So how long is it going to take before the American people begin to finally catch on that this sudden rash of shootings is essentially being engineered by the Democrats in what is clearly nothing more and a last-ditch effort on their part to avert the slaughter, politically speaking, that has now been predicted, by so many, for them in this fall’s midterm elections. The Democrats have now come to resemble a cornered animal desperate to escape and willing to anything it can to do so.

And with nothing else to run on, regarding this November’s election, they seem to be of the opinion that if the can just bring about enough of these violent scenarios they will finally be able to convince the American people, or at least enough of them, that the only way to bring an end to these shootings is to bring an end to private gun ownership by law-abiding citizens and that ONLY the government should be to have access to weapons. Well, the government and all of the wealthy elites.

And can there be any doubt that these shootings will only become greater in number the closer we get to the election? Democrats seem to be in search of the greatest body count possible. And this is evidenced by the fact that, despite their continuing talk about their supposed concerns over public safety, they only solution seems to be to take the guns from those who are not committing any of these heinous acts of violence. There seems to be no interest in enforcing laws already on the books.

Also, Democrats once again recently demonstrated their blatant unwillingness to take those measures necessary to keep our children safe when in school. That should make it painfully obvious to all that there is no interest on their part to make our schools to appear as nothing more than soft targets in the hope that more of our children can be lost all in providing to the Democrats another opportunity to use their death as a tool to advance an agenda that, if successful, will put all our lives at risk!

Seriously, does anyone doubt the fact that Democrats will do absolutely anything to remain in power. Does anyone seriously think that after actively encouraging the death of 63+ million of the unborn that Democrats are the least bit concerned when children get assassinated in their classrooms? It’s all nothing more than faux outrage and faux anger all of which is nothing more than an attempt on the part of Democrats to con the American people into believing they care only about public safety.

And finally, I hate to say it, but the American people need to prepare themselves for more of the same. And they need to be able to recognize the violence and the death for what it is, an act of pure desperation on the part of the Democrats to both distract attention away from the mess they have made, and that they continue to make, of this country, and to advance the argument that all we have to do to stop the violence and bloodshed, is to hand over our guns to those responsible for the violence.

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