The very first time I ever saw this guy I recognized him as being nothing other than one of the most prolific ass kissing, butt licking, mealy-mouthed suck ups on the planet. This guy honed his skills as a brown-noser while in the Navy, butt kissing his way all the way to the top and, who after leaving the Navy used those same skills to get himself where he is today. When I was in the Navy we called such guys, ‘Butt Sharks.’ Like I said, it’s paid off for him even today in attaining the rather impressive title of ‘National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications’ where he continues to display all the characteristics of a well-seasoned used car salesman.

Kirby recently put on another demonstration as a bullshit artist during a recent appearance on the Communist News Network (CNN). Despite having zero credibility regardless of the topic being discussed, it’s many in the ‘fake news’ media who still seek him out.  And it was while appearing on Monday’s “CNN Newsroom,” that Kirby responded to criticism of *president Joe Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia last week by arguing that “the best way” to advance human rights “is to actually go overseas and talk to foreign leaders and be direct and candid” and that “You can’t say that values matter and then stay at home and refuse to talk to people or refuse to make the case.”

He said, “The president believes that if you’re going to make values and human rights the center of your foreign policy, which he does, the best way to advance those rights, to advance those values, protect and promote them is to actually go overseas and talk to foreign leaders and be direct and candid and in the room. You can’t say that values matter and then stay at home and refuse to talk to people or refuse to make the case. The president felt it was very important that, in every stop on this trip, Victor, he’d talk about human rights, and he did. These are not easy conversations to have, but they’re important to have if you’re going to try to make a difference overseas.”

Funny how it was that when President Trump was talking to Putin, Kim, or Jinping, this butt-lick was singing quite the different tune on this very same topic. Because back then he was talking to dictators and hurting the country. You see, according to hacks like Kirby, it was considered a betrayal of American values to pursue any sort of a dialogue these such lightweights because they will say whatever their opportunism dictates at a given moment. And yet when ‘Shitbag Joey’ goes begging to Saudi Arabia for oil or when ‘BO’ hands billions of dollars over Iraq it’s considered diplomacy? Seriously folks, this is the kind of crap we’ve come to expect from pukes like Kirby.

This guy is a tap-dancing clown and lies as much as his boss, regardless of who his boss is, whether it’s ‘BO’ or ‘Shitbag Joey.’ This douche was an Admiral, while Milley is still a General and Gilday is still an Admiral, need I say any more about the current sad state of our military? If we had had guys like this leading our military during World War II we’d most definitely would have lost and in what most likely would have been rather spectacular fashion. We cannot be satisfied with pussies leading the military, we need those believe “No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.”

Kirby was a lying shill under when he served during ‘BO’s administration and nothing has really changed. At least he is no longer disgracing the uniform. And how it is that anyone can take this slimy little piece of shit seriously is beyond me. It’s guys like him who give the military a bad name. There are no words to describe how glad I am that I am not in the military today. Nor would I recommend to anyone of age that it would be a good idea to make it a career. And it the current trend we’re now seeing when it comes to who is truly qualified to lead our military Americans should be very fearful. Our current leaders care more about politics than they do about winning wars.


Trust me when I say that I don’t trust Joe Manchin to be anything other than what he is, a Democrat. And while there are those who will use him as their example of that mythical creature known as the ‘Moderate’ Democrat, I remain convinced he is not in any way a ‘moderate.’ And it’s two or three votes cast in the name of sanity that do not erase the dozens of others he’s made that were not. Votes, that if he truly put his country above his party, he would have cast differently than he did. He has long supported doing away with the Trump tax cuts and he’s a big supporter of stricter gun control. He is not an ally simply because he votes against the “Green New Deal.”  

But it was in so doing that Manchin most definitely earned the wrath of one Bernie Sanders, that self-proclaimed Socialist, first elected in 1991 to the U.S. House, where he served until 2007 before then being elected to the U.S. Senate and who has been re-elected ever since by the loons who reside in The Socialist Republic of Vermont. And it was Sander who, this past Sunday, made an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” where he let it be known that was not a member of the Joe Manchin fan club. He accused Manchin of “intentionally sabotaging” *president ‘Shitbag Joey’ Biden by not supporting climate and tax provisions that the Democrats are now proposing.

And it was the show’s host, that dim bulb Martha Raddatz, who said, “Senator, I want to turn to the agenda. Senator Manchin abruptly pulled the plug this week on–”  Sanders interrupted saying, “He has sabotaged the president’s agenda. No, look, if you check the record, six months ago, I made it clear that you have people like Manchin and Sinema, to a lesser degree, who are intentionally sabotaging the president’s agenda. The problem was that we continued to talk to Manchin like he was serious. He was not. This is a guy who’s a major recipient of fossil fuel money, a guy who has received campaign contributions from 25 Republican billionaires.”

Sanders went on to add, “West Virginia, a beautiful state, I have had the pleasure of being there, great people, it’s one of poorest states in this country, you ask the people of West Virginia whether they want to expand Medicare to cover, dental hearing and eyeglasses. Ask the people of West Virginia demand the wealthiest people, and large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes. In my humble opinion, Manchin represents the very wealthiest people in this country, not working families in West Virginia or America.” Speaking for myself, I’m looking forward to the day when everything does not depend on how Joe Manchin chooses to vote.

Bernie is an old apparatchik who believes the job of elected officials to drive the narrative toward the party, not those who elected them. Sanders is another of those on the radical left who keeps complaining about fossil fuels while at the same he continues to fly, drive, and heats all three of his homes using fossil fuels. All of these ‘Green New Deal’ politicians are nothing of not hypocrites, which is no real surprise. It is good for thee, but not for me. And let’s not be in any big hurry to jump on the Manchin bandwagon, because while he may be doing some good right now, be we can ill afford to forget that deep down he’s still nothing more than another Democrat.

And it’s also important to remember that above all else Manchin is a politician. And as such he does only that which every politician does. He takes care of himself first by following the polls. And too, If he was truly out to sabotage the *president’s agenda, he woold never have voted to confirm to the Supreme Court someone unable to define what a woman is, when she herself is in fact a woman. This is all political theater. Manchin knows inflation and high prices will stabilize until the election as they are, after all, politically driven, then he’ll get to support the Democrats while appearing reasonable. Manchin is far from being some kind a political hero.

Sanders is another of those who is in politics because he is incapable of doing anything else. He’s never held a real job and has been getting paid by the taxpayers nearly all of his adult life. Back in the 1970s that Sanders was kicked out of some hippie commune. Can you imagine being kicked out of a hippie commune because you refused to do your share of work? And IF Manchin IS out to ‘deliberately sabotage’ the *president’s agenda, then he should be commended for doing so because destroying the country IS the *president’s agenda. But we shouldn’t be fooled by the actions of Manchin, or the faux outrage from Sander, because they both play for the same team.

And it’s that very same team that has been out to intentionally sabotage the United States for decades. Democrats by their very existence as a political party are defined as being anti-America. They, by definition, are the Socialist/Communist faction who are CLEARLY now purposely, and very aggressively, ruling against the will of the American people, boldly steal elections, elect glaringly criminal leadership and endorse the destruction of America even if it’s by looking the other way AND trying to lay the blame on THEIR dictator. Manchin likely sees some political advantage in wanting to be seen as standing between the country and its total destruction.

Here’s a portrait of two party outcasts. First, we have Manchin who is hated by those in his party because he ‘appears’ to be trying to be fiscally responsible and seems to be trying to prevent his party from committing political suicide. He does not trash his party but is simply trying to reason with his colleagues in the party. He also at least seems to care about the welfare of his constituents back home in West Virginia. Second, we have RINO Liz Cheney who cares absolutely nothing about either her party nor her constituents and spends all of her time trashing President Trump, his supporters and any fellow Republicans who don’t share her single obsession.

Sanders doesn’t care that the majority of the American stand opposed to the *president’s agenda. And Manchin at least ‘appears’ to be standing with them, at least for now. But we all need to remain vigilant when it comes to the level of commitment possessed by Manchin when it comes his opposition. It would ‘appear’ that Manchin cares more about the country and his constituents than he does about the *president’s agenda, but I think it’s worth asking just how long that might be the case. These days Democrats rarely think about the welfare of the country or its citizens, or even their own constituents. Their primary concern is staying in power.

Look at the amount of damage that has already been done, and in such a relatively short period time, to this country by this *president and those like Sanders. And to be honest, Manchin has supported much of it. Granted, it is in this particular instance that he does ‘appear’ to being the right thing, but I’m reserving judgment for the time being. Hopefully he will stay strong, but it’s something we need to be watchful of and on a day-to-day basis. He may yet prove himself to be what would be the last of what they once called ‘Blue Dog Democrats.’ But the jury is still out, and we have a long way to go before being able to trust him as being anything but a Democrat.

Hopefully the day is not all that far away when Sanders will finally cease being a voice for such idiocy. And frankly, it matters not how that end comes about, death, retirement or being committed to some nuthouse. Sanders is nothing but a fake and a grifter. He has claimed to be fighting the system and the ‘Establishment.’ Then he just let the Democrat Party, and the Clintons, steal the nomination in 2016. And exchange he got paid millions to just go away quietly. Then he turned his back on his followers and bought more houses with the money he was paid in exchange for his silence, allowing Hitlery to declare victory and gain the nomination, only to lose to Donald Trump.


In the first place I really had no idea who David Corn was before hearing about his latest rant about abortion given on, where else but, MSDNC this past Friday. You see, it was then that Corn accused the Republican Party of somehow waging a “war on sex,” at least in those states that are choosing to ban that barbaric practice of abortion. And he goes on to claim that Republicans are waging this war, as a way to control women? I guess my first question to Mr. Corn would be to ask him if he, in fact, even knows what a woman is? Because it’s these days that the majority of those on his end of the political spectrum either do not know or are afraid to say.    

Anyway, it turns out that Corn is the ‘Washington bureau chief’ for Mother Jones. And for those not familiar with this leftist rag, it’s another of those groups that practices ‘journalism’ as it is defined by those on the left, like Mr. Corn himself. And that, of course, does not really involve reporting the truth, but bastardizing the ‘truth,’ to fit its own rather skewed narrative, before then getting it out to their devoted followers. In other words, they are little more than another spewer of propaganda, essentially on the payroll of the Democrat Party, and apparently happy to be just that.  And clearly, they have no issue with an agenda that has as its stated goal, the end of America.

But anyway, it was during his appearance on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” hosted by that racist homophobic dolt, Joy Reid, that Corn made his claim that Republicans are waging a “war on sex” to control women with state abortion bans. He said, “What we’re seeing with the Republican Party is as craze as we thought it was, it’s getting even crazier after January 6th, and they used to talk about abortion bans, right, but with exceptions. Now they don’t want exceptions, and now they even want to deny what happens as a consequence of these bans. I mean, this is about theocracy, theology. It’s about controlling women. It’s a war on women. It’s a war on sex.”

He added, “I think that this is how they see it. In a war, there are casualties, and a casualty may be a 10-year-old girl who has to be forced to give birth. They are not relenting here. They are not saying, oh, we need to rethink that these incidents really happened. They want to deny these incidents because they take away part of the moral foundation for these laws that they enthusiastically support, so they can’t allow them to be such cased, and they — they do want, in a Soviet way, photoshop them out of the picture out of the debate. It’s just a sign of how far extreme they have gone over a long journey of 70 years now or so.”

Now that may be how Mr. Corn views things from there inside his little leftist bubble, but out here on the real world it’s the Democrats’ real war on women that seems quite determined to completely erase women from existence. Democrats seem to have gone from fighting for equal rights for women to not only not being able to define what a woman is but replacing mothers with males that think they can get pregnant and mentally ill males taking away all of women’s opportunities in the military, sports, government jobs, private sector jobs and even beauty pageants. People need to open their eyes to the truth, the Democrats’ war on women is to completely erase women. The Democrats are doing this, NOT the Republicans.

This is yet another example of how it is that those on the Left have to LIE about everything they say in order to ‘attack’ those of us on the Right. We say NOTHING about ‘sex’ other than to say that people should make adult decisions about it, which means things like being responsible. But Leftists don’t take responsibility for anything nor to they accept accountability for their actions. They want to do whatever they want, whenever they wany and to not be held accountable for whatever might happen after. And we say that all things of a sexual nature should remain with the parents, not grooming children, exposing children to perversion, etc. So Leftists LIE.

And it was the last time that I checked that it was almost half of all actual ‘women’ who actually AGREE with Republicans. So, does Mr. Corn think that women are essentially waging war against themselves? And Republicans have NEVER ‘not’ talked about ‘exceptions’ in relation to abortion. Obviously, at least to those who approach the subject of abortion honestly, if there is a medical need, such as a 10 year old for whom it would be dangerous to give birth, we are fine with abortion. Most of us are also fine with other exceptions within reason. Where we object to is when abortion is used merely out of convenience or when used as a method of birth control.

What is purely EVIL, and I’m quite sure Mr. Corn will disagree, is how the Democrats have pushed abortion all the way to infanticide. No, they couldn’t be satisfied just killing babies in the first trimester of pregnancy. They had to push it further and further. To the point of even killing a baby AFTER it was born. Wasn’t it the former, and racist, governor of Virginia who once talked about taking a newborn baby, making it comfortable, while the mother and her ‘doctor’ discussed whether or not to allow the infant live or to ‘abort’ it? A living, breathing baby, laying on a table. How evil is that? That’s how today’s radical Democrats view abortion. That’s not acceptable!

And finally, let me just say that the only thing that all Leftists have in common is that they are cowards, unable to think for themselves. They are unable to answer the question of WHY they feel the way they so on any issue because, more often than not, they’re simply regurgitating that which they’ve been told. And most, like Mr. Corn, are willing to repeat any crap fed to them, for a price. And most, also like Mr. Corn, have zero foundational knowledge when it comes to just about subject, including abortion. He’s merely repeating what everyone else on his side is saying. It’s what he gets paid to do. Whether what he’s saying is actually true simply isn’t important.


I think it pretty fair to say that there are few people here on planet Earth who are genuinely as stupid as they are ugly. But they do most certainly exist. And it is one those who most definitely fits into that rather unique clique of individuals that would be none other than Chelsea Clinton, the supposed offspring of ‘Slick Willy’ and Hitlery. But whether she is or she isn’t, there is one thing for sure, and that would be the fact that every time she opens her mouth, that she proves beyond all doubt that she hasn’t got the brains of an ice cube. And yet she persists, it’s amazing. And it’s anyone who were to give her any more than a penny for her thoughts that should consider themselves as having been seriously ripped off.  

All of which brings me to Clinton’s recent, and rather bizarre, stopover, this past Friday, to pay a little visit to the rather unimpressive hags of ABC’s “The View.” Because, it was during the visit that Clinton made the rather idiotic claim that *president ‘Shitbag Joey’ actually cares very deeply about the American people, which she said is “an important thing to acknowledge” after his predecessor, President Trump. And, of course, the Hags were all very quick to agree with her. And it was ‘co-host’ Sunny Hostin who said, “I think the answer is educating the American people, right? Because I think you’re right. They go to the grocery store, they go to the gas pump, and they see the prices, and they can’t afford that.”

Hostin went on to say, “There’s that disconnect there. Why is it happening? People are only blaming the Biden administration, and I think the education part is really important because this is a global phenomenon. There are reasons why our inflation rate is at 9.1%. If you look at all the economies around the world, 60% of the economies around the world have inflation rates that are really and that’s because of the global pandemic, right? That’s also because you have the war in Ukraine. China has slowed down its production because of the global pandemic because they had the lockdown, and then you have, climate change, and so there are all these factors that are leading to the fact that we have this inflation. And it’s not Joe Biden.”

Clinton said, “It’s clear the president and his administration care deeply about the American people, and after his predecessor, that I think is an important thing to acknowledge. And that he is not being passive. The administration has tried many things to get in front of the inflation crisis. They tried to lower prescription drugs last year, and Congress stopped that. They tried to cut taxes, and Congress was not supportive of that. He’s released oil from the oil reserve. The Biden administration deserves credit for what they have been doing. We can say they should be doing more and a different set of things, but we shouldn’t pretend they can’t care or haven’t taken action because they do care, and they have taken action.”

So ‘Joey’ cares about the American people? You certainly could have fooled me! The shear narcissistic diatribe coming out of her mouth only goes to show you just how detached from reality she truly is. I mean you can’t take us from being energy independent to buying oil from Iran, Venezuela, Russia and the Saudis while at the same time you’re selling oil to China from our strategic reserves, and convincingly claim you care about the American people. You can’t engineer a gas price hike from $2.00 a gallon to $6.00 a gallon and say you care about the American people. You can’t start with 2% inflation and push policies that get us to 11% inflation. Andou can’t sit idly by why the supply chain is devastated by your own policy.

Clinton still hasn’t figured out that she is not as conniving as her mother, has not the charisma of her stepdad, and is nothing if not a complete moron. Somehow, she thinks she should be listened to despite the fact that she about as smart as a retarded squirrel with delusions of grandeur. Clinton is as oblivious to the plight of everyday Americans as is her corrupt mother. Maybe she can explain how inflation, high gas prices, millions of illegal aliens un-vaccinated and prone to crime and sexual abuse of children, overcrowded schools, depressed housing values and so much more, benefit the American people. This is ‘Joey’s way of showing his deep felt hatred of his country and taking it out on everyday Americans.

Clinton has accomplished nothing without her parents first paving the way. Because her parents are celebrated Democrats, she knows she doesn’t need to do anything more than to sing from the party hymnal, Socialism for thee, but not for me. Leftists live in a cult-like bubble, and they refuse to accept the existence of anything outside their bubble. Leftists have zero knowledge of the everyday struggles of the working class. To the left, working-class Americans are to be ruled, and never listened to under any circumstances, which is why the left hates and despises the Constitution. The Constitution gives the working class a voice, and that angers the left above all else, which is why you see the left in a continuous outrage.

The poor in this country, including Blacks, are treated like shit by the Democrats. Which causes one to wonder when Blacks might finally come to the realization that Democrats could not care less about their plight, and they finally choose to leave the plantation. How many years have the Democrats promised to help the poor, and done nothing? Free flowing drugs, lousy schools, no school choice, rampant violent crime, no job opportunities. Democrat policies have had a light shone on them and some in our various minority communities are beginning to wake up. To keep the rest of the minority base on their side they started this whole “the white man is racist” ploy, even though they themselves are white and racist.

But Democrats fail to understand the fundamental problem they face. Minorities are nowhere near as stupid, and/or complacent, as they think. ‘Joey’ & Co. cares so much about the American people that they’ve taken active measures to shut down our energy production, have constantly insulted Americans, have crowed about bringing in foreign workers to fill American job positions and have deliberately escalated the invasion at the southern border. To sum it up, they have destroyed, in large part, the American way of life, all by malicious design. The puppet regime and its laughingstock figurehead represent the opposite of empathy. These hags are so utterly disconnected from reality as to be grotesque, like a clown at a funeral.

‘Joey’ has been in politics for 50 years and yet he has ZERO positive things to show for his half a century in politics. Not a single positive act that would have made a difference in the lives of the American people. And it was in just four short years that President Trump however helped millions of Americans, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual persuasion. The stock market went up, our IRAs flourished, jobs market went well, but the best was the energy independence he made possible and the respect America commanded across the globe. Our economy was humming along like never before, inflation was under control, gasoline was affordable, peace had come to the Middle Easy, and all was right with the world.

Clinton makes the idiotic claim that, “The Biden administration deserves credit for what they have been doing.” Right, and ‘Joey’ needs to be getting ALL of the credit for having driven up the rate of inflation, for our exploding U.S. energy costs, increasing gasoline prices, weakening U.S. oil refining capability, disrupting availability of diesel fuel, impeding the transportation of U.S. goods, forcing municipal energy companies to raise prices, canceling airline flights, halting the manufacturing of infant formula and blocking the production and increasing the cost of food in North America. Yup, ‘Joey’ owns it all. And he deserves every ounce of ‘credit’ for all that he has done. What a complete joke! He cares? Really? How?


So, after all that we have been forced to endure over the course of the last 18 months, how stupid does one need to be, even as a Democrat, to want ‘Shitbag Joey’ to run for re-election? That is, of course, if he even manages to make to then without dying, being tossed over the side by his own party, or simply wanders off one day prompting a ‘Silver Alert’ to be initiated. And while it’s an overwhelming percentage of Americans who do not wish him to run again, there are those who, amazingly enough, do want to see him run for re-election when nearly 82 years old. So with that being sad, it’s now only one in five Americans who want to see ‘Joey’ run again.  

Meanwhile it’s the vast majority of Americans who say it’s time for old ‘Joey’ to call it quits. While he’s not even halfway into his reign as *president, ‘Joey’ is struggling to find mass support for re-election come 2024. It’s according to a recent survey that just 18 percent, overall, believe old ‘Joey’ should run again. And it’s some in the ‘fake news’ media who have described that figure as being “the lowest number to date.” Furthermore, it reflects a seven point drop from the number, in May, of those who said he should run. And just who are these 18 percent would like to see more of this? They have to be individuals spending time at the government feeding trough.

And even more fascinating is the fact that it’s only 35 percent of Democrats, an eight point drop since May, who believe ‘Joey’ should run for re-election. Only nine percent of Republicans and 12 percent of independents say ‘Joey’ should run again. Overall, the vast majority of U.S. adults, 64 percent, said he should not run again. ‘Joey’ himself described the figure “unacceptably high” and claimed it was “out-of-date.” He said, “Energy alone comprised nearly half of the monthly increase in inflation. Today’s data does not reflect the full impact of nearly 30 days of decreases in gas prices, that have reduced the price at the pump by about 40 cents since mid-June.”

But this about more than ‘Joey,’ it’s about Democrat policies. The events of the last 18 months belong to the Democrat Party, lock, stock and barrel. Anyone they now advance will seek to expand the Supreme Court, do away with the filibuster, weaken parental rights and promote even more grotesque and deviant lifestyles. They hate the traditional family, religion, but more importantly the Democrats are the greatest self-hating political party in the world today. They hate our country, they hate the middle class, the Constitution and our history. So don’t blame ‘Joey’, he, even in his cognitively bewildered state, is better that anyone else the Democrats have to offer.

‘Joey’s handlers were able to run a campaign while keeping their candidate hidden in away in a basement, but he has since been exposed as a cognitively challenged, compromised, highly corrupt and anti-America *president. And what does it say about the Democrats when, after only a year and a half, they no longer want the guy who we all know didn’t win the 2020 election, to run for re-election?  The media and other institutions propped up ‘Joey’ in the 2020 election campaign, in many ways. And they can certainly prop him up now despite his obvious inadequacies. Now they don’t want him anymore, why? Harris would certainly be excellent for the job of a puppet.

Frankly I’m not even sure that it matters anymore what the majority of the people think. It’s likely already too late to change anything now. The country is well on its way to becoming just another ‘Third World’ country and all courtesy of those in the Democrat Party. Those who comprise our ‘elected’ and appointed elites will be just fine while the rest of us will be forced to line up for food stamps or whatever crumbs they deem us worthy of receiving. But there are similar polls claiming if ‘Joey’ runs, Democrats will still vote for him. But polls, as we know, are like opinions which are like assholes, everybody’s got one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks.

Finally, President Trump’s final job approval was 51 percent. ‘Joey’s current job approval sits at 29 percent. But it took all of the ‘fake news’ media, Hollyweird, social media and 24/7/365 abuse by the Democrat Party, aided by more than a few RINOs, to keep President Trump’s numbers that low. Now it is taking all of that very same cast of characters working round the clock to keep ‘Joey’s numbers that high. ‘Joey’ is merely a convenient placeholder for a stolen election. The Democrats will find someone younger and more charismatic to make their voters think things have changed but they’ll only get more of the same corrupt and destructive policies.


So I guess when you’re pretty much of a total fuckup, like ‘Shitbsg Joey,’ and have had absolutely nothing to brag about for the last 18 months, and when everything around you is turning to shit and it’s all your fault, I’m thinking that you would likely look for a ‘silver lining’ just about anywhere you could find one. Thus far the reign of ‘Shitbag Joey’ has amounted to not much more than one humongous clusterfuck. So you can imagine his eagerness to talk about anything that might be perceived as being good news, however slight, at least by those unwilling to go in search of the facts.

Hence the decision recently made by ‘Shitbag Joey’ to try to brag about what has been the recent decline, however slight, in the price of gas. But when you consider the fact that the price of a gallon of gas has more than doubled thus far into his continuing reign, it’s from where I’m sitting that ‘Joey’ has nothing to brag about. So in providing another example of how truth can be stranger that fiction, it was just this past Tuesday that ‘Shitbag Joey’ bragged about how the cost of a gallon of gasoline had dropped “30 days in a row,” even though prices are still high.

Duh? So ‘Joey’ raises the price of gas nearly 200 percent and then for reasons that have nothing to do with anything he’s done, the price goes down roughly 10 percent, and not only does he try to brag about it but also expects a pat on the back? Coming down a few cents a gallon from what is now an all-time record high, and choosing to brag about it, is insulting. And I really can’t get too worked up over a 30-day stabilization of gas prices! Personally, I’d settle for an honest evaluation the current policies that have brought about the doubling of the price of gas in just 18 months.

Apparently, it was during a Tuesday meeting between ‘Joey’ and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, that the two discussed gas prices. And it was after this meeting that the Mexican president commented on the high cost of gas in the United States. And it was ‘Joey’ who responded to those comments rather defensively saying, “It has gone down for 30 days in a row.” At the time of ‘Joey’s idiotic remarks, the national average for the cost of a gallon of gas was $4.65 according to the AAA data, after topping record high of $5.01 a gallon in June.

Although gas prices have moderated somewhat, they still remain higher than their previous peaks in 2008, when the average price for a gallon of gas was $4.11. And it’s here in Florida that things are worse. When ‘Joey’ took office the price for a gallon of gas was right around $1.89. Currently the price around $4.20 per gallon. That’s approximately 2.25 times more expensive. So the miniscule decrease mentioned by ‘Joey,’ over the last 30 days means nothing. Under former President Trump, the average cost for a gallon of gas never got higher than $2.96, as a national average.

And have you ever noticed, at least with a Democrat in the White House, that whenever gas prices go up 30 cents in a week, it’s those in the ‘fake news’ media who all say, pretty much in unison, that prices are “creeping upward.” But when they go down two cents it’s those same folks who claim prices are “plummeting.” Democrat logic is such that if gasoline at $2.50 per gallon is raised to $5.00 per gallon, all they have to do is drop it by 50 cents a gallon and the American sheeple will cheer despite the fact that they’re still paying 80 percent more than they were initially.  

And if ‘Joey’ gets to take credit for the fact that gas prices have gone down, however slightly, in the last month, then it’s ‘Joey’ who should get the blame for the fact that gas prices more than doubled over the course of the 17 months before that? Or better yet, if it was Vlad Putin’s fault that the price of gas has now gone through the roof, then doesn’t it make sense that it must be Putin who is now responsible for the price of gas going down? Perhaps ‘Joey’ should consider sending a thank you note to the Kremlin instead of taking credit for something that he nothing to do with.

If Democrats were able to bring themselves to being able to abandon their fantasies about a world free of fossil fuels and would quit blocking oil drillers from drilling and shutting down pipelines, I feel pretty confident in saying that we wouldn’t now have this problem in the first place. ‘Joey’ claiming some kind of success with our oil shortage that he caused absolutely on purpose while, at the same time, continuing to hinder production is a badly written production performed for the benefit of those few fools who don’t know he and the lunatics of his party are the problem.

And you need to keep in mind that this is the very same imbecile who, just a few weeks ago, said there is nothing that he can do about soaring gas prices, and he now wants to take credit for prices dropping even after selling oil from our strategic reserves to Communist China. Emptying our emergency fuel supplies and giving them to other nations is nothing to brag about. ‘Joey’ swore that he would destroy the fossil fuel industry, including coal, and he has. Now he’s begging Saudi Arabia for oil when before he was ‘elected’ America was actually energy independent.

When the nation that possesses the largest holdings of known oil reserves, that being the U.S., has as its *president a senile old fool like ‘Joey’, who essentially declares war on oil production companies, and cancels pipelines, Alaskan oil production, and denies ALL offshore production, the cost of oil is going to go UP, and it will have an effect of worldwide oil cost. Stolen or not, elections do have consequences. One party wants to rule with an iron fist and it will clearly stop at nothing to first obtain power and then maintain it, even if their supposed 81,000,000 voters pay the price.

The price of gas is still up over two dollars a gallon since ‘Joey’ took office. His energy policies have resulted in the impoverishment of the American family. ‘BO’ was correct when he warned America about ‘Joey’s ability to foul things up. We could ask him to resign but that would leave us with our totally incompetent vice president. Presently the Biden consortium are tripping all over themselves scrambling for ‘happy’ numbers that throw a positive light on their ongoing disaster. All we gotta do is tap into our precocious reserves and watch the price of gas go down.


C’me on man, do we really need some silly poll to tell us that ‘Shitbag Joey,’ one of only two U.S. presidents never to have been elected by the American people, is the worst *president this country has had in nearly 100 years? I mean you don’t need to be a political genius to realize that what’s now being made to take place in this country is taking place totally by design and is a direct result of those policies that have been put in place by ‘Shitbag Joey’ and the Democrats. Policies, the specific purpose of which has been nothing less than to advance a very purposeful attempt to destroy the country so that Democrats can then make it into one more to their liking.  

And so it seems that after 18 months into what is nothing more than his charade of a presidency, it’s *president ‘Shitbag Joe’ Biden who now has an approval rating that is lower than any other president in more than 75 years. ‘Joey’s approval rating, which has now dropped to 38.4 percent, and is likely lower if we’re being honest, is historically lower than any other modern-day president, with the exception of Harry Truman in his second year in office. In 1946, Truman’s approval rating was at 33 percent 18 months into his term. And ‘Joey’s approval rating 18 months into his presidency is worse than the following presidents’ at the same stage of their terms:

Donald Trump (42.1 percent)

‘BO’ (46.3 percent)

George W. Bush (66.9 percent)

‘Slick Willy’ (46 percent)

George H.W. Bush (63.2 percent)

Ronald Reagan (44 percent)

Jimmy Carter (42.1 percent)

Gerald Ford (44.3 percent)

Richard Nixon (54.1 percent)

Lyndon B. Johnson (64 percent)

John F. Kennedy (69 percent)

Dwight D. Eisenhower (69.9 percent)

And it according to Gallup that only five presidents have descended into the 20s over the length of their presidency. Those presidents include:

Harry Truman (22 percent)

Richard Nixon (24 percent)

Jimmy Carter (28 percent)

George H.W. Bush (29 percent)

George W. Bush (25 percent)

‘Shitbag Joey’s approval rating has been steadily dropping due to a variety of factors. His poll numbers began to decline back in August when the deadly Afghanistan withdrawal left possibly thousands of American citizens stranded behind enemy lines. And then, of course, there’s ‘Joey’s 40-year-high inflation and record high gas prices that can also be said to be weighing down his approval rating. Also, ‘Joey’s mental ability, or lack of, has been another issue that seems to have impacted voters. It’s now 62 percent who say that ‘Joey’ is not fit to be president because he’s simply too old. And 59 percent of Americans are worried about his mental and physical fitness.

He’s the most unpopular, but he’s also the most dangerous. He has proven that he will do anything his handlers tell him to do. And all of this is based on the assumption that ‘Joey’ actually has a 29 percent approval rating. Anyone being made to live through the ‘Joey’ agenda knows that that’s NOT true. ‘Joey & Co.’ is hated by everyone except those who are considered his ideological comrades or those who see themselves as being the beneficiaries of his policies. That would, of course, include those in the abortion industry, the corporate media, those in public education, the environmentalist wackos and illegal immigrants. They add up to a lot of people.

But then this is how you take over a country. You use a fraudulent election that allows criminal politicians to be in charge and to then simply giveaway U.S. wealth to what is a growing number of enemies. This is how the liberal world order wants to succeed. ‘Joey’s job was to weaken America and subjugate us to the international order. None of his handlers expected him to be popular while doing it. I’m thinking about Carter and the comparisons write themselves. But I at the end of the day, I think, you could tell that Carter was, more or less, a decent human being, even though he was a horrible president. But, ‘Joey’ isn’t even a decent human being.

And I ask you, how is it that a candidate who, on any given day, can barely string two coherent sentences together, hides out in his basement for most of his campaign to be president, and when he does venture out has trouble drawing more than a couple hundred people, and feels the need to blockade the Capitol for his inauguration, can still go on to become the least popular president in 75 years? How did that man manage to garner more votes than any other presidential candidate in the history of the country?  Can you imagine if the press had been reporting the truth about ‘Joey,’ his corruption and the blatant incompetence of the political appointees.

Franky, it tells us much about the Democrat Party, and ‘Joey’s Cabinet members. Why in the heck have they not forced him to submit to some sort of a mental competency test. Why have they not filed the paperwork to have him removed. How much more harm do they want him to do before they finally move to get rid of him? But they won’t, because to them the PARTY comes first, not the American People. They always put the interest of the Democrat Party first and America Last. And if you doubt what I say simply look at the polices that they have put in place every single time the American people prove to be foolish enough to hand them the reins of power.

The Democrat Party is a disaster, propped up by their Leftist water boys in the ‘fake news’ media. Remember when you vote in the midterms this November that: Not one current Democrat member of Congress has voted against ‘Joey’s destructive agenda. Only two Democrat Senators, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, have voted against ‘Joey’s destructive agenda. Not one congressional Democrat has worked with Republicans to legislatively stop ‘Joey’s destructive executive orders and agenda. Only two Democrat Senators, again Manchin and Sinema, have worked with Republicans to legislatively stop ‘Joey’s destructive executive orders and agenda.

Remember too that not one Senate or House Democrat has demanded Hunter Biden’s corruption and influence peddling, exposed by his laptop which the FBI has verified, be looked into. Not one Democrat member of the House or Senate has questioned ‘Joey’ Biden’s cogitative ability, which is something that has become painfully obvious to the rest of us. They may try to distance themselves from the antics of ‘Shitbag Joey’ in the run up to the election, but they are not distancing themselves from his policies in Congress. It is their votes, not election antics that count. Do not vote for these people if you want change, they support ‘Joey’s radical destructive agenda!

Finally, it’s this November’s midterm elections that could very well prove to be our last opportunity to pull beck the reins regarding the direction in which our country is currently headed. We must be determined in our effort to rid ourselves of those on both sides of the aisle who seem to have as their main objective the destruction of our country. And those who are out of our reach this time around must be made to understand that they are squarely in our sights, and that only by doing what we elected to do will they be able to continue in their current position. And WE must understand that we might just need to get our hands a little dirty in the process.


Adam Kinzinger is another of those that makes clear that being a member of the military does not always a stellar member of Congress make. Kinzinger was essentially allowed to sneak in through the backdoor back in 2010 when he was first elected to the U.S. House. And it has been since then that he has proven himself to be little more than a grand disappointment, on a number of levels. And it was after the election of Donald Trump that he seemed to lose his mind. To the point where, ever since he has continually sided with the Democrats in what has been their seven-year vendetta against Donald Trump despite having repeatedly come up empty. 

And it was this past Sunday during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,’ hosted by former Clinton hack, and now wannabe ‘journalist’ George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos, that Kinzinger rather boldly predicted that “in about 10 years, there’s not going to have been a single Trump supporter that exists anywhere in the country.” Now I hate to disagree with Mr. Kinzinger, but what is far more likely to be the case is the fact that people will have a rather difficult time remembering who it was that represented those folks who live in first the 11th and then 16th congressional districts there in Illinois. That would, of course, be Mr. Kinzinger. In 10 years it will be, Adam who?  

Anyway, it’s a partial transcript of the bizarre exchange that took place between these two frauds that follows:

Stephy: It doesn’t appear to be breaking through to Republicans. There’s a lot of recent polling showing that the number of Republicans over the last year who view this as a legitimate protest on January 6th and not an insurrection has actually dramatically risen. How do you explain that.

Kinzinger: Well, look, I think, on the margins, yes, it is puncturing through. And I think what’s most important is, again, what does history say in five or 10 years? Because I can guarantee — well, I can get about as close as I can to guaranteeing that, in about 10 years, there’s not going to have been a single Trump supporter that exists anywhere in the country. It’s like Nixon. There were a lot of people that supported Nixon until he was out of office, and then everybody was like, “No, nobody supported Nixon.”

I figure that that’s going to happen. But the other thing is this. We live in a media environment where you get your media from whoever, kind of, reinforces whatever you already believe. And there is a profit motive on some of these media outlets to not say anything contradictory to what Donald Trump is saying. He’s in essence a cult leader right now, and he’s a man that can stand up and say anything he wants, and these news organizations just reinforce it.

So, look, if you have leaders of Congress like Kevin McCarthy, like, frankly, most members of the — of the Republican Party in Congress, that just simply refuse to tell the truth to their constituents, first off they’re lying and abusing their constituents. But, secondly, you can’t really expect there to be much of a different outcome.

Quite the contrary. There will be millions of people who will have an even greater understanding of what President Trump did for this country. He will go down as one of the best presidents in our history. He sacrificed much; worked for every American citizen, regardless of party affiliation; an accomplished so much despite constant headwinds from Democrats and RINOs alike. I’ll still be in Trump’s camp 10 years from now and as long as I live. No one should ever forget his sacrifice. Adam Kinzinger is nothing but a delusional little snowflake. There will be zero people who will even remember this clown in six months, let alone remember him ten years from now.

Kinzinger has been in Congress for over a decade. And in that time he has chosen to side with the Democrats far more often than he has with his own party. He joined them in the plandemic fraud and all the harm that’s done to Americans via the government’s harmful actions including coercing people to participate in a massive medical experiment. Hundreds of thousands have been harmed/killed because of this. There should be no quarter given to anyone in government who knew, or had cause to know, but did nothing to get the truth out to the American people. This is not a game. People are dying every day and Democrats are playing along with the fraud.

Remember how it was after they stole the 2020 election, when gloating Democrats were running around saying they wanted to arrest anyone who voted for President Trump and to put them into ‘re-education camps?’ After they were called out for that insanity, they did their usual dodge and claimed they were “only joking.” No, they weren’t joking. Now the Democrats seem to have no issue with assassins trying and take out conservative justices on the Supreme Court. They’re calling for ‘eliminating’ political opponents and going so far as to call for “blood in the streets.” So in that context, Kinzinger’s threat does come across as yet another call for violence.

And what they still do not get is that it was never about Donald Trump the man, it was about what he represented and how the Republican Party had been taken over by ‘Establishment’ Republicans, aka RINOs. The movement is not about a single man. We continue to support President Trump because WE support America, and HE supports America and, in 10 years time, there will still be millions upon millions of us who support him and the cause that he started. Kinzinger, and people like him, are the reason President Trump came about in the first place. If it wasn’t for two-faced sociopaths like Kinzinger, there would have been no need for a President Trump.

No one with half a brain is paying any attention to the circus that continues in the name of January 6. President Trump is more popular now than ever. Always remember, and never forget, that the ‘fake news’ media is the enemy of the people, and they lie every single day in their effort to make us lose faith in President Trump. But that’s simply never gonna happen. The man who now occupies the White House has been compromised, and should be treated as such. And it’s Communist China, far more than the American people, who is benefiting off nearly everything he has done, and continues to do, since first entering the Oval Office. And yet, where’s the media?

President Trump has gotten more popular since the left office because the Democrats have insisted upon turning him into a martyr. And the vast majority of those in the ‘fake news’ media have now become little more than a ‘Ministry of Propaganda’ for the left and the Democrats, making themselves the enemy of freedom. The press is less trusted today than ever before in our history, and we can thank President Trump for exposing them for the partisan hacks that most of them are. Kinzinger has gone fully over to the ‘Dark Side.’ Ten years from now, President Trump will still be the best President since Ronald Reagan, and Kinzinger will have been totally forgotten.

Nobody supports, cares, or gives a crap about RINO traitors like the worthless Kinzinger, Cheney or any number of others who claim to be something that they clearly are. These people continually abandon their constituents and allow themselves to used by the opposition for reasons that I’m still can’t figure out. They claim to be conservatives and to support a conservative agenda, but their actions continue to say something very different. It isn’t so much that people love Donald Trump, they favor his commonsense approach to managing government as opposed to looking at people as sheep by virtue of the ‘business-as-usual’ style governance we have today.

Today’s Democrats, as well as RINOs like Kinziner, are like spoiled children. If they don’t get their way, they throw a tantrum. On the other hand, middle of the road conservatives, those who make up the majority of today’s Republican Party, tend to want to work to change things via the ballot box. Hopefully the Republican Party will look very different in 10 years than it does today, in that we will have been able to rid the party of those like Kinzinger. But if liberalism retains the majority roll in government beyond 2022 mid-terms and/or significant reversals of track aren’t accomplished prior to 2024, the die for their destruction will have been cast.

There is one thing that President Trump accomplished that gets little attention, aside from making leftists hold back the tears all day and cry themselves to sleep every night. President Trump has brought the mental illness that afflicts so many leftists, in both parties, out in the open. There’s even now a name for it, ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’ Sane people just call it TDS. Absolutely hilarious! But it’s also very sad as well. These people are triggered by someone they have never even met. This is real, no joke. What a bunch of weak, braindead dolts! This is clearly a sign of some other underlying dormant mental illness that’s been ‘triggered’ by their hatred of America.

Until Donald Trump became President, no one talked about ‘America First.’ After eight agonizing years of ‘BO,’ it was all we could do to squeak by and to hope for a better day. I remember back to the presidential primaries, with our 16 candidates all vying to be the Republican Party’s nominee. Still, no one talked about ‘America First.’ And then the landscape changed, and America elected a non-politician and for the first time, our country was busting at the seams with pride. President Trump brought new life and allowed millions and millions of us to describe ourselves, forever and appropriately, as ‘America First’ patriots. And Kinzinger wants us to disappear?


You really do have to hand it to the RINOs, because when it comes to President Trump, and his millions of supporters, they are, if nothing else, very persistent. But as persistent as they continue to be, they don’t seem to be making much headway in meeting what has clearly become their primary objective. That being, of course, the elimination of President Trump as a viable candidate by the time the 2024 presidential election rolls around. And it’s that pathetic loser, John Kasich, who is one of the many gutless RINOs taking part in the effort to damage President Trump.

And it was this past Friday that Kasich, during an appearance on CNN’s “Situation Room,” hosted by that proverbial dim bulb Wolf Blitzer, said that the hearings by the January 6 House Select Committee were causing President Trump’s “hard-core” supporters to become “mushy” in their defense of him. It was Blitzer who said, “Today’s testimony was behind closed doors, but it was recorded on video. So presumably, major portions of it could be made public during upcoming hearings, including as early as next week. What kind of impact would that have?”

Kasich said, “Well, what’s interesting to me, Wolf, is that these hearings were supposed to end sometime around June but what we see is they are not scheduling hearings as late as August, which means that little by little, they are finding more and more information and calling more and more relevant witnesses. So Cipollone is important in terms of the things that our guests have said here about confirming some things. But it also is really interesting how they keep finding more and more people who they want to call and have testify.”

He added, “You know, there is one other thing happening that I have noticed, Wolf, and that is I like to say there are a group of what were hard-core Trump supporters, and I think they are getting like mushy. You know what that term means. They are mushy. They are getting weaker. They no longer stand up and defend him. They say, well, it’s time to move on. So these hearings, the accumulation of these hearings, highly watched hearings, are taking a real toll on him and providing space for other Republicans to think about running for president.”

Now, first of all, I did find it rather ironic that Kasich would use the same word in describing supporters of President Trump that they have long used to describe him and every other RINO, albeit in a slightly different context. When used in describing them we mean not only to be weak, but spineless and useless. And, frankly, Kasich’s brain is more than a little “mushy” if he thinks that supporters of President Trump care about the continuing circus surrounding the event of January 6. It’s more like wishful thinking on his part, as well as on the part of every other RINO and Democrat.

So, Kasich believes President Trump’s “hard core” supporters are becoming “mushy” in their defense of him. No, what we are becoming, is weary. These people who are apoplectic and overcome with hate for President Trump are blind and waste the government’s time and money. As everything collapses, the Democrats, along with those like Kasich, believe they will take over the country. ‘Shitbag Joey’ has done much to contribute to the collapse of America. The Patriots will appear and, with the help of God, and maybe with guns, will overcome the enemy. Evil must not prevail.

These “hard core” supporters of President Trump supporters are very well aware that this entire January 6 shitshow is nothing but a desperate attempt by Democrats, and RINOs like Kasich, to sway public opinion and to try to convince them to turn against President Trump, as well as attempt to prevent him from running for President again in 2024. That’s all this is about. I’ve yet to come across a single Trump supporter who has turned their back on him. Anyone who claims that they can’t, or won’t, support him anymore because of January 6, is not a true Trump supporter, and never was.

Kasich continues to show his true colors by continuing to go on CNN to backstab Republicans! And each time he does so he makes it clear that he’s someone only to be ignored. By going on CNN it tells you that he knows FULL well what he’s doing and that tells you all you need to know about his lack of character! He wants President Trump gone so that he can throw his hat into the ring for 2024! He doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in Hell of becoming President! He hasn’t yet realized that either side cares about him. Liberals are using him, and Republicans will never trust him.

Kasich’s insistence on it being better to lose in a dignified manner than to put up any kind of a fight against the left existed long before President Trump successfully made a fool of him. Kasich, Cheney, Kinzinger and the like represent a sub-class of Republican politician that has no equivalent in the Democrat Party. Democrats are lockstep monolithic. That’s precisely why Democrats maintain an intrinsic advantage over Republicans. Until people like this are purged, the Republican Party will never be able to effectively represent and project long-term conservative policies.

Even the participants of this ongoing circus know it for what it is. The only reason they continue with it is because it’s free advertising during an election year. Even the dumbest campaign manager knows that the masses who vote are mostly uninformed morons and name recognition is what they vote for, so any chance to get their name in front of the public is free advertising. But the joke is on them, because the only people watching or listening to them are people who were going to vote for them anyway or people who are paid to listen to them, like faux ‘journalists’ and such.

I find myself wondering if there is a warehouse somewhere where failed politicians, former cabinet ministers and RINO pundits are kept in suspended animation until the progressive media needs them and they can then pull them out, dust them off, and trot them out to opine about how it is that President Trump is sure to be indicted, or how the Republicans are done at last, or how ‘Shitbag Joey” is doing an absolutely stellar job. Or perhaps Kasich plans on running himself, in 2024. Maybe he believes he can team up with Liz Chaney to lead the Republicans from the MAGA desert?

And finally, Kasich is among the LAST people on Earth that I’d ask to provide a meaningful update on the January 6 goings on, which have earned ZERO credibility, the same as Kasich. Is there a more out of touch politician, anywhere? He claims to be a Republican but no conservatives like, or respect, him. He will gladly sell his wares to CNN or MSDNC or anyone else willing to pony up the funds. He’s figured out that bad mouthing President Trump is the only way he can get anyone to listen to him. Kind of pathetic really, trying to stay relevant by being incredibly unlikeable.


You know I just don’t understand why it is that so many of those who President Trump trusted enough to bring into his inner, as president, can now be so cavalier about repaying that trust by continually shoving a knife into his back. And it was earlier this week that we had yet another of these ungrateful sleazebags coming forward to do so once again by making the claim that the January 6 clown court had now sufficiently “moved the needle” to the point where Republicans inside Washington are coming to view President Trump as “damaged.” And I’m curious why this boob thinks anyone not inside Washington cares what those inside Washington may think of President Trump.

The RINO to whom I refer is none other than President Trump’s former Trump White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, who appears to be another of those who became part of ‘Team Trump’ solely for the purpose of later being able stab his old boss in the back. Which only goes to show you that this guy was, all along, never more than someone working on inside for the opposition. Anyway, it was during an appearance this past Wednesday on “CNN Tonight” that Mulvaney claimed the hearings regarding the events of January 6 were “moving the needle” with Republicans inside Washington, who now think Donald Trump would be a “damaged” 2024 presidential candidate.

Anchor Kasie Hunt said, “You were a politician for a long time. What’s your assessment for whether Republicans are willing to be moved, especially in some of these key swing states in Georgia and perhaps Wisconsin, where these hearings might be getting a little bit more coverage?’ Mulvaney said, “It’s not determinative, but I think it was in Gallup somebody came out with a poll in the last 12 hours that asked folks to rate the most important issues to them are, and it didn’t prompt them to give an answer. No one said January 6. No one said the January 6 commissions. Things like the economy are still driving ordinary Americans and what they care about.”

He added, “Inside Washington, inside the political world, it is moving the needle. What you’re seeing, I think, is folks, especially in my party, are looking at Donald Trump as damaged and something that might weigh down the party going into the midterms and into 2024, which is why I think you’re starting to hear rumblings of Mike Pence running in 2024 against Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley. Those are conversations I don’t think you would have had six or eight weeks ago before these committee hearings started.” Who really cares what those like Mulvaney, in Washington, think? Their dislike of him only makes me like him more!

And if you have to go on the ‘Communist News Network’ to make your claim, then there’s a pretty good chance that you’re getting paid by someone to do so. And perhaps he, and those others “inside Washington,” haven’t noticed the rather long, and quite impressive, list of those endorsed by President Trump who have won their primaries. And maybe he, and they, haven’t noticed how everyone in the country, minus the RINO’s and the most radical of Democrats, want President Trump back to fix the disasters ‘Shitbag Joey’ and his puppet masters have created. This is just noise that CNN is using to draw a few more radical flies to its ratings disaster of a network.

These “inside the beltway” Republicans, have to wake up from their fantasy that, with few exceptions, anyone they support will register as little more than a test pattern in the primaries. Neither RINOs, nor Democrats, can beat President Trump in an honest election, their only option is to somehow disqualify him. They tried twice to impeach him, Mueller found nothing, and the January 6 hearings are hearsay and innuendo. All they’ve got is ‘We don’t like Trump.’ But the public loves him! He can go anywhere, and tens of thousands of loyal supporters will welcome him. These politicians try to convince us to agree with them, but President Trump agrees with us!

And it is any candidate that is acceptable to these RINOs, like Mulvaney, that is also not worthy of conservative support and won’t likely even be considered. Trump Republicans are too smart to accept such a compromise. We’ve had our fill of such limp-wristed, faux conservatives. We are very much a divided nation these days. And there are few in government who we can actually trust. It’s now us against them, Good against Evil. Those on the left are all about hate. We cannot stand with them ever again. If they change and become patriots then we will gladly welcome them into the fold, but they must change. Good does not compromise with evil.

And it’s those “inside Washington” who have ALWAYS considered President Trump as being damaged goods, because he’s an outsider. Talk to any Washington insider, like Mulvaney, and you get the same old garbage. All the damage being done to America is being done by those holding office and the administrative state. Every wound inflicted on America has come from America’s elected leaders. They are the enemy within. From selling our oil reserves to foreign nations, including China, to holding political ‘enemies’ without due process. President Trump is the only man the majority of American voters trust in government, and WE will elect him again for the third time.

But just to be clear, President Trump is neither Saint nor Savior. He is a mere mortal man. But a man who put America and the American People First. He built a wall and replenished and restocked our military. He brought American jobs back, rebuilt our economy and gained us energy independence for the first time in a very long time. He moved our embassy to Jerusalem and worked to bring about peace in the Middle East. Big deal, he wrote some nasty tweets. And now we’ve been forced to contend with ‘Shitbag Joey’ a guy who can’t even spell ‘tweet.’ And yet these pathetic RINOs want us to see President Trump as being damaged? Give me a break!

And talking about President Trump as if he’s part of some dark chapter in American history when WE all know all that was done to him, is disgusting. Worse than that, it’s just plain ludicrous!!! Describing January 6 as something that is irreparable or, to channel Hitlery, is pathetic. And yet there has never been a day of reckoning for what started under ‘BO’ with the using of government agencies to spy on a political opponent’s campaign and then, after being defeated, attempting to UNSEAT a duly elected President with what was nothing but a complete fabrication. How can that simply be forgotten? It was everything THEY claim January 6 was, but 10 times WORSE.

These hearings are a sham, and everyone knows it. Those inside Washington, as well as those on the outside. They are akin to the Soviet show trials of old. They have but one purpose and are meant only to destroy President Trump’ chances of running in 2024 before thing even get started. President Trump did nothing wrong on January 6 and it becomes clearer every day that the 2020 election was stolen from him. The Washington Establishment is desperate to keep him out. They despise those of us who voted for him. Keeping President Trump out of power, keeps us out of power. Yes, there was a coup on January 6, it was a ‘deep state’ coup against ‘We the People.’