The very first time I ever saw this guy I recognized him as being nothing other than one of the most prolific ass kissing, butt licking, mealy-mouthed suck ups on the planet. This guy honed his skills as a brown-noser while in the Navy, butt kissing his way all the way to the top and, who after leaving the Navy used those same skills to get himself where he is today. When I was in the Navy we called such guys, ‘Butt Sharks.’ Like I said, it’s paid off for him even today in attaining the rather impressive title of ‘National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications’ where he continues to display all the characteristics of a well-seasoned used car salesman.

Kirby recently put on another demonstration as a bullshit artist during a recent appearance on the Communist News Network (CNN). Despite having zero credibility regardless of the topic being discussed, it’s many in the ‘fake news’ media who still seek him out.  And it was while appearing on Monday’s “CNN Newsroom,” that Kirby responded to criticism of *president Joe Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia last week by arguing that “the best way” to advance human rights “is to actually go overseas and talk to foreign leaders and be direct and candid” and that “You can’t say that values matter and then stay at home and refuse to talk to people or refuse to make the case.”

He said, “The president believes that if you’re going to make values and human rights the center of your foreign policy, which he does, the best way to advance those rights, to advance those values, protect and promote them is to actually go overseas and talk to foreign leaders and be direct and candid and in the room. You can’t say that values matter and then stay at home and refuse to talk to people or refuse to make the case. The president felt it was very important that, in every stop on this trip, Victor, he’d talk about human rights, and he did. These are not easy conversations to have, but they’re important to have if you’re going to try to make a difference overseas.”

Funny how it was that when President Trump was talking to Putin, Kim, or Jinping, this butt-lick was singing quite the different tune on this very same topic. Because back then he was talking to dictators and hurting the country. You see, according to hacks like Kirby, it was considered a betrayal of American values to pursue any sort of a dialogue these such lightweights because they will say whatever their opportunism dictates at a given moment. And yet when ‘Shitbag Joey’ goes begging to Saudi Arabia for oil or when ‘BO’ hands billions of dollars over Iraq it’s considered diplomacy? Seriously folks, this is the kind of crap we’ve come to expect from pukes like Kirby.

This guy is a tap-dancing clown and lies as much as his boss, regardless of who his boss is, whether it’s ‘BO’ or ‘Shitbag Joey.’ This douche was an Admiral, while Milley is still a General and Gilday is still an Admiral, need I say any more about the current sad state of our military? If we had had guys like this leading our military during World War II we’d most definitely would have lost and in what most likely would have been rather spectacular fashion. We cannot be satisfied with pussies leading the military, we need those believe “No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country.”

Kirby was a lying shill under when he served during ‘BO’s administration and nothing has really changed. At least he is no longer disgracing the uniform. And how it is that anyone can take this slimy little piece of shit seriously is beyond me. It’s guys like him who give the military a bad name. There are no words to describe how glad I am that I am not in the military today. Nor would I recommend to anyone of age that it would be a good idea to make it a career. And it the current trend we’re now seeing when it comes to who is truly qualified to lead our military Americans should be very fearful. Our current leaders care more about politics than they do about winning wars.


  1. Actually, there was a liberal schill back in WW2 that inflicted pain and suffering upon a certain group of Americans during WW2: General DeWitt. DeWitt hated Japanese people and tried to get every one of my people deported out of all the Americas from Canada to Argentina, first starting in the USA. He got Canada and Panama to agree, but the other nations across North, Central and South America refused to budge and cave in. Canada was a very willing participant, and from what the older generation of Japanese Canadians who were in their camps who chose to emigrate to the USA after WW2 told me back in the 80s, it was even worse in Canada than the USA. In their case, they were not permitted to return back to their homes after the war ended. They were banned from returning to BC and other Western provinces to get their stored belongings until the late 1940s when the pre WW2 leaders got voted out.

    General DeWitt manipulated the Panamanian government under duress to deport the Japanese Panamanians to 4 of the camps in the USA: Poston Arizona, Manzanar California, Topaz Utah and Tule Lake California.

    General Douglas MacArthur was the General who kept America from falling apart under the Deep State Liberals FDR and his propaganda pushing yellow journalist crony William Randolf Hearst.


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