Odd, don’t you think, that it’s now from the very same network that recently banished President Trump that we’re now hearing that which equates to nothing more than some very enthusiastic cheerleading about how it is that *president Joey has had a “couple of good weeks.” All while the rest of us must deal with four dollar a gallon gas, higher food prices, a wide-open border, supply ships now lining up off both coasts, police leaving their jobs every day without replacements and crime is an epidemic. And one drone strike that took out some raghead is supposed to make us forget? The country has not had a couple of good weeks, therefore, neither has Joey.

But it’s none of the boys and girls over at Fox News who want to talk about any of that. And I have no doubt that the closer we get to the midterm elections they will talk about such things even less, not wanting to make thing difficult for the Democrats. As I’ve said before, I abandoned Fox News back in 2020 when they chose to abandon me when they became less interested in being “Fair and Balanced” and more about spewing that which is nothing more than propaganda. And it’s since having done so that I have heard nothing from anyone at the network that has caused me to regret my decision. I cut the cord completely and have never looked back!

And it was NeverTrumper Bret Baier who said on Monday during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “The Five” that *president Joey had had a “couple of good weeks” because military killed Al Qaeda leader Al Zawahiri. Yet over two million unvetted, illiterate, illegal aliens, and tons of illicit drugs have flowed across our southern border in 19 months, but ‘Joey’ takes out a goatherder who hasn’t posed a threat to America in a quarter century and we’re all good. A couple of good weeks? REALLY? Big fucking deal! Meanwhile Americans are suffering! We’re in a recession, we’re going broke buying gas and food, but Joey has had a couple of good weeks.

Perhaps someone should take the time to remind Baier how it was over the course of those same two weeks it’s been here on planet Earth that: The U.S. is now officially in a recession, Ukraine’s Kherson offensive failed to materialize, Iran increased its number of centrifuges, Russia cut off gas supplies to Latvia, Italy’s WEF-backed government collapsed, The Atlanta FED lowered Q3 GDP estimates from 2.1 to 1.3 percent, Tensions flared between Serbia and NATO-backed Kosovo, Unrest has started in Iraq, Nigeria, Congo, Panama and Ecuador and Communist China began sending military aid to Syria. But not to worry, because Joey had a couple of good weeks.

Baier also made sure to include how it was that Joe Manchin again showed his true colors by agreeing to a deal with Chuckie Schumer on a massive tax and climate package. Baier said, “We can confirm from two intelligence sources that al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has been killed by a CIA drone strike in Afghanistan over the weekend. And that is what President Biden will announce from the White House tonight at 7:30 Eastern Time.” And in discussing Joey’s speech about the drone strike, Baier said, “This is a huge, huge win for the U.S., and we expect to hear that and where the fight goes from here as far as taking out other terrorists.”

Co-host Jesse Watters said, “Well, obviously a great win for the United States and a clear victory over terrorism. Politically for the president, we’ve just talked about it in the A-block, how the administration and some in the media have been framing this as the resurgence of the Biden presidency and a few things about to be passed in Congress. And now this big strike announcement tonight. Do you think the president is going to look to capitalize on this momentum and head into August after being down for quite some time on the mat?” Resurgence? Momentum? Seriously? Somehow, I thought Jesse was smarter. Perhaps I’ve been giving him a little too much credit?

Regardless, Baier was quick to respond saying, “100%, Jesse. I mean, listen, you can’t take away that this has been a couple of good weeks for the president, who has been, we haven’t seen too much of, he’s been behind the scenes with COVID, but he is at least on the precipice of a couple of legislative wins. We don’t know if it’ll all line up, but it seems like it is. And obviously got the CHIPs bill now with this announcement. Again, it will be positive. You can’t look at it any other way, and it will not take away from the horrible nature in which we got out of Afghanistan. But it will enable them to make the case that they’re still fighting terrorists around the globe.”

Now isn’t this the very same Baier who, from his perch there on Fox News, called President Trump’s drone strikes “provocative”? Why yes, yes, it is. Baier has become a shrill spokesman for ‘the swamp.’ Glad I stopped watching him after the 2020 election. Baier replaced Chris Wallace as Joey’s most vocal Fox cheerleader. Joey had absolutely nothing to with the death of this Moslem terrorist. His other big “win” is a huge loss for American taxpayers and manufacturers with rapidly rising inflation and the recession getting worse. When Joey/Democrats get a win, America loses. I’m guessing we now know who Fox’s Presidential Debate moderator for 2024 will be.

Joey has been nothing more than an unmitigated disaster and killing one old terrorist scumbag is not going to obscure all of the harm that he has done to this country in a very short period of time. Baier clearly lost what little objectivity he might have once possessed about the same time that Donald Trump arrived on the political scene. This is the same kind if shit that Wallace was doing before he jumped ship into a career-ending spiral of irrelevance. I remember a few years back when ‘droning’ foreign supporters of terrorism, like Iranian Generals, was considered a ‘BAD’ thing. Weird how now, I guess it’s once again a ‘GOOD’ thing. Odd how that happens.

If by “a couple of good weeks” Baier means that Joey’s rising inflation rate hasn’t yet broken any of our 50-year records or that the number of illegal immigrants flowing across our southern border hasn’t been made to slow from the heretofore unimaginable rate of two hundred thousand per month or that the price of gasoline has held steady at more than double the price it was when Joey was inaugurated, then yeah, I suppose it can be said that Joey has had a couple of good weeks while the nation’s pain and suffering has held steady. Using the same reasoning, Putin has had a couple of good weeks, too. “Fair and balanced” reporting? I think not.

Fox News senior lap dog, suck up, and backstabber, Bret Baier is coming out of the closet more and more. With luck he’ll soon become just another ‘journalistic has-been’ like his butt-buddy Wallace, who has fallen off the face of the planet. No one sees or hears of Wallace anymore, unless they try. And let’s not forget that it was Baier who once questioned the value of President Trump’s strike that took out Iranian madman Qassem Soleimani, and yet he’s convinced that taking out a nobody like Al Zawahiri is a big win for Joey? Baier saying Joey has had a couple of good weeks is absolutely ludicrous. Joey has been missing in action for at least a week and a half.

Finally, I haven’t seen Baier this excited since he announced that Joey had ‘won’ the Presidential election in 2020. Meanwhile, Joey’s policies continue to strangle our economy. His immigration policies are causing great harm and show no sign of being reversed anytime soon. This farce was merely a publicity stunt to make him look somehow presidential. They’re trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Won’t work. Baier is such a pathetic suck up. This is but another example of why many can no longer take Fox News seriously. If it were not for a handful players, and we know who they are, the network would be no more irrelevant than CNN or MSDNC.


  1. “ And it was NeverTrumper Bret Baier who said on Monday during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “The Five” that *president Joey had had a “couple of good weeks” because military killed Al Qaeda leader Al Zawahiri.

    Yet over two million unvetted, illiterate, illegal aliens, and tons of illicit drugs have flowed across our southern border in 19 months,”

    You can bet that the vast majority of Fox 🦊 News employees don’t like the absolutely outstanding good and excellent hard PATRIOTIC-STANCE That Tucker Carlson takes night after night. Just like last night.

    He came out against Biden and his / this fake-ass excellent 2 to 3 weeks that he has supposedly has had. Tucker addressed last night and, Monday night. And he has been addressing the southern border flat-out fiasco and how much better it was under Our real President, President Trump!!

    He gave serious data on numbers pertaining to the southern border under Trump. The amount caught that even tried to cross illegally and how fast there illegal-asses got dropped right back-off, on the other side.

    Monday night he talked about how fast the ones that are from other countries in South America, and other countries was put on planes and sent back. All within 2 weeks to a maximum of, 6 weeks. It’s so refreshing to hear him call out all the fake phony ass!!!!!! RINOS that need to be run out of the Republican Party!!! He is so right when he said again, on last Friday night,

    “Needless to say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, nearly every Republican in the House of Representatives, and the Senate, need to be run out-out-of-office!!”
    Tucker Carlson.

    And he is so right. It really DOSEN’T matter what the sorry-ass-evil-Democrats do, what really matters to us and it should is, what the sorry ass Republicans do!!! Because if the GOP Party was actually doing there job in both houses, and had been doing there job for the last 30 40 years, we would have never seen the Democrat Party get as powerful as they are.

    “We need a party that jerks each Democrat up by there shorts and puts them in there place. Do we not??? And if we had been having a party that is akin to the party I witnessed while I was broadcasting from Hungary for a week,

    the Democrats would have been trembling in there Buster Browns! Conservatives are dying for a party that fights for them on a daily basis, and takes the fight to the Democrats each day!”

    And from all my travels around our Nation, this is what I’m hearing out of Conservatives on the kind of party they want, they need and they are dying for. A party made up of Trumps and Marjorie Taylor Greenes, Matt Gaetz’s.”

    Tucker Carlson last week.


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