For whatever reason, Jamie Raskin is the Democrat who the good people of Maryland’s 8th congressional district chose to represent them in the U.S. House. And I must admit that I find it hard to believe that the best person they could find to represent them is this sleazy piece of shit, Raskin. And who the Hell is it that names their son, Jamie, anyway? But I digress. So anyway, it was Raskin who was apparently making the rounds this past Sunday, out spreading a little hate and discontent, and in so doing stopped by to pay a little visit to that professional dweeb, Chuck Todd, and to appear on Todd’s pointless little TV show, ‘Meet the Press,’ on NBC.

And it was during this particular appearance that Raskin actually saw fit to make the idiotic argument that President Trump’s recent public statements were essentially some sort of a confession to wrongdoing. And it was Todd, in his capacity as host, who started things off by saying, “President Trump lashed out at the committee and lashed out at Vice President Pence just in the last 48 hours. And essentially has not changed his views. He calls Mike Pence weak, says, I think he called him a conveyor belt.” And Todd then went on to ask, “This public admission that essentially he wanted continues after laying out of all this evidence. Is he confessing?”

Raskin responded by saying, “Yeah, he essentially saying, yeah, I did it, and I’ll do it again. Which is what we have been contending all along, that if you allow impunity for attempts at unconstitutional seizures of power, which is what a coup is, then you’re inviting it again in the future.” He added, “To be a strong, self-sustaining, self-respecting democracy, we can’t allow people to decide that they are above the law and that they are more important than our constitutional processes.” Todd said, “Do you think every time Donald Trump readmits to what he did, what should be the reaction of the attorney general every time the former president does this?”

Raskin then went on to say, “Well, the attorney general really shouldn’t be reacting to particular provocations by particular politicians or criminals.” This guy Raskin continues to prove himself to be one more member of Congress who possesses less than average intelligence. And again, you have to ask yourself how it is that people like this creep keep getting elected, and re-elected. I mean this guy is sleezier then a used car salesman. No offense to used car salesmen everywhere. And yet these people are always provided a platform by their many allies in the ‘fake news’ media from which to spew their increasingly farfetched theories that have no basis in fact!

The way these Democrats are going after President Trump is what’s the true confession here. A confession that they cheated their way into the White House with a candidate who can’t even navigate a flight of stairs and who should never be allowed on two wheels, and who aren’t sure they can pull off the same scam twice. Real investigators don’t have to fabricate dialog and motive, they objectively gather facts. Raskin is, as is every other Democrat, and RINO, involved, an incompetent fraud and a clown! Democrats are the ones who have confessed your lying fraud by virtue of your stupid kangaroo court! Any child can easily see through what’s really going on here.

These law breakers are immersed in their own lies, and our supposed ‘journalists,’ instead of forcing them to back up their baseless claims, simply allow them to go unchallenged. Hence the reason fewer Americans trust those in the media today, and fewer still care about this idiotic show trial being put on by Raskin and his colleagues. We’re still waiting for that mountain of EVIDENCE they said they had that President Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election. Odd that there’s plenty of evidence that Hitlery colluded with the Russians and yet she’s still able to walk around freely, complaining how she was robbed of what was rightfully hers.

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