And so, we continue to find out just how deep ‘The Swamp’ really is as all manner of creatures continue be dredged up in what is clearly nothing more than a continuing, and never-ending, attempt by those who have committed themselves to preventing President Trump from being able to run for re-election, and winning for a third time. This time around it’s yet another career bureaucrat/swamp creature, Bob Gates, now taking part in an effort to portray a former president as somehow being a threat to our national security. And knowing Mr. Gates as we all do, why is it, exactly, that we should believe anything that comes out of his mouth? I for one, certainly do not!

What the Democrats clearly don’t get, nor do those whom they continue to dredge up in their continuing effort to separate President Trump from his supporters, is that those accusations continually directed at President Trump are viewed by the vast majority of Americans as being far more applicable to old ‘Shitbag Joey.’ But that hasn’t seemed to stop them. Perhaps if President Trump had never been elected their accusations would stand a better chance of being believed. But he was, and many Americans believe he was robbed of a second term. A second term during which America would, most assuredly, look markedly different than it does today.

It was during an appearance this past Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” hosted by that proverbial loon Margaret Brennan, that Gates claimed that former President Trump running for office would present a “concern” for national security. And yet it was Gates who once said of ‘Shitbag Joey’ that, “I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” and yet now he seems to prefer ‘Shitbag Joey’ to President Trump? And it was Gates, as former acting director of the CIA, who stridently proclaimed the Soviet Union would be around forever, the week before it dissolved/disbanded! But I digress.  

And a partial transcript of what was a rather bizarre exchange follows:

BRENNAN: You’ve said that you’ve been disappointed in Republican leaders for not standing up for traditional Republican values. We just had this awful shooting in Buffalo, New York. Liz Cheney, Congresswoman, said, “House GOP leadership has enabled white nationalism, white supremacy and anti-Semitism. History has taught us that what begins with words ends in far worse. Republican leaders must renounce and reject these views and those who hold them.” Do you think Republican leaders are enabling those things she said?

GATES: I don’t know that I would go that far. I do know that there aren’t enough of them denouncing those things, denouncing white supremacy, denouncing-


GATES: We have too many people who- who are in politics to further their own agendas and to further their own personal prospects rather than what’s good for the country. And I would say that’s true in both parties.

BRENNAN: Do you think it is important for the American public to have a full accounting of the events of January 6th with these public hearings that are planned in the weeks ahead?

GATES: I think so. What happened on January 6 was- was a huge blight on our democracy.

BRENNAN: You think there is value in having this aired publicly?

GATES: I think so, yes. I think people need to understand. My worry is that people will- that everybody will retreat to their ideological corner. And, and so nobody will- nobody will listen. I think maybe the best thing to do is just to rerun the videos.

BRENNAN: Former Trump Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was with us on Face the Nation recently, and he revealed some pretty shocking things about what he witnessed when he was part of the administration. Unconstitutional, illegal, immoral actions. Firing missiles into Mexico. Shooting American protesters in the legs. Did you know that these types of ideas were being considered at that time?

GATES: A few of them. Not, not those specific ones, but, but some others that he talks about. So- and people would call me from the Pentagon and tell me that, you know, we’re- we’re wrestling with how to respond to this. So I had some flavor of it, but none of the kind of detail that- that Mark Esper has in his book.

BRENNAN: Do you believe President Trump running for office again would present that threat to national security?

GATES: It would concern me.

BRENNAN: That’s a very diplomatic phrase.

GATES: That’s and that’s- that’s where I am.

Of course, these people consider President Trump a “security concern.” An intruder from the world of reality is always considered as being an existential threat to people who believe ‘man-plus-wig-equals-woman;’ ‘two-plus-two-equals-racism;’ and objective truth is a white-supremacist conspiracy. In their alternate universe, pregnancy is a disease, except if it’s a pregnant man. Then it’s cause for celebration. There are 57 genders, and castrating children is a normal and healthy thing. Let’s be honest. Let’s put aside the sensitivity culture for a minute. These people are a disease. Has there ever been a worse group of scum bags than the American Left?

There is very little difference, if any, between Gates and the very same people who falsified intelligence, and evidence, in order to push the “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax in order to overthrow a duly elected U.S. President under false pretenses, or those who willingly went along with it. The same people who said Hunter Biden’s Laptop was “Russian Disinformation” while purposely ignoring his direct contact with Chinese operatives. I’m thinking these people are actually working for the other side at this point, and not America. They couldn’t possibly be THAT incompetent. This kind of consistent behavior reeks more of treason than of, “Oops I screwed up!”

And while I may not be the ‘expert’ Mr. Gates is, how is it that he arrives at his conclusion that President Trump is in any way a threat to national security when looking back at how there were no new wars in four years under President Trump, no invasion of Ukraine under President Trump and no invasion of our southern border under President Trump. Anyone who thinks the U.S. is stronger now under ‘Shitbag Joey’ is either an idiot, or quite happy that America is now being destroyed under this radically dangerous and radically incompetent administration. So you have to wonder what it might be that now motivates Gates to make such a baseless accusation?

Finally, it’s according to Gates that we’re now supposed to view the guy who started no new wars in four years as being a “national security concern?” And yet, a guy unable to navigate a flight of stairs, who stumbles around rarely aware of where he is at any given time, the same guy that Gates himself once said hasn’t been right about any foreign policy issue in over 40 years, is not someone who we should view as being a “national security concern?” All of which begs the question, was Mr. Gates lying then when speaking of ‘Shitbag Joey,’ or is he lying now when speaking of President Trump? Or does he just lie as a general matter of course? It’s likely the latter.

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