. People look at President Biden and say, well, why haven’t you done this faster?” Look, this guy can try to paint a rosy picture, because it’s what he has to do, but the unemployment rate is low for two reasons: people are dropping out of the workforce because the government has made it too easy to be a parasite and the Department of Labor is cooking the books in much the same manner as when ‘BO’ was in the White House. And, as always, our ‘fake news’ media gives them a pass.

These jobs are not new and they have not been ‘created.’ These are deadbeats now coming back to work after all of the free stuff ran out and now they can’t afford to eat or put a roof over their heads. I’ll give Joey credit where credit is due. Medical tyranny, failing economy, wide open borders, and no longer being energy independent. People are struggling to feed their families and pay their bills. Joey’s knee rests on the throat of America’s industries. With so much liquidity in the market, the U.S. GDP should have skyrocketed upwards. Nope, Joey immediately strangled America’s energy industry and paid competent, young workers to remain unemployed.

Yes, it’s a 50-50 country, and Hickenlooper’s team has made it quite clear that they want to wreck the economy in 2022 so that we meet some standard for lowering the planet’s temperature by one degree by the end of the century. It’s a planetary problem yet it’s only the EU and the U.S. that are the only ones playing. The big polluters are going to burn even more fossil fuel in the next 20 years, and we’re going green? And the overall temperature of the planet will still go up a degree because faux scientists think they’re God and are able to control nature. Half the country doesn’t want this crap, and don’t want it crammed down their throat.

Democrats are falsely using the ‘unemployment’ number to say there is not a recession. The vast number of people no longer employed are not on unemployment insurance because it ran out and they adjusted their lives to accommodate the lower income, and lower expenses overall and if you were to include them in the figure it would be well over 12 percent unemployed. And when it comes to gas prices, well, with the price now being so high, people found ways to reduce their demand. And guess what, as is always the case when supply stays the same and demand goes down, the price drops. That has not one thing to do with anything done by Joey.

Hickenlooper also chose to respond to claims by Sen. Rick Scott, a Republican, that the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ reconciliation bill is Democrats’ “using the inflation crisis” to justify “reckless government spending” by stating that the cost of not addressing the climate “far, far, far will outweigh what we’re spending to get clean wind, clean energy, and clean air.” After hearing Scott’s criticism Hickenlooper responded, “I think Sen. Scott needs only to look down the coast of Florida at the devastation that these more frequent and more intense hurricanes have caused to Florida and all around the Gulf coast and all around the world, the wildfires.”

And he went on to say, “I worry that we can’t call it a drought in the southwest anymore because it is so prevalent and it seems to be growing and continuing much longer than a traditional drought. This might be desertification; some people call it aridification. But we’re going to have less water, the cost of that, to not address that, is the type definition of insanity. The cost of not addressing it now, far, far, far will outweigh what we’re spending to get clean wind, clean energy, and clean air.” So the most powerful governments can’t stop a virus from spreading, but they want you to think they can change the climate by making you pay more taxes?

None of their ‘climate change’ predictions have ever come true. Not a one. The climate has been changing since the day I was born. The ocean was going to rise to cover the cities on the coast, and yet in 70 years the Atlantic is still right where it was the very first time I saw it! It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter! Does anyone really think that Communist China, India or Russia gives a flying fart about ‘climate change?’ You can turn out every light in America and it’s not going to make a bit of difference in ‘climate change.’ We have been too long ruled by disconnected fat cats who never worked a real job in their lives nor lived in the real world.

And despite what any of these people say, there is no credible evidence that ‘global warming,’ climate change,’ or whatever they want to call it, is occurring or is an existential threat to the planet. Anyone who is pushing ‘climate change’ is a con artist out to make a profit from the tearing down of our Capitalist system. Also, the two biggest polluters in the world, Communist China and India, are untouched by these climate accords, while the U.S. is being made to pay for everything to the brink of bankruptcy. The American people are being played for fools and yet we are ridiculed when we refuse to accept that which is so very clearly bogus ‘science.’

For the past 30 years, the U.S. has shut down many of the industries in this country and began importing much of what was once produced right here at home while celebrating ‘reduced’ CO2 emissions. Now I may not be as smart as Mr. Hickenlooper, but I can’t help wondering how shutting down steel production in her at home, and then importing the steel we used to make ourselves from Communist China, reduce CO2 emissions globally? Of course, it doesn’t. It simply moves them from the U.S. to Communist China, along with thousands of good paying jobs and a tax base that used to support road construction and repair, schools, and public safety here at home.

The ‘theory’ of ‘climate change’ is entirely bogus. Constructed by fraudulent, grant seeking, ‘scientists’ funded by those whose lust for power knows no limit and is supported by the ignorant, the gullible and those seeking a substitute for religious faith, so as to give their lives the worth of supporting a ‘noble’ cause. What a bunch of losers. Only government paid scientists believe in the global warming hoax. It is the only way they can get their grants. Independent scientists disagree that ‘climate change’ is man-made. Always remember and never forget ‘climate change’ has absolutely nothing to do with the weather, it’s all about power and control!

Finally, to be blunt, Hickenlooper, like all those of his particular political persuasion, is a liar. He’s not merely stretching the truth, telling little white lies or saying things that are ‘untrue.’ His is lying, and he knows he’s lying. But then, that’s what Democrats do, and have always done. They’ve been pushing this ‘climate change’ bullshit for so long it’s all they know how to do. They are a power-hungry bunch of leftwing zealots determined in their effort to burn America to the ground so they can then claim to be the ones responsible for raising it from the ashes in the form of their great socialist utopia. To believe them is to aid them in destroying our country.

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