When it comes to those polls reflecting how Americans feel about ‘Shitbag Joey’s job performance, I have two questions: 1) How is it that anyone who’s not a complete moron, and who is anywhere near aware of what has been made to transpire under *president ‘Shitbag Joey’ actually see any way possible to support that which he has done? And 2), Does he, or any of the many hiding behind the curtain, pulling ‘Shitbag Joey’s strings really care that the vast majority of Americans do not support him and think that the country is now, most definitely headed in the wrong direction? 

*President ‘Shitbag Joey’s approval ratings sank to what again was referred to as being a new record low in an Associated Press (AP) poll released Friday. According to the AP-NORC Center for Public Research poll, 39 percent of U.S. adults approve of the *president’s performance, as more Democrats are losing faith in his abilities to handle major issues facing America. His approval rating is down 24 points from his 63 percent rating one year ago in May 2021. I’m appalled that he has over 0 percent as an approval rating in anything. How many blind, stupid morons are there in the U.S.?

And so, for whatever the reason, even nutjob Democrats seem to be losing faith in old ‘Shitbag Joey.’ And whether that’s because he has not proven himself to be radical enough in his effort to destroy the country, or perhaps hasn’t done enough to combat nonexistent ‘climate change,’ or they have come to genuinely believe that he, and his many handlers, are actively working to bring about the end of this country, it’s only 33 percent of Democrats who now believe the country is headed in the right direction, which is down 16 points from ‘Shitbag Joey’s rating in April.

Of those questioned, just two in ten believe the U.S. is headed in the right direction. ‘Shitbag Joey’s approval rating among Democrats is also down to 73 percent, falling nine points from his lowest rating from his party in 2021. The *president also suffers low ratings for the economy, as 51 percent say his policies have done more to hurt the state of the economy than help it. But still, that fact that 73 percent of Democrats actually approve of the job that ‘Shitbag Joey’ is doing to destroy the country, should call into question the sanity of anyone who calls themselves a Democrat.

And ‘Shitbag Joey’ has only a 38 percent approval rating when it comes to immigration and a 45 percent approval rating on his handling of the relationship with Russia. And it’s only 21 percent of Americans who say they have a great deal of confidence in the *president’s ability to handle the war in Ukraine. The *president is currently on a trip to North Korea and Japan to signal solidarity with Asian democracies. But what should scare every rational adult is that 33 percent of Democrats believe the country is headed in the right direction! And that’s just nuts!!

I do find it rather amazing how ‘Shitbag Joeys’ approval has continued to hover around 39 percent for months despite the fact that things continued to get so very much worse. These pollsters keep saying “lowest approval ratings” ever and yet the number remains 39 percent. How can anyone approve of this hair-sniffing, lying, smirking, corrupt, pervert of a senile old fart? And frankly, I don’t know what is the more bogus: That ‘Shitbag Joey’ has a 39 percent approval rating or, he has the mental capacity to serve as *president, or that he legitimately won the election.

As if Democrat voters could not have foreseen all of this entirely predictable calamity and destruction to our country as they chose to vote for ‘Shitbag Joey’ with such giddy hubris and mindless out of nothing by hatred for President Trump and his supporters who clearly warned against ‘Shitbag Joey’ with ironclad and sober reason. Under the circumstances, the lifetime incompetent American voter trophy goes to each mindless knuckleheads who helped in any way to elect ‘Shitbag Joey’ in the first place. They are quite clearly at fault for putting him in the White House.

‘Shitbag Joey’ finished at the bottom of EVERY academic class he ever participated in while cheating and plagiarizing, and yet half the country still expected a good performance? The man has made a career out of being a corrupt backslapping retard and nothing more. He’s been a political disaster since he started some 40 years ago. So at what point will we have the balls to stand up and say this far and no further? When will we say enough is enough? When will we finally demand that he, and those in the Democrat Party actually start fixing problems instead of creating more?

The Democrat Party appears quite willing to sacrifice the little credibility that they have left as long as their elite big money donors are happy. It’s clear to anyone that follows politics that the left no longer cares about our institutions. They are now the agents in charge of transferring power to international organizations. The Democrats were placed in power to destroy our nation for our enemies. They were not elected to anything. Knowing this, what do we have to do to bring the deliberate destruction of our country to an end? If we wait until 2024, the damage will likely be irreparable.

‘Shitbag Joey’ is not only the worst *president in history, he’s also a disgusting human being. No rational individual could honestly approve of anything he has done thus far or that he continues to do. But I fear that the worst is yet to come, as he knows his time may be limited. The midterm elections, if they do go as many are predicting, will slow this tyrant down, but I fear it will be too late to save our republic. Our country is now very much in need of an intervention it’s either that or we simply continue to sit on our hands and watch as those on the left destroy our country.

The ‘Shitbag Joey/’BO’ plan would seem to be right on course. They could care less about polls, all they care about is collapsing the country and, make no mistake, the country is being made to collapse, by design. Their plan was to get ‘Shit Bag Joey’ into office, by any means necessary, and to then ram through as many Marxist policies as possible over the course of the next two years. They figured that having control of the White House, Senate and House was fleeting and that they needed to strike while the iron was hot. The feckless Republicans don’t operate that way, unfortunately.

What if the Democrats actually believe the garbage they continually spew? That they actually believe that Inflation is ‘good’ for the economy. Or that high gas prices really do benefit the climate, or even that LOW poll numbers are actually a positive sign. The more they control, and more they try to fix things, the worse things will get. One size fits all, does not work. That Democrats believe they are smart enough to control an economy like ours, is laughable. When capitalism works they take credit, but when their attempts at central planning fail, they blame everyone but themselves.

And if, and granted it’s a big if, Democrats really have lost faith in ‘Shitbag Joey,’ take a good look at what it took for them to finally get there! In the first16 months of their guy being in office we had rising gas prices, rapidly rising inflation, empty store shelves, police walking off the job after being labeled ‘racists’ by Democrats, rampant crime, wave after wave of illegal immigrants flooding into the country, with ‘Shitbag Joey’s help, pulling out of Afghanistan poorly, getting our people killed or left behind along with state-of-the-art weaponry, baby formula shortages and so much more!

But that’s not really even the worst of it! What we now have is an administration comprised of those who persist in accusing fully half the country of being the greatest threat this country now faces. Which is ironic in a way, especially when you consider the fact that it’s the Democrats who now pose the greatest threat to our survival. And those who continued to vote for Democrats know full well that Democrats continue to run on hatred of both America those who seek only to salvage what’s left of her. They know and it seems to matter not, because most continue to vote the same way.


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