So I guess when you’re pretty much of a total fuckup, like ‘Shitbsg Joey,’ and have had absolutely nothing to brag about for the last 18 months, and when everything around you is turning to shit and it’s all your fault, I’m thinking that you would likely look for a ‘silver lining’ just about anywhere you could find one. Thus far the reign of ‘Shitbag Joey’ has amounted to not much more than one humongous clusterfuck. So you can imagine his eagerness to talk about anything that might be perceived as being good news, however slight, at least by those unwilling to go in search of the facts.

Hence the decision recently made by ‘Shitbag Joey’ to try to brag about what has been the recent decline, however slight, in the price of gas. But when you consider the fact that the price of a gallon of gas has more than doubled thus far into his continuing reign, it’s from where I’m sitting that ‘Joey’ has nothing to brag about. So in providing another example of how truth can be stranger that fiction, it was just this past Tuesday that ‘Shitbag Joey’ bragged about how the cost of a gallon of gasoline had dropped “30 days in a row,” even though prices are still high.

Duh? So ‘Joey’ raises the price of gas nearly 200 percent and then for reasons that have nothing to do with anything he’s done, the price goes down roughly 10 percent, and not only does he try to brag about it but also expects a pat on the back? Coming down a few cents a gallon from what is now an all-time record high, and choosing to brag about it, is insulting. And I really can’t get too worked up over a 30-day stabilization of gas prices! Personally, I’d settle for an honest evaluation the current policies that have brought about the doubling of the price of gas in just 18 months.

Apparently, it was during a Tuesday meeting between ‘Joey’ and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, that the two discussed gas prices. And it was after this meeting that the Mexican president commented on the high cost of gas in the United States. And it was ‘Joey’ who responded to those comments rather defensively saying, “It has gone down for 30 days in a row.” At the time of ‘Joey’s idiotic remarks, the national average for the cost of a gallon of gas was $4.65 according to the AAA data, after topping record high of $5.01 a gallon in June.

Although gas prices have moderated somewhat, they still remain higher than their previous peaks in 2008, when the average price for a gallon of gas was $4.11. And it’s here in Florida that things are worse. When ‘Joey’ took office the price for a gallon of gas was right around $1.89. Currently the price around $4.20 per gallon. That’s approximately 2.25 times more expensive. So the miniscule decrease mentioned by ‘Joey,’ over the last 30 days means nothing. Under former President Trump, the average cost for a gallon of gas never got higher than $2.96, as a national average.

And have you ever noticed, at least with a Democrat in the White House, that whenever gas prices go up 30 cents in a week, it’s those in the ‘fake news’ media who all say, pretty much in unison, that prices are “creeping upward.” But when they go down two cents it’s those same folks who claim prices are “plummeting.” Democrat logic is such that if gasoline at $2.50 per gallon is raised to $5.00 per gallon, all they have to do is drop it by 50 cents a gallon and the American sheeple will cheer despite the fact that they’re still paying 80 percent more than they were initially.  

And if ‘Joey’ gets to take credit for the fact that gas prices have gone down, however slightly, in the last month, then it’s ‘Joey’ who should get the blame for the fact that gas prices more than doubled over the course of the 17 months before that? Or better yet, if it was Vlad Putin’s fault that the price of gas has now gone through the roof, then doesn’t it make sense that it must be Putin who is now responsible for the price of gas going down? Perhaps ‘Joey’ should consider sending a thank you note to the Kremlin instead of taking credit for something that he nothing to do with.

If Democrats were able to bring themselves to being able to abandon their fantasies about a world free of fossil fuels and would quit blocking oil drillers from drilling and shutting down pipelines, I feel pretty confident in saying that we wouldn’t now have this problem in the first place. ‘Joey’ claiming some kind of success with our oil shortage that he caused absolutely on purpose while, at the same time, continuing to hinder production is a badly written production performed for the benefit of those few fools who don’t know he and the lunatics of his party are the problem.

And you need to keep in mind that this is the very same imbecile who, just a few weeks ago, said there is nothing that he can do about soaring gas prices, and he now wants to take credit for prices dropping even after selling oil from our strategic reserves to Communist China. Emptying our emergency fuel supplies and giving them to other nations is nothing to brag about. ‘Joey’ swore that he would destroy the fossil fuel industry, including coal, and he has. Now he’s begging Saudi Arabia for oil when before he was ‘elected’ America was actually energy independent.

When the nation that possesses the largest holdings of known oil reserves, that being the U.S., has as its *president a senile old fool like ‘Joey’, who essentially declares war on oil production companies, and cancels pipelines, Alaskan oil production, and denies ALL offshore production, the cost of oil is going to go UP, and it will have an effect of worldwide oil cost. Stolen or not, elections do have consequences. One party wants to rule with an iron fist and it will clearly stop at nothing to first obtain power and then maintain it, even if their supposed 81,000,000 voters pay the price.

The price of gas is still up over two dollars a gallon since ‘Joey’ took office. His energy policies have resulted in the impoverishment of the American family. ‘BO’ was correct when he warned America about ‘Joey’s ability to foul things up. We could ask him to resign but that would leave us with our totally incompetent vice president. Presently the Biden consortium are tripping all over themselves scrambling for ‘happy’ numbers that throw a positive light on their ongoing disaster. All we gotta do is tap into our precocious reserves and watch the price of gas go down.


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