Liz Cheney may be nothing more than your average, run-of-the-mill, backstabbing RINO, but one thing is for sure, the bitch sure does have one Hell of a sense of humor. And why do I say that? Well, because Cheney made it known that she thinks herself qualified to be President of these United States. I know, hilarious, right? So anyway, it was during a recent appearance this past Thursday on CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight,” and in what was a rather bizarre little exchange with one of CNN’s many resident bimbos, Kasie Hunt, that Cheney declared that voters in the U. S. are ready for a female president when she was asked about a possible 2024 presidential run.

A partial transcript of this bizarre exchange that follows:

Cheney: I represent every single person in this state and I believe that there are thousands and thousands of people across our state who fundamentally understand why it’s so important to have somebody who’s going to abide by their oath of office.

Hunt: There might be Democrats who would vote for a Cheney?

Cheney: Yes.

Hunt: Remarkable. You said in your Reagan Library speech men are running the world and it’s really not going all that well. Do you think voters in the U.S. are ready for a woman to run things?

Cheney: Sure. Look, I think that one of the things that has been very moving for me over the course of the last year and a half has been the reaction of women, and not just the women who have testified, although, you know, we’ve seen the incredible bravery of people like Cassidy Hutchinson and Sarah Matthews. And Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, and Carolyn Edwards. It takes real bravery to stand up and tell the truth as those women have. And I think that’s been really important.

Hunt: Based on that, do you think your — do you think your father Dick Cheney wants Liz Cheney to run for president in 2024?

Cheney: Dick Cheney is a big Liz Cheney supporter. I can say that.

Hunt: Is he encouraging you to run?

Cheney: Listen, I talk to him every day about many things, and certainly his concern — look, like, I am right now — he’s really focused on this moment and on what’s happening. Both of us have just this real sadness, frankly, about what’s happening to our party and a real despair about how could it be that so many Republicans would refuse to stand up and tell the truth. And it is a scary moment for the nation.

Hunt: Or just like the record you reflect that you did not say that Dick Cheney is not telling you to run for president in 2024. Liz Cheney, thank you very much.

But look, when you’re being run out of town on a rail, wave to the people and pretend you’re leading a parade. And just who might it be that Cheney sees as her political base? The majority of Republicans certainly won’t support her any longer and Democrats, who love her as a Republican, won’t elect her. So, with no political support, she believes Americans are ready for a woman? Time for a woman president? I hate to be the one to break it to her but right about now she’s even less popular than Hitlery, Kamala Harris, Moochelle Obama and a whole host of other females all of whom think that they would make the ideal first female president.

And let me be perfectly clear, it’s certainly not my intention to sound misogynistic, but as a point of order there are plenty of examples of women being in positions of power and running things. And can anyone conclude that things are actually any better? After all, women are in charge in places like Chicago, St. Louis, San Francisco and Washington DC., just to name a few. So we know gender really isn’t the issue. Look at any one of these cities and the Hell hole that is has become. That’s the issue here. So frankly I’m sick of these narcissistic women bragging about how great they are. Cheney is a fraud, a liar and, I would argue, guilty of treason.

And with luck Cheney is about to be fired by her constituents and yet she still thinks that she could get the job of president? Liz, Americans hate you. The only reason that Democrats, or members of the ‘fake news’ media, like this twit Hunt, pay her any amount of attention is because she hates President Trump as much as they do and is only too happy to assist them in their attempt to damage him politically.  And after she has served her purpose, the Democrats will simply cast her aside, laughing as they do so. And either she’d too stupid to realize that or she simply doesn’t care, if in the end President Trump is prevented from running for re-re-election.

Cheney has to be considered as being one of the most diabolical turncoats in the modern Republican Party. She seems to relish doing the dirty work for the Democrats. She has repeatedly taken President Trump’s quotes out of context during the very bogus January 6 committee hearings. She represents everything that is wrong with our NeverTrump Republicans. And it would seem that we have an overabundance, on both sides of the aisle, of female politicians like her. And the very last thing that this country needs are any more of the unstable, hysterical, kooks and freaks running our government because the results are clearly visible to anyone living in reality.

And may I just say that a president who is a woman, is not a problem. But a woman who is president ‘because’ she’s a woman, now that is a problem. Cheney is certainly not the woman to be in charge of ‘running things.’ President Trump won just shy of 70 percent of the Wyoming vote in 2020. If Cheney believes she represents every single person in the State of Wyoming by voting to impeach President Trump and imploring the DOJ to indict him, or that a majority of Wyoming voters would want to see her in the White House instead of Donald Trump, saying she is out of touch with reality doesn’t begin to describe her diminished mental status.

This woman is clearly delusional. Those in her own state hate her, why does she think the rest of the country would likely feel any different. American voters want to be in charge of their own lives. The job of the President is not to ‘run the country,’ it is to run the Executive Branch of the government. And the first job of the government is to protect the peoples’ liberties, which means a government limited in its ability to essentially interfere in the lives of American citizens. And it’s courtesy of her hatred of President Trump that Cheney makes very clear that she is another of those who should never be allowed anywhere near the levers of real power.

Finally, Cheney is disliked by most Republicans and is seen only as a useful idiot to Democrats. I’m not sure how one gets elected president with a resume like that, but by all means, you go girl! We’re NOT ready for a female until we actually have one that doesn’t live by her emotions. And until our current women leaders set a better example, I don’t see myself voting for one. But in a way, I hope she does choose to run in 2024, if for no other reason than I want to see the trainwreck. This recent appearance on CNN is likely nothing more than attempt to portray Cheney as acceptable, or at least preferable, to any Trump endorsed candidate.


  1. If there are a few women worthy, I would nominate Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert or Cathy McMorris Rodgers for President.


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