It’s been some time since our last chapter of ‘The Gasbag Chronicles,’ a little series of ours that follows the endless trail of political BS spewed by one, Steny Hoyer, the most recent example of which was heard just this past Friday. Hoyer is another of those who long ago surpassed their ‘sell by’ date, and is another example of why we so desperately need term limits for members of Congress. The 83 year old has spent the last 56 years living off the taxpayers, with 49 of those years spent in the U.S. House. The man rarely makes sense and yet has managed to be able to remain in off all these many years because of the stupidity of those within his Maryland district.    

And it was in true form as the ‘gasbag’ that he is, that during an appearance this past Friday on CNN’s “At This Hour,” Hoyer attempted to make the argument that inflation is a worldwide phenomenon caused by the Chinese virus plandemic and the war in Ukraine. Hoyer said, “Gas prices have come down approximately 20 percent over the last 40 days. That’s good news. Let’s hope it continues because inflation is a real problem. There’s no doubt about that.” And then went on to say, “We ought to focus on the fact that this is a worldwide phenomenon caused by the pandemic and caused by the war in Ukraine that Putin started and is pursuing.” Putin? Seriously, Steny?

Hoyer said, “So that the United States is about in the middle in terms of how much inflation we have of the developed countries in the world. So it’s a worldwide phenomenon.” He added, “Do we need to get a handle on it, are people having trouble at the grocery store and the gas pump? They are. We passed a bill on gouging that our Republican friends did not support. We passed a bill on infrastructure. We passed a bill on fuel and food to try to bring food prices and fuel prices down and protect supply chains. So we’ve taken a lot of actions to try to address this. It’s a real problem.” This clown has been part of nothing that has helped the American people.

He continued by saying, “The federal reserve, of course, again, acted yesterday, and what the trick is to bring prices down without creating a recession. Of course, there’s definition of recession goes back and forth. But we have 3.6% unemployment. That’s a very low unemployment. It was 10.8% unemployment in the second year of the Reagan administration, and we have 8.7 million new jobs over the last 15 months.” Hoyer is nothing more than another of those corrupt career politicians who should have left politics a quarter century ago. And riddle me this, how can none of this be Joey’s fault when it was as soon as ‘assumed’ office all proceeded to come undone?

Agreed, it is a worldwide problem, and is caused by the usual suspects, Leftists and Socialists. And it’s here at home that the perfect example of that is the fact that more than half of Joey’s cabinet, and 90 percent of those in his administration have zero first-hand business experience. These clowns have no interest in taking those measures needed to create a strong and vibrant economy. Joey and his merry band of misfits killed the economy and started the ball rolling on their first day in office. You can’t sign illegitimate Executive Orders killing the energy industry and open the border and expect anything less. We see through all the lies and misinformation.

Putin had nothing to do with it, you gasbag. It all started when the Democrats shut down the government due to the ‘Chinese virus,’ and then ‘Joey’ chose to shut down the energy pipeline, throw open the border, insisted on spending trillions so people didn’t have to go back to work, and now because of his crap policies the inflation rate has risen to over 9 percent and is stifling not only home prices, but tanking the market as well. This is all on the Democrats and Joey. The Democrat Party has successfully destroyed the most powerful American economy in the last 50 years and it only took them 18 months. Democrats destroy, it’s all that they know how to do.

Joey’s insane shut-down of America’s energy supply is the cause of the WORLDWIDE recession and inflation. All that it is now going on is 100 percent Joey’s fault. He declared war on the oil and gas industry that has the U.S. energy independent, and a net exporter for the first time in decades. When oil production went down in America, the world’s supply was affected, oil was the first domino. Oil price goes up, the supply chain gets disrupted, everything shipped by 18-wheeler or airplane or ship goes up due to increased fuel costs, products don’t get to shelves and everything goes up in price. Damn right Joey’s responsible. He was so damn quick to undo everything Trump he didn’t stop to think Trump was right, especially about the economy.

Democrats are serial destroyers. Joey’s attack on energy and his two billion dollar wasteful spending bill at the beginning of his reign kick-started this recession. Also, the Fed kept interest rates too low and provided too much liquidity into the market. Now this new reckless spending and tax bill will only serve to make matters worse. These idiots in Washington continually ignore the fact that corporations do not pay taxes, they collect taxes and pass them on to the government. A 15 percent minimum tax will be visited upon the economy by raising prices further, or a reduction in employment or investment. This is going to get nasty if this passes, which it will.

Hoyer cannot speak without lying. The majority of these ‘new’ jobs are simply people going back to work to their old jobs, or simply switching employers. Gas here is down approximately 10 percent over the last two weeks. The definition of recession does not go back and forth; it has meant the same thing for decades. All this dud wants to do is to spend, spend, spend, like all Democrats. Otherwise known as tax and spend. Democrats always want to be charge but they’re NEVER willing to take responsibility for what their cockamamie policies bring about, whether we’re talking about the economy, heath care, guns or just about anything they claim to want to ‘fix.’


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