So, after all that we have been forced to endure over the course of the last 18 months, how stupid does one need to be, even as a Democrat, to want ‘Shitbag Joey’ to run for re-election? That is, of course, if he even manages to make to then without dying, being tossed over the side by his own party, or simply wanders off one day prompting a ‘Silver Alert’ to be initiated. And while it’s an overwhelming percentage of Americans who do not wish him to run again, there are those who, amazingly enough, do want to see him run for re-election when nearly 82 years old. So with that being sad, it’s now only one in five Americans who want to see ‘Joey’ run again.  

Meanwhile it’s the vast majority of Americans who say it’s time for old ‘Joey’ to call it quits. While he’s not even halfway into his reign as *president, ‘Joey’ is struggling to find mass support for re-election come 2024. It’s according to a recent survey that just 18 percent, overall, believe old ‘Joey’ should run again. And it’s some in the ‘fake news’ media who have described that figure as being “the lowest number to date.” Furthermore, it reflects a seven point drop from the number, in May, of those who said he should run. And just who are these 18 percent would like to see more of this? They have to be individuals spending time at the government feeding trough.

And even more fascinating is the fact that it’s only 35 percent of Democrats, an eight point drop since May, who believe ‘Joey’ should run for re-election. Only nine percent of Republicans and 12 percent of independents say ‘Joey’ should run again. Overall, the vast majority of U.S. adults, 64 percent, said he should not run again. ‘Joey’ himself described the figure “unacceptably high” and claimed it was “out-of-date.” He said, “Energy alone comprised nearly half of the monthly increase in inflation. Today’s data does not reflect the full impact of nearly 30 days of decreases in gas prices, that have reduced the price at the pump by about 40 cents since mid-June.”

But this about more than ‘Joey,’ it’s about Democrat policies. The events of the last 18 months belong to the Democrat Party, lock, stock and barrel. Anyone they now advance will seek to expand the Supreme Court, do away with the filibuster, weaken parental rights and promote even more grotesque and deviant lifestyles. They hate the traditional family, religion, but more importantly the Democrats are the greatest self-hating political party in the world today. They hate our country, they hate the middle class, the Constitution and our history. So don’t blame ‘Joey’, he, even in his cognitively bewildered state, is better that anyone else the Democrats have to offer.

‘Joey’s handlers were able to run a campaign while keeping their candidate hidden in away in a basement, but he has since been exposed as a cognitively challenged, compromised, highly corrupt and anti-America *president. And what does it say about the Democrats when, after only a year and a half, they no longer want the guy who we all know didn’t win the 2020 election, to run for re-election?  The media and other institutions propped up ‘Joey’ in the 2020 election campaign, in many ways. And they can certainly prop him up now despite his obvious inadequacies. Now they don’t want him anymore, why? Harris would certainly be excellent for the job of a puppet.

Frankly I’m not even sure that it matters anymore what the majority of the people think. It’s likely already too late to change anything now. The country is well on its way to becoming just another ‘Third World’ country and all courtesy of those in the Democrat Party. Those who comprise our ‘elected’ and appointed elites will be just fine while the rest of us will be forced to line up for food stamps or whatever crumbs they deem us worthy of receiving. But there are similar polls claiming if ‘Joey’ runs, Democrats will still vote for him. But polls, as we know, are like opinions which are like assholes, everybody’s got one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks.

Finally, President Trump’s final job approval was 51 percent. ‘Joey’s current job approval sits at 29 percent. But it took all of the ‘fake news’ media, Hollyweird, social media and 24/7/365 abuse by the Democrat Party, aided by more than a few RINOs, to keep President Trump’s numbers that low. Now it is taking all of that very same cast of characters working round the clock to keep ‘Joey’s numbers that high. ‘Joey’ is merely a convenient placeholder for a stolen election. The Democrats will find someone younger and more charismatic to make their voters think things have changed but they’ll only get more of the same corrupt and destructive policies.



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