After having spent 70 years of life on this planet, there really isn’t much that surprises me anymore. But every once and a while someone will say something that leaves me scratching my head in disbelief. For instance, can it be that the most important issue to women in America today is for them to be conveniently able to murder their unborn baby or, as in some states, to murder it even after it has been born. More important even than being able to put food on their table or to put gas in their car? Because Democrats seem to be quite confident that that is in fact the case. And if so, then I fear America truly has now officially gone round the bend.  

You see, it was this past Sunday during an appearance on MSDNC’s ‘The Katie Phang Show,’ that failed Democrat candidate for president Howard Dean argued Democrats could flip up to eight seats in the U.S. Senate in November’s midterm election. He said, “The real driver for us is going to be two things. One has already happened. That was the so-called Dobbs decision when Roe v. Wade was thrown out. That has put an enormous amount of turmoil into this election. The second day something that hasn’t happened yet, but if it does happen, I think we are going to pick up seats in the House, and I think we’ll pick up the seats in the Senate in any case.”

Dean went on to say, “And that is forgiveness of student loans. The age group that favors Democrats most significantly is under 35. Those folks often sit out midterm elections and are disillusioned with President Biden. So I think the student loan stuff is essential.” He added, “People are going to be driven in droves, particularly young women, over the abortion being thrown out by the right-wing Supreme Court, so I am very optimistic about our prospects in November.” He said, “I think the intensity on the Democratic side is going to be driven by abortion. It is hard to take rights away from 50 percent of the population that they have had for 50 years.”

And Dean said, “And I think they’re going to pay a price for that. I think we can pick up three to five and possibly even eight seats in the Senate. I think Iowa is in trouble for the Republicans, places that you didn’t expect. I think Florida is in trouble for the Republicans, North Carolina in addition to the ones that really always talks about like Pennsylvania.” Now there are 13 seats currently held by Democrats that are up for election this year and apparently Dean seems to think they will win 8. If nothing else changed politically, that would make the Senate distribution by party of 55 Republican, 43 Democrat, and 2 Independents that caucus with Democrats.

Everyone buys gas for their car so they know what is going on even if they have no interest in politics. Everyone also buys food for themselves, and their family, so they know the prices have been increasing. Add to that the fact that utility bills have also gone up and that, too, is something everyone has to pay. All these things together amount to a real financial burden for working- and middle-class Americans. Compare the millions of people concerned about the rising prices of energy and consumer goods against the small number of those people wanting abortions. The main concern of most people is always the economy and how it affects them and their family.

And Dean forgets one small detail: Women can still get abortions. At worst it’s a two hour drive to another state. I assume they won’t have to make the drive on a monthly basis. If abortion was banned all over the country, then maybe it would get the vote out, but that’s not the case. And as much as Democrats, like Dean, might wish it were so, abortion isn’t driving the political discussion in America today. Not being able to put gas in the car, or food on the table, is. And I have a message for those women who are determined to murder their baby and truly believe that they no longer have the right to do so. My message is, “Please vote Democrat, prove how stupid you are!” 

And to my way of thinking there is something mentally wrong with older men who spend their time advocating for abortion for young women under 35. Most reasonable men are thinking of their grandchildren. Meanwhile, Leftist men are thinking about how important it is that these young women be able to get abortions. Dean is clearly deranged. It was after that bimbo with her ‘Steering Wheel-Gate’ garbage testified before Liz Cheney and the January 6 ‘inquisition’ that Dean was so excited he almost wet himself on CNN and MSDNC. He ranted that this was the end of Donald Trump, and that now a Grand Jury would soon be impaneled. The guy is seriously disturbed.

Young women have never, and will never, vote in droves. This generation is too busy posting selfies and counting likes on social media. Besides being a card-carrying whack job, Dean has one of the most abysmal records in American history when it comes to political predictions. But once again he seems very confident when making them. Dean is basically admitting that Democrats just buy votes.  Don’t have to pay the student loan you requested and received, and don’t have to give birth to the baby you conceived makes for the best platform the Left can come up with to convince you their election fraud is legitimate. Cancel student debt and buy off young people.

And so, instead of fixing the economy so we can feed and house our children, Democrats push abortion. Anyone who goes along with the twisted ideals of the Democrat Party should have a great reawakening if it continues another two and a half years. Especially considering the destruction of our cities due to unenforced laws and farmlands being sold to our extreme antagonists. It’s hard to believe anyone, and that includes the morons at MSDNC, would seek Dean’s opinion is an any subject. He has proven time and time again to be a total idiot. If Democrats win in November, it will prove two things, elections have no integrity and voters are too stupid to vote!

Apparently, the left is working toward a dystopian country where all U.S. citizens are equally cold in the winter when compared to third world countries, equally hot in the summer when compared to third world countries, starving, and killing babies. That is their vision for America. So forget inflation, gas prices, crime, open borders; student debt forgiveness and abortion will save the day for the Democrats. Seriously? And who is it that thinks this way? And what does it say about them, that they do? Are these really the kind of people that we need to be entrusting to be in charge of the running of our country? There is a reason the Democrat Party is called the party of death.

I love these old Democrat losers that the ‘fake news’ media continually dig up for their ‘opinion.’ Dean, like so many others, thinks this is 1976 and there’s no such thing as the internet. People do their own research. They don’t rely on media or political has-beens to get their information. Reflect, for a second, on how the legacy media itself, that Dean gushes on about, were the ones responsible for ending his nomination to a clod like John Kerry-Heinz. Seriously, they turned on him for nothing more than yelling into a microphone. It just played on an endless loop because they wanted to end him, and they did. And STILL he plays ball with these people.

The majority of Americans voters are most concerned about: 10 percent inflation, $6+ a gallon gas, illegal’s pouring across the southern border, food prices skyrocketing so that parents have to choose between a roof over their head or food on the table and the shutdown of a baby formula plant with no thought of a future shortages that it would cause. Violence and crime outside your door is so bad in Democrat run cities that you’re afraid of being the next crime statistic, your child is indoctrinated instead of educated or raped in the girls bathroom by a boy in a skirt, and with rising interest rising rates the price that home that you’ve dreamt about is now history.

Democrats, like Dean, continue to claim to be those most concerned about the less fortunate among us. And yet they refuse to accept any amount of responsibility for the hurt that they have caused, and continue to cause, low-income people and families. Not only with inflation but with the lockdowns of their children. The education that they have lost is catastrophic. The baby formula shortage is real for lots of mothers. You think they’ll forget? Student loan forgiveness will only pour more gas on the fire. All the people that busted to pay their bills will revolt on Democrats. The middle- and lower-income people have had a disastrous year and a half.



  1. It’ll be great news when Howling Howie takes his dirt nap and heads the words “Depart From Me, You Evil One, into the Lake Of Fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.”


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