And now more from that well-known political genius from Maryland, he who, these days, now seems to be showing up just about anywhere that will have him in what appears to be a continuing effort on his part to make these idiotic hearings sound like more than they really are. Which, besides being a joke, are an extreme waste of taxpayer money. But since when have Democrats ever hesitated to waste taxpayer money on one of their boondoggles. And, of course, it’s Jamie Raskin to whom I’m referring. A guy who has all the appeal of your average corner lot used car salesman.  

And it was during his appearance this past Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” that Raskin again sounded off about the hearings currently going on regarding the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Raskin actually went so far as to actually assert that the hearings were “unifying Republicans, Democrats, independents, libertarians” and “people across the spectrum in a determination that American constitutional democracy has got to work the way we know it has to work.” Well, to be accurate, we don’t have a “constitutional democracy,” we have is a constitutional Republic.

Raskin said, “People are busy, and so we know a lot of people, especially younger people, will learn about the hearings through snippets that go out on TV or online, and people now are able to process information in different ways.” And he added, “It’s not like the Watergate hearings where everybody had to be watching at the same moment because of the relatively primitive state of technology then. People are going to be able to absorb this over time, and I’ve certainly met a lot of people who are saying, ‘I missed one of the hearings, but I’m going to watch it this weekend.’”

He said,“[T]he reality is that I think these hearings are unifying Republicans, Democrats, independents, libertarians … people across the spectrum in a determination that American constitutional democracy has got to work the way we know it has to work, which is we can’t have election officials being corrupted to fix elections. We can’t have politicians who mobilize mobs to overturn our processes.” Actually, for most people, the reality here is that Democrats continue to make clear their desperation in trying to prevent President Trump from being able to run in 2024.

And according to everything I’ve seen, it’s less than 9 million people who are even bothering to tune in to watch this circus that is clearly political. So out of a nation of 320 plus million their viewership is roughly 3 percent of our total population. Even CNN, on a good day, has more viewers than do these silly hearings. But that hasn’t prevented many media types from trying to make it seem that even though no one is watching, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t paying attention. What a load of cap. This simply is not what most Americans continue to be concerned about!

This entire production is nothing more than a completed waste of taxpayer money, time and resources. To the point where it should be considered as nothing less than criminal. Those taking part in this political farce should be made reimburse the taxpayers from their own personal bank accounts. They should also be forced to perform physical labor, something commensurate with their skillset, something like, maybe trash clean up on the highways, public toilet/restroom cleaning or something similar for an equal amount of time they wasted on this nonsense, while in office.

If anything, these hearings prove just how corrupt and malicious those on the left have now become. They will make up any lie, edit any text, email or video in order to accomplish their goal. The American people ARE united in boredom and in the knowledge of the committee’s disdain for us all. They are certain we are all idiots but are proving that it is they who are the idiots. They have put on a one-sided clown show. And honestly, people who support President Trump are never going to change their minds just as those who hate him are always going to hate him, no matter what.

But Raskin is right in the sense that the American people have become somewhat unified regarding these hearing. They’re unified in ignoring them. Nobody’s watching. Half the time I don’t even know that they are on until after they’re over and I hear some leftwing hack telling me that the testimony was somehow “devastating” without actually citing the supposed testimony. And Americans are unified in is their disgust of those taking part and who are pissing away most of our taxpayer money, and for what. To finance their vendetta again President Trump. And that’s all this is.

Most folks are shaking their head in disgust. People know that something went horribly wrong in 2020. President Trump was clearly ahead when all of the sudden everything just stopped. At that time it was easy to tell how many votes were needed to turn things around for ‘Shitbag Joey.’ And a few hours later, voila, a magical ballot dump and a significantly disproportional amount of ballots marked for Joey. Everyone has a right to question the blatant trickery that occurred. These hearings are being conducted by partisan group trying to withhold evidence and perpetrate the lie.

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