Isn’t it amazing how we’re constantly being told, granted by those who clearly hate the man, that both President Trump’s influence and his level of support is now rapidly waning? But it would seem that while they are desperate to convince us that President Trump’s time in the Sun has passed and that he represents a danger to the Republican Party’s ability survive it’s just the opposite that would seem to be true. You see, it’s at this point in the primary season that candidates backed by President Trump are now 172-10 in both statewide and federal races in 2022.

His candidates are undefeated so far in Arizona, but results are still pending in the gubernatorial race, while he also has two candidates in Washington whose races are still awaiting results. All five of President Trump’s picks in Kansas officially secured their nominations Tuesday night. Sen. Jerry Moran handily beat out his primary challenger Joan Farr, while Attorney General Derek Schmidt blew out his opponent Arlyn Briggs in the contest for the gubernatorial nomination. Reps. Tracey Mann, Jake LaTurner, and Ron Estes officially clinched their nominations as well.

And it was a similar story in Michigan, where all eight candidates with President Trump’s backing advanced to the general election. John Gibbs and Republican gubernatorial nominee Tudor Dixon headlined the contests in the Great Lake State. Gibbs proved victorious in his race against Rep. Peter Meijer, who was one of the ten impeachment Republicans. Dixon advanced to the general after securing 40.6 percent of the vote, nearly doubling her closest competitor Kevin Rinke at 21.9 percent. And as I said, all of this while apparently possessing a dwindling level of influence.

The winning continued in Missouri, where Attorney General Eric Schmitt – one of the “ERIC[s]” Trump endorsed in the race Monday night – clinched the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate. Reps. Blaine Luetkemeyer, Sam Graves, and Jason Smith all advanced to the general election in their reelection bids. Out in Arizona, Blake Masters, along with five other candidates, took home nominations, while three races remain undecided, though Trump-endorsed candidates lead them all. Masters ran as a populist candidate and beat out opponents including Jim Lamon and Mark Brnovich.

Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has taken an over 11,000 vote lead with 80 percent of the vote reported in her contest against Karrin Taylor Robson, who is backed by Mike Pence. Similar to Arizona, results have stalled in Washington State, where Trump-backed candidates Joe Kent and Lauren Culp challenged pro-impeachment Reps. Jaime Herrera Beutler and Dan Newhouse. Kent sits in third place in the open primary race with 57 percent reporting, while Culp is also in third place with 47 percent reporting in the Fourth Congressional District.

President Trump entered the evening with an endorsement record of 147-10 following a major win in Maryland, where his candidate Dan Cox blew out Kelly Schulz, who was endorsed by RINO Gov. Larry Hogan. His endorsement record is now perfect in 26 states following Tuesday and could grow by the end of Wednesday. Moreover, President Trump’s endorsement record remains perfect in his Senate endorsements with Masters’s win in Arizona, Schmitt’s victory in Missouri, and Moran’s win in Kanas. The midterm primaries pick up again Thursday night in Tennessee.

Granted, while a 99.94 percent success is good, it’s not 100 percent. I feel President Trump is strengthening the political infrastructure for his eventual run in 2024. He is also hoping to get more senators elected who will oppose RINO Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader. President Trump is the heartbeat of America, and he knows EXACTLY what the American people want and need. And yet those in the ‘fake news’ media, at the behest of their Democrat masters, have continued to run hundreds of stories with the same message, yet they wonder why it is that nothing is working.

It was back in 2016 that we had ‘A New Hope,’ and then in 2020 it was ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and it’s in 2024 that I have no doubt it will be the ‘Return of the Jedi.’ But President Trump had better watch out, the forces of the ‘Dark Side,’ the traitorous RINOs, are already busy charging up their light sabers for what will likely be some pretty serious backstabbing. And I have no doubt that they will work to do everything within their power to prevent his re-entry into the White House. You see, he wants to make America better for all, and that is simply not to be tolerated.

Those in the ‘fake news’ media will remain focused only on those endorsements made by Presidents Trump’s that weren’t a success. Just as they never chose to mention how it was that he made America energy independent, created a booming economy that benefited every demographic group and had our border more secure that it had been in decades. I’m still waiting on them to report all of his warnings that have now been made to come true and how it is that the dolt who now occupies the White House turned so many his warnings into what has become a very scary reality.


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