And so once again, just this past Sunday, we had yet another slimy, leftwing, hack slither out from under her rock to rant about how it’s somehow the Republican Party that’s the party of gun violence. And I’m trying to figure out how, since the majority of all gun violence that takes place in this country takes place primarily in those places that are Democrat strongholds, with the majority of the shooters, themselves being supporters of the Democrats, it’s the Republicans that are the problem party. Give me a fucking break! And just who was it that provided this moron with a friendly platform from which to spew her drivel? Not CNN, not even MSDNC, but Fox News.   

This time around it was Fox News contributor Judith Miller, who, while appearing on “Fox News Live,” actually made the idiotic argument that Republicans must stop being “the party of egregious mass shooting and uncontrolled guns.” So much or being “Fair and Balanced!” And if that is, in fact, the case, then why is it that every time we allow the socialist Democrats to be in power, it’s mass shootings, especially of children, that go through the roof? Followed by, of course, immediate calls to completely disarm the American public in violation of the U.S. Constitution. This pathetic hack of a propagandist, Judith Miller, appears to be a projector on steroids.

Miller continued by saying, “There is always the prospect of Charlie Brown and the football being whisked out from under him by Lucy. Look, we have been over this ground so far, so often, and nothing has changed. The Senate goes into recess next week. That means that the furor and the anger that people feel over this latest slaughter is likely to diminish. I think that’s what the NRA and the other people standing there promoting guns are hoping for. But I think this time may be different.” She said, “We lose 15,000 people a year through gun deaths, 1500 are killed, but many more deaths could be prevented with sensible gun legislation.”

And it was this leftist dolt who went on to say, “If New Zealand and Australia can do it after their mass shooting, why can’t we? I think it really depends on the Republicans now. They must stop being the party of egregious mass shootings and uncontrolled guns. That has to stop. It’s up to them. I think Mitch McConnell’s instructions to his fellow Republicans to negotiate with the Democrats suggests that he understands something’s changing. The question is, how long will the furor over this kind of mass shooting last? Will it be enough to finally, finally push the country, the Senate, the House into some sensible gun control? We don’t know yet.”

Now I’m quite sure there are those already asking who is this Judith Miller and why should any of us care what she has to say? Well, I’m one of those who believes that it’s important to know what it is that your enemies are saying. And make no mistake here, this clown is clearly an enemy of our Constitution. And there will always be those who believe what people like this say. Miller knows she’s lying, and WE know she’s lying, but there will always be those who accept what she says at face value, and worse will accept what she’s saying as true. They do so because they’re simply too lazy, or too stupid, to take the time to actually verify that she’s telling the truth. 

One thing is becoming painfully clear, the push to bring an end to the Second Amendment, or to gut it the point where it becomes meaningless, and to disarm every American citizen, has become ‘Job 1’ of those on the left, regardless of political party. So I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the high number of mass shootings under Democrats is a deliberate attempt on their part to influence others by doing nothing to stop these shooters. Something just isn’t right about the increases taking place on their watch. And they need to be exposed for what they are before things get bloodier and more innocent lives are lost by those seeking political advantage.

These gun grabbers have done everything possible to keep our schools vulnerable, as if declaring them to be ‘gun free’ zones will accomplish anything other than to make them into ‘soft targets.’ They’ve been preaching such nonsense for decades even though school shootings are becoming a very popular place to make a big splash by sick people who know that nobody has guns to stop them. And it was Democrats who again, very recently, refused to take the necessary measures to create safe schools choosing, instead, to allow our children to remain little more than sitting ducks. Children can’t defend themselves, they need responsible adults to defend them.

The idea that anyone is responsible for what happened other than the person who committed the act, is preposterous. This country has been turned into a tragic clown show filled with obtuse degenerates and outright con artists. How many people were killed this past weekend in Chicago or New York? How about in Baltimore or nearly any big city? Any compromise with the Democrats on Second Amendment rights will result in the desertion of the Republican base. It wasn’t the gun who murdered those children, and it wasn’t mental illness. It’s was just pure evil in that animal’s soul. If America keeps rejecting God and compromising evil, that evil will destroy us all!


  1. “Our society in America has changed drastically in the last 30, 40 years. We need to find out what is causing young men, boys mentally and emotionally to do this. It’s not the lies the talking points of the Democrats that are doing nothing but going over the same lies they spout each time.”

    Tucker Carlson, Last night. May 30th

    And he had a lot more to say what the real problem is causing all of this. If anybody missed it you can go watch it on Fox Nation and the very small monthly fee is damn well worth it. And you can watch his other show that is well worth the nominal fee alone for his show called, “TUCKER CARLSON ORIGINALS.”


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