You must admit, honesty is something we rarely get from the Democrats. And too, it’s a pretty rare event when a Democrat, any Democrat, is so upfront about what he, and the rest of his shitbag political party, thinks of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. But oddly enough it was just such a thing that occurred as recently as this past Thursday and, in of all places, right there in the U.S. House. And it was something that made very clear the Democrats’ attitude toward the Second Amendment. But it also made very clear that the current ‘debate’ on gun control is about far more than just the Second Amendment, it’s about the entire Constitution!

You see, it was Democrat David Cicilline, the boob who has represented the dim bulbs who call Rhode Island’s 1st congressional district home, since 2011, who told House Republicans they should “spare me the bullshit about constitutional rights,” during a ‘debate’ on gun control on Thursday. Cicilline refused to yield his time in order to finish what was little more than a rant on his part, while ‘discussing’ legislation related to “red flag” laws. Laws that would allow the government, and law enforcement, to confiscate firearms from anyone deemed, by said government or law enforcement, to be a danger to themselves or others. Lots of gray areas here, I fear!

What apparently caused Cicilline to essentially slip a cog was the fact that Florida congressman Matt Gaetz attempted to insert an amendment to the legislation stating, “Congress disfavors the enactment of laws that authorize a court to issue an extreme risk protection order, also known as Red Flag laws, in the States because such laws trample on an individual’s due process and Second Amendment rights.” And it was that which then prompted this boob, Cicilline, to call the defense of Americans’ constitutional rights “bullshit.” But this kind of language should not come as shock after all that we’ve been made to witness for the last 17 months.

Cicilline proclaimed that those who are an “imminent danger to themselves and others, such as they might commit mass murder, have a constitutional right to access a firearm. And to deny them that right would, quote, ‘trample on an individual’s due process and second amendment rights.’” And he went on to say, “You know who didn’t have due process?” And added, “You know who didn’t have their constitutional right to life respected? The kids at Parkland, and Sandy Hook, and Uvalde and Buffalo, and the list goes on and on.” Yes, again we’re to believe that it’s all about the children, and not the twisted fixation of Democrats to disarm every single American.

When Gaetz attempted to respond, Cicilline said, “No I will not yield and I’m not going to yield for my entire five minutes, so don’t ask again.” This kind of behavior tells us all we need to know about the Democrats. And oddly enough, Cicilline’s comments came on the same day that ‘Shitbag Joey’ announced his intention to bring about sweeping gun control measures, including a ban on “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines, as well as red flag laws, new laws on background checks and storage, and a vow to “repeal the immunity of gun manufacturers from liability.” And yet ‘Shitbag Joey’ claimed that he wasn’t taking away anyone’s rights.

Cicilline’s “spare me the bullshit about Constitutional rights” rant is the modus operandi of a Democrat Party shadow-led by ‘BO’ and all manner of other unsavory characters hiding behind the curtain. All roads lead to Rome and all blame leads to the Democrats, joined by the RINOs who assist them. Time to return to the Constitution, Rule of Law and to remove the toxic element that’s working so hard to destroy this county. We all know Democrats don’t give a damn about dead children, over the years they’ve been responsible for quite the impressive body count, starting with the 63+ million who have suffered death by abortion and adding on from there.

This type thinks they’re immune to the issues. Everything is blind political expediency. They are amoral and have no interest in self-examination. The last people we should ever want to be representing us, are those who are representing us! This clown Cicilline is the epitome of the sleazeball Democrat. He is a full-blown Commie and traitor to the United States and her people. And ordinarily you would think that in making such a statement would damage one beyond repair regarding his chances of re-election. Having stated what he did, his oath to the Constitution was clearly a lie. This is the greatest sin any member of Congress can commit.

It is the whole reason individuals like him are sent to Congress. In fact, based on that standard, there are several who should also now be shown the door. But, then he is a Democrat, one that hails from a blue state, so he likely has nothing to fear from the folks back him. And in all likelihood, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that most agree with him. He, and those like him, have no place in government and should be removed immediately. He swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, which appears to be an act of perjury in his case. Everything that can possibly be done to destroy this criminal must be done. He should never again be seen anywhere in government.

These anti-American politicians are desperate to remove that which is the last line of defense against tyranny, which is exactly why the Second Amendment exists in the first place. If they are able succeed, then it’s every other one of our rights that will then be placed in jeopardy, and at risk of being taken away. And it would it be in short order that we would be watching our remaining rights simply being made to go up in smoke. What the Democrats are calling for here is nothing less than the outright seizure of legally owned property from those who have done nothing wrong. But to those like Cicilline that’s all nothing more than a bunch of bullshit.

Oh, and who is it that will be called upon to be the arbiters of who it is that may be considered as being “dangerous to themselves or other?” And ‘storage’ laws simply mean that the police can come into your home any time they wish in order to “inspect” how it is that you store your weapons. And all at the order of those like Cicilline or, merely on a whim. A choice will soon have to be made, do we allow those who think our Constitutional rights are BS to strip us of those rights? Or do free men act as such to protect their families, and their rights, by removing these dangerous individuals from their positions of power. Anything less is an act of cowardice.

It’s my humble opinion that my rights trump the rights of those people committing crimes who, by the way, have rights too in a court of law. Cicilline can bitch and moan all he wants while neglecting the 4000 kids each year who die by drowning, the other nearly 26,000 who die in car accidents, the other untold thousands who commit suicide, and not by gun, not to mention the utterly disgusting hatred that Democrats have for black children made to die by the hundreds in their Democrat enclaves year in and year out, as well as the tens of millions who have been made to die without a shot ever being fired in the abortion factories operated by Planned Parenthood.

Passions are high and reason has been thrown out the window. But then what should we really expect from people like Cicilline? Democrats cannot run on what has foisted upon the America people over the last 17 months. Yet they want to bring down the Constitution with harsh language and mawkish sentimentality as if they really cared. This is the flagship issue since abortion failed to catch fire, along with don’t say gay and child grooming. They’re still fighting an ideological battle of their own making and hoping everyone gets carried away with emotion. Even if guns remain, it will distract from the issues that they don’t want to do anything about or even talk about.



  1. “Cicilline’s “spare me the bullshit about Constitutional rights” rant is the modus operandi of a Democrat Party shadow-led by ‘BO’ and all manner of other unsavory characters hiding behind the curtain.

    All roads lead to Rome and all blame leads to the Democrats, joined by the RINOs who assist them. Time to return to the Constitution, Rule of Law and to remove the toxic element that’s working so hard to destroy this county.”

    I couldn’t agree more with this entire comment! And this part / section is truly priceless!


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