So, riddle me this, how much brain power does it take to be a ‘sportscaster?’ Even, dare I say, a famous ‘sportscaster?’ I’d say about as much as it takes to be a decent bagger of groceries. And yet, it’s a sportscaster who has once again taken it upon himself to lecture us all on a subject that he very clearly knows nothing about and yet feels justified in doing so. Perhaps he should stick to doing that which he does best, things like regurgitating useless sports statistics or describing a swell play that was just made. Because no one cares what he thinks on the important things.

And, of course, it’s that ‘famous’ ex-sportscaster, Bob Costas, to whom I refer. Someone also, apparently, now described as CNN contributor, which when you think about it is quite fitting for a guy with his ‘talents.’ Anyway, it was during an appearance this past Friday on CNN’s “The Situation Room” that Costas said he believed some Republicans were “either nuts” or “too cowardly” to stand for principle and pass common-sense gun safety measures. Ok, so who gives a flying fuck about anything that Mr. Costas believes or, for that matter, doesn’t believe?  

For starters I’m one of those fellas who views “common sense gun safety” as being little more than the latest leftist term to be used for disarming the public. And another thing, gun safety is not something that can be legislated, it’s actually a personal responsibility, something that Democrats are not particularly known for nor interested in practicing, but I digress. Costas said, “We are the only country that has these sorts of school shootings, hundreds of them over the last two decades. Meanwhile, in Canada, two, Germany, one and Japan, Italy, the U.K., zero.”

He continued, “If it were not for those who cling to an absolutist interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, and you simply presented what our gun culture in this country is and the idea a kid on his 18th birthday can walk into a gun store, buy an AR-15, then next the then day accumulate a whole artillery’s worth of ammunition, then go back and buy a second AR-15 the day after that, on its face, absent the sweeping justification of the 2nd Amendment and this is what the Founders would have wanted, on its face, that is insane.” No, what’s insane are comments such as his!

Costas added, “I think that when you remove the NRA and the gun fetishists from it and the Republicans who are either nuts themselves or too cowardly to stand for principle over power, if you remove that, I think the vast majority of Americans of all political stripes are in favor of universal background checks and some sort of common-sense gun safety measures, which has nothing to do with abdicating the Second Amendment or gun confiscation, despite the fact that the extreme right-wing tries to make it seem this way.” Again with the “extreme right-wing?” Really Bob?

Now this may come as being a bit of news to old Bob, but it’s none of those countries that he chose to mention that have a Constitution that SPECIFICALLY ALLOWS weapon ownership for a specific purpose. That being, of course, to put the government in the position of actually having to defend itself against its own citizens if it should try to do that which we’ve all seen before in Germany and Communist China, to name only a couple! Disarming the public is what tyrannical governments do. But then Costas likely doesn’t know much about that being a ‘famed sportscaster’ and all!

We already have 20,000 gun laws on the federal, state and local books now that criminals, and the insane, simply choose to ignore. And Costas doesn’t know that murder is against law? He’d be doing himself a yuge favor by simply sticking to sports as he’s way out of his league on this one. Gun control has failed badly everywhere it has ever been implemented. Plus, there’s that pesky little thing called the Constitution. And is it just me or is it the places with the strictest gun laws that have the highest crime rates? Does he really think that we’re all that stupid?

And what’s truly nuts, as well as cowardly, is the choice of refusing to acknowledge the true cause for the gun violence we see taking place, which is the huge lack of respect for the sanctity of human life and the culture of no morals in our society. Both of these, and more, can be attributed to Leftist Democrat policy and nearly 24/7/365 indoctrination in most every news, entertainment and educational outlet that we have in our country. In other words, this began when Democrats and Leftists kicked God out of everywhere we could go except in our own homes and churches.

People like Costas don’t want to hear about anything pertaining to God because it cramps their style. They’re far more concerned with being able to continue to shove their perversions and lies down our throats, and even worse forcing them on the youngest of our children. Before long, they won’t be satisfied with you keeping God inside your home and/or church. We have had guns in this country for centuries, but school killings are a relatively new phenomenon. The guilty murderers are those politicians who have removed God and patriotism from our schools.

Costas is once again in a rage not at the school administration who failed to secure the door to the school, the police chasing the suspect after shooting his grandmother, the police gathered outside waiting for a key, really? Nope, instead Bob rails against three hundred million law abiding citizens. We’re thinking of our country’s liberty. He’s among the fools who think the federal government is the only entity that should have guns! That’s tyranny! There is nothing sensible about disarming a free people accept to make them slaves to a tyrannical government. NOTHING!

And don’t you just love it when these has-beens of every stripe come out of the woods and attempt to resurrect their careers by taking such illogical stances? People like this likely wouldn’t being saying shit if their careers were still alive. Where is the outcry regarding the thousands of people that are killed every year because of black-on-black murder committed with illegal weapons? Does this moron truly believe that they’ll turn in their weapons? If that’s what he truly believes then he’s more stupid than even I thought. Costas should stay in his own lane and out of mine.

Finally, Costas is a bleeding-heart Liberal nutcase. Why not outlaw cars? They kill more people than guns! You may, or may not, remember but Costas was the same walking vagina who once told Bill O’Reilly that if a shooter opened up in a movie theater that he was at with his kids, he would curl up and hide like a little wimp, instead of trying to take out the gunman. He also said that he didn’t want to be armed in that situation, only hide. That alone tells you all you need to know about this spineless little douche bag. He has zero credibility on the issue of guns!


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