So now it’s he who is known to his closest of friends as ‘Spartacus,’ and to the rest of us as ‘Con Man’ Cory Booker, that thinks that he can shame law-abiding Americans into willingly giving up their weapons because he, and every other Democrat, says it’s the right thing to do if we’re going to save our children. Well, as one of those law-abiding Americans I’ve got just one thing to tell old ‘Spartacus.’ And that would be, “Sorry Cory, but that just ain’t gonna happen.” There is simply no reason to, because we play no part in the increasing level of gun violence currently taking place in this country. Oddly enough, it’s Democrats like Booker, who have everything to do with it. 

And why do I say that? Well, because for one thing the vast majority of gun violence taking place today takes place in those areas within those bastions of leftwing lunacy, otherwise known as the cities and states under the control of Democrats. Also, the majority of the perpetrators also happen to be members of the Democrat Party, or at least vote for Democrats, when they do vote. So where, exactly, is the logic in trying to shame those of who are not members of Cory’s party into handing over our primary means of self-defense? I mean, think about it, it makes absolutely no sense. But then I suppose you can’t blame a good Democrat for trying, not even a moron like Booker.

All of which brings to Mr. Booker’s most recent appearance, just this past Sunday, on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” hosted by that well-known blithering idiot, none other than Chuckie Todd. Because, you see, it was then that Booker made his imbecilic claim that gun control laws will not be passed until voters love children more than they love guns.  Booker said, “Whatever we can get done if it saves a life, it’s worth doing. My colleagues were entering bipartisan talks. I fully support that, but under no illusion that things need to be done that the majority of Americans overwhelmingly support Republicans and Democrats that can create significant safety.”

He said, “We know, even though the CDC has been undermined by the gun lobby where Senate Republicans won’t allow basic scientific research on gun violence, we know enough to know that there are things we can do that will dramatically lower gun violence. So the question is, when will we do it? The problem is, and I return again to how change has been made in America when children died, for example, a bombing in Birmingham when four little girls died. The nation rallied, and the movement continued until we demanded change. It was made when those people who did not make the change, Civil Rights Movement, Suffrage Movement, paid at the polls.”

Booker went on to say, “I’m sorry we are at a point we have to mobilize a greater movement than just expressing regret and sorrow. until the redemptive power of love for all of our children is greater than the destructive power of the love of our guns and money and power, until that redemptive love of our children turns into action, then nothing is going to change.” Spartacus is the same guy who supports putting the sword to the unborn upwards of 3,000 times per day, who supports abortion-on-demand and supports an open-border where fentanyl pours in killing tens of thousands each year. Abortion bans don’t work because criminals will still get abortions.

The Republicans are blocking scientific research on gun violence? Seriously? Where does he come up with this stuff? It’s been done, Corey, a lot, and the results every time are, if you take gang violence out of the equation, gun violence is practically non-existent. Now on a bit of a side note here, these Democrat baby killers insist that they can change hearts and minds and win this November by continuing to attack us, insult us, call us names, and otherwise denigrate Americans, and who we are, every chance they get. Booker loves late term abortions and even live birth abortions more than he loves children. This from the party that purports to be the “party of science.”

Now I know I’m likely not as sophisticated as Booker, him being a Democrat and all, but what am I not getting here? The right to keep and bear arms, in the Constitution, and yet Democrats wish to erase that right. Absolutely nothing in the Constitution that allows a woman to murder her baby, and yet that’s something we must all tolerate. Democrats have no issue with the murdering of millions of children simply out of “convenience for the mother” for failing to take responsibility for her actions. And remember, it’s Democrats who call babies a “cancer” to justify their bloodlust for abortion, and it’s Democrats who want to murder children AFTER they’re born.

Look, living in a free society can be a risky business. You MIGHT get shot by one of these mass shooters, but you’re far more likely to die in an automobile accident. In some places, you’re more likely to get shot with a pistol by a gang member, but that gets less attention than mass shooters for some reason. While people die at the other end of a handgun, but there’s a reason the government is scared of these so-called ‘military style’ weapons, and it has nothing to do with innocents dying. Abortion is the direct targeting of an innocent life with the support of the law and government. Far more die from that each and every year than in these schoolyard shootings.

Until more men start taking responsibility for the children they sire, we will continue to have chaos. Where is the role model in the homes of these young people that are killing others? How many men are home at night with their children and spending time with them? Are they weekend fathers? Are they even claiming their own children? The shouting and yelling about guns is merely a diversion from the rot that is now surrounding our children via television, music, peers, teachers, etc. It is not the gun! In the cases of leadership from the government, it is exactly what they have been trying to achieve for years, the total destruction of the nuclear family unit.

Earth to Booker, it’s because we love our children that we continue to fight for the Second amendment. We must be able to protect ourselves from these tyrants who insist upon placing “the greater good” before our individual freedoms. Who among us would willingly succumb to a government telling you how much you can eat, how much sugar you can drink, how much money is too much, what you can drive, what medicines can be used for what ailment? What happens when the federal government is weaponized against political opponents while refusing to convict political allies? The tyrants are now knocking at the door, what are you doing to get prepared?

Apart from the purpose of providing a check against a tyrannical government, guns prevent far more crimes than those that are committed. Guns prevent an estimated 2.5 million crimes a year, or 6,849 every single day. Most often, the gun is never fired, and no blood (including the criminal’s) is ever shed. Every year, 400,000 life-threatening violent crimes are prevented using firearms. And it’s 60 percent of convicted felons who have admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they knew the victim was armed. Forty percent of convicted felons admitted that they avoided committing crimes when they thought the victim might be armed.

Everything, and everyone, we consider valuable, we protect with firearms. Now compare the political parties and you can see who loves children more. It’s the Democrats who want schools to be ‘gun free’ zones, yet want abortion clinics to be on every corner and protected by armed police. That alone should say it all. The only gun argument I will ever need: ‘Democrats.’ And it’s simply not up for any negotiation, for any reason. You’re going to have to find another solution to the problem, because allowing the left to drag the U.S. into authoritarian Hell simply is not an option. Democrats are quite insufferable and contemptible as it is.

We could save lives if Democrats were to end their love affair with criminals. All this “gun control” nonsense is about forcing society to cater to the criminally insane instead of removing those people from society. Those who defend the act of abortion as a necessity and yet see firearms (inanimate objects) as “evil” or “weapons of war” are incapable of applying the human element to human decision making. A mother murdering her own innocent child is sacrosanct. A man murdering innocent children is the “guns fault?” Should not the act of abortion be considered just as deadly and lethal as a degenerate using a gun to accomplish the same destruction of human life?

Finally, taking everyone’s guns because a morality challenged psychopath uses one to kill people is no different than taking everyone’s cars away because some drunk driver used one to kill people. Yet the agenda driven Democrats never talk about that, EVER. It is this fatally flawed way of thinking by an idiot that the whole nation is somehow to blame for the actions of one lone psychopath, the same logic that blamed a whole nation for the actions of a single police officer in Minnesota that led to death and the total destruction of whole city blocks. One is responsible for one’s own actions. Democrats need to quit blaming a entire nation for the actions of one.



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