As most already know, MSDNC was never something that could, in any real sense, be described as being a bona fide ‘news’ network. And as time has gone by it’s become even less so, to the point where here in 2022 it has reduced itself to being, with its rather bizarre cast of characters serving as hosts, little more than a platform that focuses solely on the spewing of outrageously leftwing propaganda. And while I’m quite sure that it has its own dedicated group of followers, I seriously doubt it’s any of them that would ever admit to wasting a moment of their life watching it. And it’s the racist, homophobic Joy Reid who is one the network’s more vocal loons.

Always one willing to follow orders from her Democrat Party masters, it was recently that Ms. Reid went off on yet another of her hate filled screeds, all under the guise of a ‘unbiased’ commentary, this time doing her best to exploit the deaths of those recently gunned down at a school in Texas and claiming that it was Republicans who now somehow have blood on their hands and not those in her own beloved Democrat Party. But then, that’s what she gets paid to do. Not really an actual ‘journalist,’ Reid is nothing more than a stooge for hire. Something she has demonstrated a real knack for. And a part she seems willing to play in exchange for her hefty paycheck.

You see it was Reid who said, just this past Wednesday, on her idiotic little show “The ReidOut” that she believes Republican “ghouls” have a bottomless tolerance for blood and slaughter because they will not pass gun control legislation. And it was then that she said, “Please, please spare me the, don’t politicize these deaths’ BS because these deaths, these record numbers of Americans slaughtered are political. They are happening because of uniquely American politics. They are happening because 327 million Americans are essentially hostages to a morally and financially bankrupt gun lobby and the heartless, gutless politicians that they buy and own.”

She went on to say, “Please stop thinking that there is somebody counting some level of brutality and carnage that will move them, these Republicans and the two pet Democrats, that the rivers of blood will one day run deep enough and the slaughters tragic enough that these politicians will say, ‘Okay, that’s enough. Let’s do something.’ Because their tolerance for blood and the NRA’s tolerance for slaughter are bottomless. As is the grief and the torture that the parents of slaughtered children and slaughtered grandmas and shoppers and Bible study parishioners, all the slaughtered Americans will feel every day for the rest of their lives.”

Reid added, “So honestly, to hell with anybody who says don’t politicize this because these deaths, until we change, until we stop letting this minority of ghouls rule us, this is who we are.” So, as I mentioned earlier, Reid continues to make very clear that she is quite literally nothing more than a leftwing stooge for hire, and, as such, is someone willing to read pretty much anything that’s put in front of her. It’s every time that she opens her mouth that she succeeds in removing any and all doubt that she’s as ignorant that we all thought she was. Frankly, she would be doing herself a yuge favor if she were to, at least once and a while, keep her big mouth shut!

And I suppose whoever it is that’s sponsoring these daily screeds believes there is some value to them regarding public persuasion or ‘red meat’ rhetoric for a base of cognitively dissonant supporters. But it is a shrinking base and her “pet Democrats” comment demonstrates that. Manchin and Sinema are only considered traitors if the intent is to remove the filibuster and make a desperate (and dying) lunge at castrating elections and attempting to install a more formally recognized RULING bureaucracy. Reid just makes stuff up and ‘waves the bloody shirt’ for shock value which diminishes with overuse. And this puppet show is just about over.

But you have to ask yourself. Where is Ms. Reid’s outcry regarding the deaths of millions of unborn babies? Oh, those murders are viewed as acceptable because a woman has a right to do whatever she wants to do with her body. So, why doesn’t a mentally ill young man have a right to murder elementary school babies? Oh, it wasn’t really the young man’s fault, it was the fault of everyone who believes in Americans’ right to bear arms. So now, she continues her stereotyping and is blaming this mentally ill young man’s actions on those “Republican ghouls who have a bottomless tolerance for blood and slaughter.” Once again Reid proves her IGNORANCE.

And it’s Reid, along with every one of those other pro-abortion blacks, who is a blood-soaked ghoul too freaking stupid to realize that they’re supporting the wiping out of their own race. Where are the vast majority of Planned Parenthood abortion mills located? There in minority neighborhoods, that’s where! How much BLOOD is shed in American cities, and in those states, controlled by Democrats? Include lives lost by ‘Shitbag Joey’s open border policy as well, not only by Illegals crossing the border, but also the drugs coming into the country, that are killing Americans. Reid’s show on MSDNC is nothing more than hateful commentaries that are daily occurrences.

Yup by golly, abortions are a good thing for both the country and the world, at least that’s what the Left keeps saying. You don’t even have to rely on abortions, kids are dying at record numbers from gunfire and the Left is blaming President Trump and the Republicans. Never mind that the majority of the children murdered by guns takes place in large Democrat controlled cities. Never mind that they’ve defunded, demoralized and attacked our police in those very same cities. Never mind that they continue to let very violent cultures pass through our borders unchecked. Never mind that along with those violent cultures crossing our borders we have drugs as well.

Reid is another stellar example of where Affirmative Action has gotten us. Rarely, if ever, does she, or any of the other leftist loon on her network, choose to mention the endless body count and the skyrocketing crime rates, taking place in any of our Democrat run cities. Cities that have some of the strictest gun control laws that can found anywhere in the country. The only topic this loser ever wants to discuss is supposed racism and the fact that all whites are racists. She’s a one trick pony if ever there was one. It’s perfectly acceptable to murder the unborn, but it’s not acceptable to be able to buy weapons to protect oneself and one’s loved ones.

Reid, along with every prominent black Democrat in this country, doesn’t seem to know or care that in 2019, blacks were arrested for 51 percent of all murders and nonnegligent manslaughters for which arrests were made. Whites, who outnumber blacks five-to-one, were arrested for 29 percent of all murders for which arrests were made, including the mass shootings that get so much attention. That’s according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report. Also, a study of nonfatal gunshot wound victims treated in ERs from 2007-2016 averaged out to 26,000 black nonfatal gunshot wound victims during that 10-year period. I wonder who was shooting all those blacks?

The true ghouls in all of this are those, like Reid, in our ‘fake news’ media machine who quite literally jump for joy every time something like this happens. And it’s every one of our 24/7 news channels that crave content to the extent that when they get it, they blow it up, then run it into the ground. They will run a 10-minute school shooting story every 30 minutes, and each story will be followed by a five minute round table discussion of supposed ‘experts’ who are anything but ‘experts.’ Then occasionally they’ll trot out a Democrat politician to virtue signal and pander. The ghouls are jumping for joy because they’ve just been handed a month’s worth of programming.

Finally, we are raising a generation of morally empty individuals through emotional conditioning via violent video games, violent rap lyrics, and violent movies that promote excessive, gratuitous violence. One only needs to take a post-mortem tour through the social media postings of every one of these young, emotionally damaged mass shooters to see true root cause. Yes, firearm laws need to be better enforced, however, the continued grooming of violent, desensitized, lonely, warped, mass shooters must be stopped by our society. We cannot be influenced by the Far-Left’s misdirection. Please remember one thing, “If you see something say something!”

One response to “MSDNC, WHEN IS A ‘NEWS’ NETWORK, NOT???

  1. Here’s To hoping that Reid gets robbed while standing on a corner Full of people and nobody comes to help her. And later that night she gets raped and killed!!
    Here! Here!! I’ll Drink To That!!!


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