Once again we have John Kasich making it clear why he wasn’t elected president and Donald Trump was, and why he could very well be elected for what would be a third time. It’s like he just can’t help himself. Kasich still fails to understand that most Republican voters view him, and those like him, as being an impediment to their party’s willingness to do those things that we all know need to be done in order for our country to survive. Instead he, and they, continue to make promises they have no intention of keeping, as they continue to stab us in the back. Their treachery is surpassed only by their dishonesty. Yet President Trump is the bad guy here?   

Even as we speak John Cornyn, another RINO, is now busy teaming up with fellow RINOs and very hard at work on a plan that would result in imposing leftwing Critical Race Theory (CRT) on every public school in America, if it passes. Now while that is a subject for another day, I bring it up now only because it’s likely to be something that Kasich would be very much in support of! And yet it’s President Trump who poses the greatest danger to our country. And where else but on CNN would this boob be taken seriously. Well, in the state in which our current ‘mainstream media’ currently exists that would likely be just about anywhere, even on Fox News, but, again, I digress.

Anyway, in getting back to Kasich, it was just this past Friday during another of his routine visits to CNN, this time on CNN’s “Situation Room,” hosted by that buffoon of a ‘journalist,’ Wolf Blitzer, that Kasich made the rather idiotic claim that the hearings by the House Select Committee investigating January 6, 2021 are causing President Trump to melt like the ‘Wicked Witch of the West.’ It was in discussing President Trump that Blitzer asked, “Does this feel from your perspective like a potential turning point for some Republicans?” Kasich said, “Oh yeah. He’s taking on water. He is shrinking. I said he reminds me of the Wicked Witch of the West.”

Kasich went on to say, “When they threw a bucket of water on her, she started melting. He is losing influence, and people beginning to say you know what? Whether I believe the details or not, this is not our guy.” And it was from there he added, “The other thing I think needs to be made clear is into this woman’s testimony, Cassidy Hutchinson, if people are going to take shots at her, they should do it under oath. If they don’t agree with her story and are able to recount another one, fine, testify under oath. The other thing is, can you believe this guy trying to go to the Capitol to overturn the election? It is beyond reprehensible.” “Beyond reprehensible?”

And Kasich concluded by saying, “It’s hard for me to believe in our country to have somebody doing this, but this guy has done so much. I never felt he was fit for the office.” He never felt Trump was fit for the office? So, can I assume then that he must feel the mental midget we now have in the Oval Office IS fit for the office?  Kasich is clearly eaten up by his jealously of, as well as by his hatred of, Donald Trump. He is a pathetic excuse of a human being. Donald Trump was a great president and Kasich’s inability to see that says far more about him, and every other scumbag RINO, that it says about President Trump. Kasich was born a piece of shit and he’ll die as the same!

President Trump got the most votes of any sitting President in the history of this country and yet people are somehow expected to believe that he lost the election to ‘Shitbag Joey.’ ‘Shitbag Joey,’ a guy who spent the majority of the presidential campaign in seclusion. Nothing has changed, ‘Shitbag Joey’s handlers still work to cover up for him, for obvious reasons. He’s clearly in the late stages of some form of dementia, something that was obvious during the election campaign. Now the U.S. has a President with dementia and a clueless, do-nothing vice president waiting in the wings. The media, big tech and 81 million supporters of ‘Joey’ must be so proud.

Kasich is disgusting, everything President Trump did is PERMISSIBLE under the Constitution, and that’s not something that can be said about either the Democrats, or their RINO coconspirators. The election was clearly stolen, rigged by Democrats, aided by RINOs. This committee is as much of a sham as were those committees established for the purpose of impeaching President Trump. It’s a three-ring farcical clown show with zero credibility, integrity or standing. No one is watching or listening other than Democrats, those in our ‘fake news’ media and, of course, idiots like Kasich. And it’s only going to get worse the closer we get to the 2024 election.

None of what President Trump said can be considered as being a “conspiracy to overtake the Presidency,” whatever the Hell that means. Questioning the integrity of an election, especially one as crucial as was the election of 2020, is not a conspiracy. Suggesting that a vote you believe may have been inaccurate and should be further investigated, and not certified, is not a ‘coup’ by any reasonable person’s definition. President Trump authorized cooperation with the transition process in November. That he wished to have a HIGHLY irregular voting process investigated is not evidence of criminality. Choosing to oppose the Democrats is neither a crime, nor is it a coup.

On the other hand, we had Democrats unconstitutionally changing voting laws, conspiring with big corporations to suppress information before and after the election, replacing election officials with partisan operatives, ensuring that there was one drop box per 500 residents in Democrat swing districts but only one per 10,000 in Republican ones. And let’s not forget the multi-million dollar Democrat ‘get-out-the-vote’ drives, funded by none other than Mark Zuckerbuck and that were created in such a way as to get around campaign finance law. There’s your coup, Kasich, more so than anything President Trump did. And yet we hear nothing about that.

Kasich is just another RINO playing wish upon a star. You know that Democrats, and RINOs, are beside themselves with fret that President Trump is going to waltz right back into the White House and destroy everything they’ve worked so hard to bring about in the name of bringing an end our country to an end. They fear that all of their hard work will be undone and that all of those behind it all will be investigated and perhaps even made to face prison time. Not like any of that is likely to happen, but still they are convinced that they cannot allow President Trump to return to the White House. And so they continue to try to prevent that which I hope is inevitable.

This is really a brilliant move on the part of Kasich. He will never be president, and thanks to those like him we will continue to be reminded of just how it was that these RINOs enabled the Democrats to steal the election and ruin our lives courtesy of a concocted ‘Chinese virus’ that resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands here at home, inflation, high taxes, higher gas prices, the further destroying of our public education system, the idiotic notion that boys can be girls and girls, boys and that somehow man is responsible for supposed ‘climate change.’ As I have said so many times before, RINOs such as Kasich are far more dangerous than are the Democrats!

And if it’s anyone who taking on water and shrinking like the ‘Wicked Witch of the West,’ it those like Kasich and Cheney and every other RINO. They’re making President Trump into a martyr and etching his legacy in stone. Never has such a horde of demons been so fixated on one president in an effort to attempt to make it as though he had never existed. But I’m here to tell ya, Johnny, it ain’t gonna work. Any man who keeps his promises to the American people, as did President Trump, and who truly does love this country, has nothing to fear from those the likes of Kasich. God bless Donald Trump, victim of a demonic horde of election thieves.

Finally, Kasich is simply another RINO struggling to remain relevant and using President Trump in his effort to do so. You know, back when I was just a kid I was pretty certain that all of the other kids I knew were just as smart as me, or smarter. As time went on, that belief modified itself to where it was then that most of them were. The modification has been a constant throughout my life, and it’s now gotten to the point where I find myself wondering how it is that certain people are able to get out of bed without strangling themselves with the pillowcase or drowning in the toilet bowl whenever they visit the throne room. Kasich is one of those people.

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