It’s been over the course of these ridiculous hearings, the purpose of which, or so we’re constantly being told by the participants, is to get to the bottom of the events of January 6, that I have come to a conclusion. That being, that those in charge of the Democrat Party just might want to at least consider implementing an IQ test for those who run for elected office as a Democrat. Because I gotta tell ya, I’ve never seen such a collection of mental misfits that is today’s Democrat Party. And it seems that none of them are the least bit shy about showing off their obviously very limited mental capabilities. It’s almost as if they’re proud of being the morons that they are.

Which brings me to someone who I hate to keep bringing up, but the guy makes some of the most insane accusations that I just can’t help myself. For instance, it was on Friday that Jamie Raskin, member of House Select Committee ‘investigating’ January 6, floated what is likely his most ludicrous theory yet, claiming that President Trump wanted to go to the Capitol on January 6, 2021, because the then-outgoing president thought “he would end up as president at least for another four years, if not president for life.” Raskin revealed that the question of why President Trump was “so adamant” to go to the Capitol amid the riot had “bugged” him since the impeachment trial.

And it was this same dolt that then went on to say, “I think each member of the committee has his or her own questions.” Raskin said, “I mean, one question on my mind is why exactly was Donald Trump so adamant to be at the Capitol? We know he wanted to go on the march so he could galvanize people further, incite them further, get them hyped up for what he knew would become an attack on the Capitol, in which, you know, later on, he defended and embraced, as we saw in the conversations with Kevin McCarthy and others.” And he went on to add, “But what exactly did he think was going to happen when he got up there?”

He continued, “This is something that has bugged me ever since the impeachment trial. And I have got some theories about that, but I would like to nail down some hard facts about what sequence of events he thought was going to take place such that he would end up as president at least for another four years, if not president for life at that point.”  How absolutely absurd. And to think that someone can be this dumb and still receive taxpayer money for the rest for their lives. Raskin has to be one of the lowest intellectual cogs in the Democrat Party machine. Most people with at least a room temperature IQ can see this farce of a hearing for what it is.

Raskin is living proof of what has come to be recognized by so many on the other side as being the sickeningly low IQ possessed by the vast majority of those who tend to vote Democrat. And just who is it, on either side of the political aisle, that doesn’t believe that ‘BO’ didn’t have the fantasy of being president forever? The Democrats on this committee are clearly out of their minds. Some may even be a little insane and delusional for sure. President Trump never said to the protestors go and burn down the Capitol. The only people who are hyped up are the Democrats. This committee has failed spectacularly, it has been a big waste of time and money.

It was back in 2016 that Hitlery was supposed to just waltz into the Oval Office and to be the next chapter in ‘BO’s domestic reign of terror. Her job, had she actually won the election, was to stick that final fork in America to make sure it was done. Which is why Democrats were so distraught when Donald Trump derailed their plans. So what were they to do but to set about implementing escalating coup attempts culminating with an ‘all in/all of the above’ strategy for election theft in 2020. And now, ‘BO’ has finally gotten his third term. His minions surround the cognitively declining sock puppet and instruct him where to stand, where to sit, what to say and what to sign.

These idiots continually try to appeal to the lowest common denominator amongst us. But that said, there are likely those eager to believe this kind of political tripe. And it’s amazing how every douche bag Democrat thinks that they are somehow capable of reading President Trump’s mind. They claim to know what he’s thinking and to know what it was that “he was really saying” at any given moment. That’s what happens when you get irrationally obsessed about someone.  And so what if President Trump wanted to be at the Capitol? He was reaching for every LEGAL means to spare America from the last 18 months of unending self-inflicted national ruin.

President Trump wanted what all Americans should want. A fair and free election without fraud. If you do not want these things, then you are nothing more than part of the problem. Those operating from behind the curtain and pulling ‘Joey’s strings hate America and the whites that allowed it to be great. They hate that there are virtually no countries run by people of color that are successful, look how fast black turned South Africa into a wasteland. They forget that God, and love of country made the white countries successful. The one thing that made America stand out was the rule of law, Democrats hate that, and we see how that’s working out for them.

Democrats have turned the country into a raging dumpster fire and yet all they can blather on about is President Trump. And this retard, Raskin, has once again proven that Trump Derangement Syndrome is in fact a very real thing. And Trump as president for life? Hell, I’d be good with that! After all, would that really be such a bad idea? Imagine gas for $1.89 a gallon, peace through strength and about $1500 a year more over the extra $6500 President Trump had already put in our pockets. Imagine being proud to be American again instead of being embarrassed to tell people abroad that you’re an American. How much better would life be for all of us?

Politicians like Raskin only prove just how stupid your average Democrat voter has to be to believe garbage such as this. It proves that education has failed in America as even Democrat members of Congress are blithering idiots. The problem with traitors like Raskin is that they can only think in terms of what it is that THEY want and not of what those who actually love America, as does President Trump, want. Raskin dreams of being a permanent member of the Democrats’ politburo, and to Hell with the American people. President Trump wants to make America the greatest country in the world, something Raskin, and the Democrats, detest the mere thought of.

Raskin says that Donald Trump thought he’d end up president for life. Can you imagine a more irresponsible deliberate, mob-rousing lie uttered by a high-ranking federal government official? I mean in this country, not a third world banana republic. To say such a thing is not only criminal slander but is also the kind of statement that further contributes the destabilization of this nation. In a sane world, this man would be booted out of Congress immediately and be held ineligible for any future public ‘service.’ On the other hand, maybe we should thank him for exposing the credibility ranking of him, and his committee, as ZERO. Zero for personal integrity as well.

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