And now more from that leftwing loon, Tim Ryan, currently running for the U.S. Senate in Ohio. It appears that in his effort to gain entry into a higher political office Ryan is now busying himself by using that age old practice so often employed by Democrats in trouble. That being, of course, to accuse your opponent of doing exactly what you yourself are guilty of. And so, the only thing that remains to be seen is whether it will work this time. And our test group, in this case, are the good people of Ohio. It’s in Ryan that we again have a man desperate to portray himself as something he most definitely is not while at the same time trying to smear his GOP opponent.

You see, it was just this past Wednesday that Ryan released an new ad claiming that he proudly supports law enforcement, despite previously saying the “criminal justice system is racist.” On Wednesday, Ryan released a digital ad on social media claiming that his Republican challenger thinks law enforcement is corrupt, also stating that he brought in millions of dollars to the community to fund the police. But here’s the rub, back in 2019 it was Ryan who said that he believes the “current criminal justice system is racist.” And it was also reported that Ryan claimed that in his “heart,” he thinks the criminal justice system is “the new Jim Crow.”

In the same congressional election cycle, the Sierra Club, primarily known for its radical environmental activism and a group that supports many other far-left policies like defunding the police, endorsed him for Congress in 2020. Furthermore, Ryan recently asked people to “see [his] record,” claiming that he is for the working-class people despite his having voted with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and *president ‘Shitbag Joey’ in advancing what are their radical agenda items. And in addition, Ryan is known for having a reputation for being a radical pro-abortion extremist, one who favors having absolutely no limits being placed on the rather gruesome procedure.

As has been reported in much of the more conservative media, Ryan also voted with Pelosi 100 percent of the time during his current and last term in the U.S. House. Additionally, the congressman also voted with ‘Shitbag Joey’ 100 percent of the time in Congress while he has been *president. Ryan is also a pro-abortion extremist advocating for proponents of abortion on-demand after once being a pro-life advocate. He also supports taxpayer-funded abortions. So his claim of being for the working-class American clearly rings more than just a little hollow. The man is a liar through and through, but that should come as a surprise to no one, he’s a Democrat.

Since most victims of violent crime and murders are black, and Ryan wants less police in black communities, I think one came rightfully assume that Ryan is a bit if a racist who takes joy from the suffering and pain in the black community. It seems Democrat plantation masters never change. Ryan is your typical Democrat, he’s been in Congress for years and accomplished exactly nothing for the folks back home. If he were to win in November only one thing would change, instead of doing what Pelosi tells him to do, he’d be doing what Schumer tells him to do. He’s certainly not suddenly going to become a defender of the little guy, so vote for him at your peril.

Ryan is doing his best to try and win over the Republican vote in Ohio by trying to sound more normal, and less radical, than he really is. But if you’ve spent any amount of time looking over his last 20 years in Congress you’re quicky able to see right through all of his BS. Ohioans need to be very wary of this snake in the grass. Ryan, as do all of those on the left, follows right along in lockstep with his party’s leadership, until it’s time for reelection and he’s allowed to say whatever it is he needs to say in order to gain re-election. Once that’s been safely accomplished then it’s back to doing what the party bosses tell him to do and back to ignoring the folks back home. 

Finally, Ryan epitomizes all that the modern-day Democrat Party has become. A party that is now focused on bringing about the complete destruction of our country, morally, fiscally, economically, socially and even militarily. That is now the primary objective of all who proudly call themselves, a Democrat. There can be no other explanation for all that the party, from the *president on down, has been doing for the last 17 months. And as Ryan has voted to support ‘Shitbag Joey’s ‘America Last’ agenda 100 percent of the time, he clearly supports the mission to destroy America and is fully onboard when it comes to doing whatever is necessary to complete that objective!




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