In the first place I really had no idea who David Corn was before hearing about his latest rant about abortion given on, where else but, MSDNC this past Friday. You see, it was then that Corn accused the Republican Party of somehow waging a “war on sex,” at least in those states that are choosing to ban that barbaric practice of abortion. And he goes on to claim that Republicans are waging this war, as a way to control women? I guess my first question to Mr. Corn would be to ask him if he, in fact, even knows what a woman is? Because it’s these days that the majority of those on his end of the political spectrum either do not know or are afraid to say.    

Anyway, it turns out that Corn is the ‘Washington bureau chief’ for Mother Jones. And for those not familiar with this leftist rag, it’s another of those groups that practices ‘journalism’ as it is defined by those on the left, like Mr. Corn himself. And that, of course, does not really involve reporting the truth, but bastardizing the ‘truth,’ to fit its own rather skewed narrative, before then getting it out to their devoted followers. In other words, they are little more than another spewer of propaganda, essentially on the payroll of the Democrat Party, and apparently happy to be just that.  And clearly, they have no issue with an agenda that has as its stated goal, the end of America.

But anyway, it was during his appearance on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” hosted by that racist homophobic dolt, Joy Reid, that Corn made his claim that Republicans are waging a “war on sex” to control women with state abortion bans. He said, “What we’re seeing with the Republican Party is as craze as we thought it was, it’s getting even crazier after January 6th, and they used to talk about abortion bans, right, but with exceptions. Now they don’t want exceptions, and now they even want to deny what happens as a consequence of these bans. I mean, this is about theocracy, theology. It’s about controlling women. It’s a war on women. It’s a war on sex.”

He added, “I think that this is how they see it. In a war, there are casualties, and a casualty may be a 10-year-old girl who has to be forced to give birth. They are not relenting here. They are not saying, oh, we need to rethink that these incidents really happened. They want to deny these incidents because they take away part of the moral foundation for these laws that they enthusiastically support, so they can’t allow them to be such cased, and they — they do want, in a Soviet way, photoshop them out of the picture out of the debate. It’s just a sign of how far extreme they have gone over a long journey of 70 years now or so.”

Now that may be how Mr. Corn views things from there inside his little leftist bubble, but out here on the real world it’s the Democrats’ real war on women that seems quite determined to completely erase women from existence. Democrats seem to have gone from fighting for equal rights for women to not only not being able to define what a woman is but replacing mothers with males that think they can get pregnant and mentally ill males taking away all of women’s opportunities in the military, sports, government jobs, private sector jobs and even beauty pageants. People need to open their eyes to the truth, the Democrats’ war on women is to completely erase women. The Democrats are doing this, NOT the Republicans.

This is yet another example of how it is that those on the Left have to LIE about everything they say in order to ‘attack’ those of us on the Right. We say NOTHING about ‘sex’ other than to say that people should make adult decisions about it, which means things like being responsible. But Leftists don’t take responsibility for anything nor to they accept accountability for their actions. They want to do whatever they want, whenever they wany and to not be held accountable for whatever might happen after. And we say that all things of a sexual nature should remain with the parents, not grooming children, exposing children to perversion, etc. So Leftists LIE.

And it was the last time that I checked that it was almost half of all actual ‘women’ who actually AGREE with Republicans. So, does Mr. Corn think that women are essentially waging war against themselves? And Republicans have NEVER ‘not’ talked about ‘exceptions’ in relation to abortion. Obviously, at least to those who approach the subject of abortion honestly, if there is a medical need, such as a 10 year old for whom it would be dangerous to give birth, we are fine with abortion. Most of us are also fine with other exceptions within reason. Where we object to is when abortion is used merely out of convenience or when used as a method of birth control.

What is purely EVIL, and I’m quite sure Mr. Corn will disagree, is how the Democrats have pushed abortion all the way to infanticide. No, they couldn’t be satisfied just killing babies in the first trimester of pregnancy. They had to push it further and further. To the point of even killing a baby AFTER it was born. Wasn’t it the former, and racist, governor of Virginia who once talked about taking a newborn baby, making it comfortable, while the mother and her ‘doctor’ discussed whether or not to allow the infant live or to ‘abort’ it? A living, breathing baby, laying on a table. How evil is that? That’s how today’s radical Democrats view abortion. That’s not acceptable!

And finally, let me just say that the only thing that all Leftists have in common is that they are cowards, unable to think for themselves. They are unable to answer the question of WHY they feel the way they so on any issue because, more often than not, they’re simply regurgitating that which they’ve been told. And most, like Mr. Corn, are willing to repeat any crap fed to them, for a price. And most, also like Mr. Corn, have zero foundational knowledge when it comes to just about subject, including abortion. He’s merely repeating what everyone else on his side is saying. It’s what he gets paid to do. Whether what he’s saying is actually true simply isn’t important.

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