If you’ve been paying any amount of attention to politics over the course of the last several decades then I’m quite sure you’ve noticed how, when it comes to Democrats, especially black Democrats, voicing both their hatred for this country, as well as of white folks, it’s one of the more prominent voices that belongs to none other than that longtime hater, and even longer time racist, Jimmy Clyburn. This worthless POS recently declared that should ‘Shitbag Joey’ choose not to run for re-election in 2024, his number two pick would be, wait for it…Kamala ‘Headboard’ Harris. And why not, she has what Clyburn considers the single most important qualification, she’s Black.

And so it was that once again that Clyburn demonstrated that he is to politics what we know Tony Fauci to be to the medical profession. You see, this past Monday, during his appearance on CNN’s ‘New Day,’ hosted by one of the many dipshits at CNN, John Berman, Clyburn provided to those who bothered to tune in with further proof he’s nothing more than a hack. Clyburn was asked to react to a Wall Street Journal report that Democrats were expecting *president ‘Shitbag Joey’ to run again in 2024 but were not sure if he should. Berman asked him to expound on his remarks in the report that he supported ‘Joey’ first and then ‘Headboard’ Harris if not.

Clyburn said, “[Y]ou know, there’s no question in my mind that Joe Biden is doing exactly what needs to be done for this great country of ours.” And he said, “We all know that our democracy is teetering on edge. We need a Joe Biden to get us through this rough patch, and I think he’s doing great with that. We know that his forecast includes Vice President Harris. I support her. And I’m just saying that if he chooses not to run again, first on my list after him would be Kamala Harris.” Race hustler Clyburn is likely already arming up with his racism, misogynist arsenal, to bombard anyone who dares to point out ‘Headboard’ Harris’s complete ineptness.

Clyburn was asked what should determine whether, or not, Joey runs in 2024. He said, “I think a lot depends upon what the issues are after the midterm elections, what kind of impact his policies will have on the outcome of that election, and I think that he will make a decision based upon that.” He added, “And I think that Democratic voters will be doing that as well. And so, everybody knows that none of us are getting any younger. And we all tend to adjust our activities based upon what time it is at any given juncture. And he’ll do the same.” It’s hard to believe he’s really that stupid. But then, most blacks support blacks regardless of qualification.

Clyburn is a complete imbecile, in addition to being a disgusting, black racist. ‘Headboard’ has virtually no chance of becoming president. Even most Democrats are not yet that far gone. It’s bad enough that ‘Shitbag Joey’ is senile, but old ‘Headboard’ is downright retarded. What I find interesting is the fact that Harris was SOUNDLY rejected in the primaries, only to gain a second chance on the ‘Diversity Ticket’ because the Diversity Team threw an old establishment white guy at everyone. What makes anyone think those past failures plus her complete non- performance in her current position in any way qualifies her for…well anything?

And she is in that position for one reason, and one reason only. And that would, of course be, act as a safeguard, so to speak. To make ‘Shitbag Joey’ essentially unimpeachable. Clyburn couldn’t care less about old ‘Headboard,’ he’s only signaling his Democrat ‘bona fides’ and making sure the power plays after what’s being predicted as a huge defeat for the Democrats come this November. Clyburn said of ‘Shitbag Joey’ that, “exactly what needs to be done for this great country of ours.” I’ve made the point before that this is not mere incompetence, rather it is an intentional destruction of the U.S., and this statement simply confirms it.

Clyburn fully supports the destruction being wreaked upon our country by ‘Shitbag Joey’ and clearly opposes bringing any of to an end anytime soon by his choosing to promote an even more devoted leftist clown for *president. As I stated previously, the only reason he supports ‘Headboard’ is because she is black. Well, like ‘BO,’ she’s partly black, but apparently black enough. But why would any Democrat listen this doddering old racist, he’s the moron who told simple-minded blacks to get behind the senile ‘Shitbag Joey,’ and look at what they’ve gotten in return. Hopefully many blacks have learned from this and begin to think for themselves? But it’s doubtful!

Or, might Clyburn’s preference of ‘Headboard’ be based not so much upon the color of her skin but, instead, upon her performance as second in command of this great nation? No, it’s gotta be the color of her skin. Perhaps he has forgotten that her campaign to be the Democrat nominee for president didn’t register much of a pulse with Democrats and her performance thus far as vice president has been horrible. Personally, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see her run for the highest office in the land. So please Jimmy, by all means endorse old ‘Headboard.’ The Democrat Party’s policies have succeeded in bringing about only misery.

For instance, when European nations should comprise the primary source of assistance to the Ukraine, our own deficient leadership foots the bill with freshly minted dollars, devaluing our currency. Democrat policies have failed the American people when they put out the welcome mat to millions of Illegals crossing our southern border in order to expand their voter base, the welfare assistance paid for in freshly minted dollars. And when their perverse social and law enforcement policies result in vast increases in crime, Clyburn dismisses it all as misinformation. He and his cronies claim President Trump is the enemy, but they’re wrong. It is they who are the real enemy.



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