So riddle me this, in the big scheme of things, does anyone really care about the opinion of some mediocre, at best, actor when it comes to who is, or is not, fit to hold elected office? And should any endorsement made by such a person negate any, or all, of the many transgressions committed by the candidate being endorsed? And are we to assume that the recipient of such an endorsement, in this case Liz Cheney, is of the opinion that those folks within her district are stupid enough to fall for such a transparent charade? Apparently so. Which brings me to Kevin Costner, who hasn’t made a decent movie in decades, and his recent endorsement of Cheney.   

And yes, and as strange as that may sound, that would be the very same Kevin Costner who backed Pete Buttigieg during the 2020 Democrat primary and has now decided to throw his rapidly fading star power behind Cheney as she faces an increasingly uphill battle in the Republican Wyoming primary. Even with his endorsement, Cheney has a long way to go if she hopes to win the Republican primary against her opponent Harriet Hageman. But sadly, for Cheney, Costner’s endorsements have not carried much weight in the past, considering he went all in for ‘Buttboy’ Buttigieg back in 2019. Despite his best efforts Buttigieg still came up short.

And it was earlier same that same year Costner who, apparently thinking he was being clever, without mentioning President Trump by name, expressed his dismay over the current state of American politics, arguing that our selfishness has transformed the country away from its former greatness. It was in an interview with Variety that the actor said, “The political landscape is unrecognizable to me, and shame on us for being in that spot’” And added, “That could change overnight, not because of a vote, but because people say, ‘I want to try to be more than about myself.’ That’s the definition of public service.” Sorry Kevin, but that’s such a crock BS!

Costner then went on to say that the American experiment will always be great, while conceding that it will wane if politics continue down this path. He said, “This is the greatest experiment in humankind: America.” And then added, “This great idea about America still exists, it’s still here. People still want to come here, but we’re not first in hardly anything that matters and we have an inflated idea about how we are. We exaggerate about what we are. We are everything that’s great and we are everything that’s human. And our humanness and our level of selfishness is overtaking our chance to be great.” Look, trying to sound intelligent really isn’t this guy’s strong suit.

As most are likely aware, Costner produces and stars in a show called ‘Yellowstone,’ a show I have not watched one minute of. His character, John Dutton, is apparently running for governor to battle out of state big money interests that he feels will ruin his community. He believes in Wyoming values, honesty, justice, not selling out, and preserving the small farms and ranchers against ruthless out of state developers. It is kind of ironic that the good parts of his character are present in Harriet Hageman; and the arrogant, out of state, elite money and power attributes are emblematic of Liz Cheney. Costner may not see the irony, he is a Hollyweirdo after all.

Costner is nothing more than a pussy who merely plays a “real man” on television. Real men were those like Lee Marvin, wounded on Saipan, Jimmy Stewart, who flew over 20 missions, retired Brigadier General Henry Fonda, Lieutenant in the Navy, Clark Gable, Charles Bronson awarded a Purple Heart as a B-29 aerial gunner, window Gunner Audie Murphy the most decorated soldier in World War II, Ernest Borgnine 10 years in the Navy from 1935 to 45 and James Arness severely wounded in Italy during World War II just to name a few. I remember the real heroes who used to be in Hollywood, not those of which we now have so many of on Hollyweird.

Costner, much in the same manner as nutjob Bobby De Niro, is another example of the actor who, while he, or she, is absolutely nothing like the character they play, will try to make the voters think that they are, in an attempt to trick them into thinking the popular character has a particular point of view. If Costner supported, and voted for, ‘Buttboy’ Buttigieg in 2020, then he’s already shown us who he really is and what he believes in. and to be honest Cheney is even worse than Buttigieg because she pretends to be a conservative but will take our country down just like he would. She’ll just take a bit longer to accomplish the very same level of destruction.

Buttigieg and Cheney, could Costner have selected two better examples of what is wrong with the American politics in 2022? First, Buttigieg gladly accepts the important position of Secretary of Transportation, then he goes on a three-month hiatus for ‘maternity leave,’ at arguably the absolute worst time in history to do so, when there are so many ships stranded off of the west coast it looks like the Normandy landing. Then, Costner apparently idolizes Cheney, who after winning her election immediately betrays her constituents by voting with the Democrats. Costner seems to have a penchant for choosing to support losers, traitors, and sexual deviants.

But in a way I’m glad so many of these imbecilic Hollyweird Leftists, like Costner, are so eager to let me know where it is that they stand politically. I’m glad because I can add their names to what has become a rather long list of other idiots whose past, current, and future movies I can totally disregard, and never waste a second watching. Not wasting time watching the movies that these clowns are in leaves me more time to read, listen to music of great composers, and do other things that I like to do. The left has been launching TERROR attacks, but this little Hollyweird sissy chooses to blame President Trump for “the state of American politics.”

Finally, I’d like to ask such out of touch rich people, when is it selfishness to want to provide for our children? When is it selfishness to want to live in a safe neighborhood? When is it selfishness to want wage increases to maintain a decent lifestyle? When is it selfishness to want the country, and its citizens, put first, before foreigners? When is it selfishness to compete fairly? When is it selfishness to honor our veterans, and those that have died to protect our freedoms? When is it selfishness to honor our history? When is it selfishness to be told the truth and the facts? These rich people are such frauds, it’s they who to be blamed for what America has become.


  1. I wonder if Costner is on the Bleccchstink Island Pedophile list along with his butt buddy Petey Buttkrieg. Perhaps Costner is a flaming closet queerturd.


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