We continue to have a rather significant number of RINOs who persist in doing their best to talk down President Trump when it comes to his being a viable candidate for 2024. And it’s at the same time that they seem not to realize, for whatever reason, that as desperate as they may be in their effort to make him appear less appealing, all they are really succeeding in doing is to make him more popular. There’s an old adage that these folks fail to grasp, it says that when you find yourself in a hole it’s best if you stop digging. Because in continuing to bring up President Trump all they’re doing is remind just how thoroughly ‘Joey’ has managed to fuck things up.   

And one of those more determined diggers is none other than John Kasich. Kasich recently demonstrated how must feel that any amount attention is better than no attention when he chose to appear on CNN’s ‘Don Lemon Tonight.’ And it was this past Monday while appearing with Lemon that Kasich actually predicted that President Trump was going down. He added that a 2024 presidential run announcement will only serve to help Democrats. Lemon said, “Let me ask you about the January 6 committee that will be wrapping up its current hearing, scheduled on Thursday. What do you think is going to come out of this hearing?”

Kasich said, “I said a week ago that the Trump supporters, many of them, have become mushy. They aren’t defending him anymore. I think that the fact of the matter is he is like a scrambling man. You remember the song by The Allman Brothers, the ‘Rambling Man,’ he is the scrambling man. That’s why he is talking about announcing. He’s talking about announcing for president to try and change the subject because listen, the Trump ship’s beginning to head down. It is beginning to go down.” On the contrary, you can literally reverse everything that he said and to have become the truth. Trump’s ship is rising, if he announces the Democrats are toast.

Kasich went on to say, “I felt it for a while. I think it’s going to continue to go that way. He may even make an announcement which will freak all the Republicans out because it will motivate Democrat turnout, which could help the Democrats in the Senate races across this country. Republicans are holding their breath that he won’t do it. He probably will. Everything has to be about Donald Trump in the end, as you and I have been talking about for four years.” Any ‘Republican’ who feels the need to go on Lemon’s show is no Republican. And in so doing it tells us all we need to know about whether Kasich has a clue regarding the state of the Republican Party.

Kasich is likely trying to gain favor for his own presidential run, but millions of Americans are fully onboard with President Trump and “America First.” We are the most powerful part of the party, the millions of voters who support President Trump. The RINOs have a few hundred elected politicians, and with luck their days are numbered. The public loves President Trump’s ‘America First’ concept of government that serves the people, not politicians, political parties, and/or their donors. RINOs want to hold on to the ‘Establishment’s control of Washington, but we’re going to reestablish government of the People, by the People, and for the People!

I wonder why it was that Lemon didn’t ask Kasich to explain how it is that out of 147 of those endorsed by President Trump in the 2022 Republican primaries, it has been 137 of them who have gone on to win? That doesn’t look much a sinking ship to me. It’s just the opposite. He proven that RINOs are the last thing Conservatives want. President Trump is loved by those who love America. People who hate America, like our cadre of RINOs, are upset that they’ve now been exposed for what they are. Kasich, Cheney, Kinzinger, and so many others are resented by real Americans. President Trump clearly lives LARGE in the heads of a great many people.

Kasich is real a piece of work. He appears in interviews with all those in the liberal media and then says President Trump will help the Democrats? Kasich is so caught up in hating President Trump that he no longer makes sound decisions. He still thinks he has a chance to be president if he can only destroy Donald Trump. Kasich refuses to accept the fact that it’s over for him. Everyone not living under a rock knows who and what he is. He has now been forced to resort to being interviewed by Lemon on a network no one watches. No one else wants to talk to him except perhaps other CNN phonies or those on MSDNC. Kasich must be feeling pretty irrelevant right about now.

Kasich is the epitome of all that it means to be a RINO. He supports bigger and bigger government, and all that goes with it. And he very clearly hates anyone who tries to upset his gravy train as a career politician. Kasich is nothing more than a bitter, vengeful loser. President Trump spanked him just as he did Jeb, and he still hasn’t gotten over it. Kasich’s ship sailed onto the rocks a long time ago but still he refuses to accept that his is a dead political career. He’s just another squishy whiner, the type of ‘Republican’ that those who reside outside the ‘beltway’ have grown tired of because they continually serve no purpose other than, of course, their own.

But those of us who continue to support President Trump need to realize that many in the Republican Party will be doing all that they can to keep President Trump off the 2024 ballot. And, like Kasich, many will claim that he will only serve to assist the Democrats in 2022 by his re-litigating the 2020 election, while all the other ‘Republicans’ simply gave up on that battle. It’s very clear they do not want President Trump in the party. They first wanted him to not run and to, instead, be a king maker. Then they criticized him for his endorsements, as if every candidate has a 100% endorsement rate. Kasich doesn’t realize he’s on everyone’s shit-list!

Kasich was able to fool a great deal of Republicans for a long time, but eventually most came to be able to see through the charade. He seems to never have forgiven Trump for taking the nomination away from him and the entire big field of the best the Republicans had to offer. Thank goodness Trump managed to pull it out. A Hitlery’s fraudulent election steal was already planned for, which the white hats managed to prevent at the last minute. If someone like Kasich had been nominated, he would have merely gone through the motions, before losing to Hitlery and assuming the role of another gracious loser just like ‘The Maverick’ and Willard.

Self-centered elites, such as Kasich, are unable to comprehend the strength of a true populist, since such an acknowledgement would mean their own self-worth is diminished by comparison. Therefore, they declare the popular candidate to be a liar in a bout of projection and go about trying to diminish him in the eyes of his followers. According to Kasich, Trump’s ship has sunk at least 30 times already. How many times have we heard from every RINO, and Democrat, that Trump is finished? President Trump will decide his own future, and there’s nothing Kasich and his cronies can do to hurt him. If Trump want’s the nomination in 24, it’s his for the taking.


  1. “ Any ‘Republican’ who feels the need to go on Lemon’s show is no Republican. And in so doing it tells us all we need to know about whether Kasich has a clue regarding the state of the Republican Party.”

    He’s never been a real, Conservative-Republican.” and I am of the opinion that you need to be a, “Conservative” First and formost before the moniker name
    Republican is pinned on next. Or the name, “America First”, Republican.”

    And that is why, And that’s why we label them with the Scarlet anacronym, RINO.
    Frankly, I don’t know which one I like the best. Because as far as I’m concerned both of them are perfect. “Conservative Republican or, America 1ST Republican.”


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