For sometime now, perhaps for decades, there has been this ongoing competition of sorts, a contest, if you will, do determine just who it is that’s the absolute dumbest member of Congress. And I’ve yet to determine whether the participants even realize there’s a contest underway, because if they did would they say half the stuff they do. They’re all are very easily identify, as their names have become synonymous with stupidity and ignorance. Names like Waters, Jackson Lee, Cleaver, Clyburn, Fudge and Johnson to name just few. And while I’m sure it’s just some weird coincidence, there does seem to be rather common thread regarding all of these contest participants.

Most recently, it was Sheila Jackson Lee who just may have taken the lead in our little contest. You see, it was during an appearance, this past Friday, with that gay caballero Don Lemon, on CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight,” that she argued that expanding background checks, putting waiting periods on assault weapons, and raising the age to purchase assault weapons to 21 or 25, “do not violate the integrity of the Second Amendment. In fact, no gun safety laws do so.” And what’s truly very scary is that this moron actually believes that, and Lemon went right along with her. And once again it proves that she is at LEAST one of the ten stupidest people in all of Congress.

Jackson Lee stated, “As it relates to the Senate, as you well know, Sen. Murphy (D-CT), who has been at the forefront…has been given ten days. And Sen. Cornyn’s (R-TX) gone back. I have worked with Sen. Cornyn. I hope that the backdrop of these children, these precious children who cannot hug teddy bears anymore or Legos or run around the playfield, I hope that will be what will be — he’ll be listening to and not — as I said — the bullying gun lobby. If he does that, there are many compromises that I think can be affected.” She said, “There’s 90 percent support, and I believe amongst membership of the NRA, for a universal background check.”

And she went on to say, “And what that means is that you close the gun show loopholes. So, there might be a compromise on a waiting period to purchase the assault weapons or raising the age to 21 or I’ve heard 25. Those initiatives do not violate the integrity of the Second Amendment. In fact, no gun safety laws do so. And the false arguments about an attack on the Second Amendment, Pamela, you know, you can’t change constitutional amendments with the flick of an eye. And so, what we need to focus on is what is real.” Once again, Jackson Lee makes very clear the hatred she possesses for our nation, and for our freedoms and of our Constitution.

The timing and location of this latest attack seems all too coincidental, and I smell a rat. Several rats! Democrats want to take all of our guns away so we cannot defend ourselves. Why do we pay people, who authorized to carry weapons, to protect our kids, but who then refuse to enter the building? Politics? It’s up to parents to protect their kids. Let them be armed so they have the ability to do so. Stop listening to Democrats. Jackson Lee is another of those who continually claims to care about the ‘precious’ children killed with guns, yet that number is a drop in the bucket compared to the children killed by abortion. something she’s all in on, being a black Democrat.

What this is really all about is the Democrats’ desire to rule us. Their hunger for political power is insatiable. And it’s those who insist upon voting for them who also seem to feel that they too have some sort of power over those of us who refuse to support their agenda. This was demonstrated when the mask mandates suddenly evaporated. These wannabe “elites” (the voters) threw tantrums because they are like that meme where the guy is like, “I guess that makes me a winner too!” The cult members on the Left lost their perceived power over the rest of us when the mandates were lifted. Their leaders ruling over us gives THEM a false sense of power.

And thanks to what now passes for our public education system today, combined with what goes on today in nearly every of our so-called institutions of ‘higher learning,’ it’s now every succeeding generation that sees it as being necessary to accede to Communist, aka Democrat, demands for a ban on this, or some sort of limitations on that. Democrats have made great strides in foisting upon us, courtesy of a faux ‘pandemic,’ the purposeful dismemberment of our sovereignty and of our economy. And their intent is to continue to use massive voter fraud to permanently install themselves as dictators for life. Hence the rationale for wanting to grab our guns.

And if, as this moron claims, it is 90 percent of the American people who do truly agree on something like universal background checks, then it should be a pretty easy task for the Democrats to proceed with the process, already in place, to amend the Constitution, and to then get that amendment ratified, correct? The framers, in their infinite wisdom, gave us a method for altering the Constitution, to amend from time to time, if the need arose. They were also wise enough to make the process a rather difficult one so that wannabe despots like Jackson Lee, and most every other of today’s Democrats, couldn’t just do it merely with the stroke of a pen.

Jackson Lee is well protected by U.S. taxpayers who fund her armed security detail! Too bad school children in the U.S. are not afforded the same level of protection. And why exactly is that? Oh, that’s right, the Democrats once again recently killed the legislation that would have accomplished just that. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be! You see the left only wants your capitulation. Democrats don’t give a damn about us, or the many problems they continue to inflict upon us as we go through our daily lives. Democrats must now be considered to be nothing less than our mortal enemy, and it’s every one of them who should be eliminated, politically speaking of course.

Democrats, like Jackson Lee, view themselves as being experts on the Constitution. Yet I don’t recall ever seeing her protesting the hundreds of blacks who are murdered in Chicago each and every year or the illegal guns that blacks use to kill each other. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country, and yet each and every weekend seems to bring with it a rather impressive body count. Jackson Lee is clearly a racist as well as being amazingly stupid. But apparently, that matters very little to those who continue to send her back to Congress, as the only thing that seems to matter to them is the fact that she’s…black. Which, when you think about it, is pretty typical.

Democrats keep recycling the same old propaganda over and over. “Gun laws don’t infringe. Nobody is after your guns. Without more gun control everyone will die. Gun laws don’t really infringe. Gun owners are just paranoid about someone trying to take their guns. Blah, blah, blah.” You gotta wonder who they think they’re talking to? They claim they know that all gun owners just want to kill! But what they don’t know is that all we really want is gas prices back to normal, the border secured, and the dollar to be worth a dollar again. But, they will claim Americans who own AR-15s just want to kill. Which makes me wonder how they know this? A magic crystal-ball?

And finally, Jackson Lee, just like every other Democrat, clearly hasn’t got a clue when it comes to the Second Amendment. Preserving our right to keep and bear arms was so important to our Founders it was placed second only to our freedom of speech and religion. They also made its intent very clear, and it wasn’t for hunting, it was to allow the people the power to overcome tyranny in government. The very tyranny this woman and her party are attempting today. Is it any wonder they want to increase their control over guns? They know that more control will not stop the violence. They know criminals cannot be stopped by laws, and yet they persist in their effort.




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