I’ll be the first to admit that, yes, racism does, in fact, exist here in America. Where the problems arise, however, is when those who claim to be so interested in trying to somehow rid us of it, seem interested only in lecturing whites as if we are somehow the problem. Of course, it’s these individuals who tend to be the very same people who peddle the rubbish that, for some bizarre reason, blacks are incapable of being racist. Which, of course, is pretty ironic when you stop to consider the fact that blacks tend to be far more racist toward whites, than whites are toward blacks. And say what you will, but that’s something that I have seen firsthand, so I know it’s true.

And while I can honestly say that I have never in my life uttered the N-word, I will admit that I possess neither tolerance of, nor sympathy for, those who accuse me of causing those events that happen in their life that have only come about because of choices they have made, and therefore they alone are responsible for whatever has befallen them. And if my intolerance is somehow viewed as being racist on my part, so be it, and, I couldn’t care less. We are all products of the choices we make as we travel through life, and I resent being called a racist because I refuse to accept the blame for where it is that others may end up because of their own bad choices.    

And so it was that earlier this week that we heard from Malika Henderson, some moron described as CNN’s senior political reporter, and more than likely an Affirmative Action hire, who said on “Inside Politics” that “white Americans have to come to terms with” their racism while reacting to President Joe Biden’s speech in Buffalo, NY, after the mass shooting in Tops supermarket. And it was fellow network moron, John King who asked the question, “The question is how do you sustain it in the sense that the president of the United States saying there’s a venom of hate in our politics. It cannot be the story of our time. How do you bend the arc?”

Henderson said, “You know, it has been the story of our time. It has been the story of America. The sort of twin cultures not only gun culture but also white supremacist culture as well. And gun culture, in some ways, being used to reinforce white supremacy, as we saw in this instance in Buffalo. And as we’ve seen in other instances, El Paso, in Pittsburgh, in Charleston as well, a few years ago. You know, Biden was talking about two Americas here. He talked about the ordinary African-Americans, many of whom came to Buffalo fleeing racial violence. You think about the ways in which the northern black towns came to existence.”

She said, “A lot of those folks were fleeing oppression in the south only to be met with oppression and racist violence in these northern cities. That is one America.” She added, “And the other America, the kind of racism that has coursed through the country for decades and hasn’t been denounced enough, hasn’t been rooted out enough. You know, oftentimes, it is African-Americans who talk about racism. It is really a white cultural problem that white Americans have to come to terms with, why is it that African-Americans and brown and black people are more generally are seen as the other or demonized so easily in a lot of our politics.”

And she continued, “You know we sort of talk about white supremacy, but it’s also the ways in which people talk about folks coming across the border, the demonization of it goes around about those folks, that somehow they also are a threat to Americans.” On the contrary, whites need to push back against the false accusations that we are racist. It’s the evil Democrats who are perpetually playing the race card. The ‘venom of hate’ is a vital component of liberalism, but is found nowhere in true conservatism. The vast majority of these supposed white ‘racists’ go off to work every day trying to make a decent living and support themselves and their families.

And it’s in return that they’re forced to pay more and more in taxes that the government then uses to support a majority of the 13 percent, many of whom have never done an honest day’s work in their life. Dependence on government has become generational for many, and when we complain about being made to spend more after we’ve watched trillions of dollars spent with essentially nothing to show for any of it, we’re called racist. These anti-white bigots need to come to terms with their scapegoating, stereotyping, finger-pointing, bias and envy. The proper response to fringe movements like ‘white supremacy’ is not to condemn an entire race.

Democrats, regardless of skin color, have never wanted to honestly address issues of race. They want the issue perpetuated forever so they can keep using it for political and monetary exploitation. If racism was ever to be ‘solved,’ phonies like Sharpton, Jackson and so many more like them would be unemployed. Democrats try to project their racism onto others. They have long viewed people of color as less than human, as something to be used for political gain. They compensate, monetarily, politically those blacks who willingly assist them in their brainwashing of those in the black community. Democrats project their own prejudices on their political opponents.

I’ll let the blacks obsess over ‘racism’ when, in reality, they are desperate to find excuses for their own failure to achieve. Roughly $25 Trillion has been spent on LBJ’s ‘Great Society’ programs designed to help blacks since 1965. The result? Nothing. Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nadda! The black illegitimacy rate is triple what it was in 1965. Failure to succeed in education. Failure to keep incarceration rates down. Failure in terms of life expectancy. It isn’t racism! It’s a lack of desire to succeed. They alone are responsible for their lot in life, just like the rest of us, not some imaginary oppression by those who have no influence over their culture or communities.

And make no mistake, it’s no amount of money, or government programs, that are going to ‘fix’ the many issues effecting the Black community. The only thing that will have any chance of providing a genuine fix for the black community is Blacks taking responsibility for their plight and making better choices. Such as choosing to graduate high school, not having children out of wedlock and getting a job, any job and holding it for a year. If they did this in a generation 95 percent would be fully in the middle class. Blacks need to come to terms with their own dysfunction, incompetence, crime rate, and persistent need to try to blame ‘whitey’ for all their troubles.

Democrats continue to call white Republicans, “Supremacists!” All the while it’s the Democrats who have placed abortion clinics in Black neighborhoods, killing millions of unborn black babies, since Roe v. Wade. And it’s so many in the ‘fake news’ media, like Ms. Henderson herself, who today promote the continued racial animus of the Democrat Party as they commit this atrocity against the very Black people they claim to want to protect. Democrats are the ones who cannot look at any issue without injecting ‘race’ into it, no matter what. THAT is the behavior of a true racist. But as usual, they accuse others of what they themselves are actually doing.

The never-ending charge of racism against everyday Americans is nothing more than a political attack on those who don’t subscribe to the Democrat agenda. They use blacks in an effort to gain power over us. Sure, there are those who have been treated poorly but they are most definitely not all black or brown. Slavery has existed since the beginning of time with far more whites having been subjected to slavery than blacks. The idea of paying reparations to blacks makes little sense as no one today has ever been a slave nor has anyone ever owned a black slave. The taxpayers should not be asked to pay reparations for those who have never been a slave!

I am not racist because I went to school, learned, went to work, and saved for my future. I am not rich by any means, but we lived frugally so that we might live comfortably in our old age. I am not racist because I believe that we all have similar opportunities here in America. I am not racist because I am white nor am I racist for where I live. So, the question is how can those like Malika Henderson call us racist? She only seeks to stir up controversy. Those who sadly died in Buffalo were Americans. It’s plain to see that the shooter was a racist. Racism is always identifying someone by their racial history while, in reality, we are all just Americans!



  1. I really feel that in so many ways, I am like the majority of white men in my age group. In my thinking. No, not 100% but, concerning certain things, like “RACISM”,
    It doesn’t even enter my mind. On a day in, day out basis.

    And yet, for some reason, we have a certain percentage of men and women here in our Nation, Racism is all they seem to think about from the time they get up, until off goes the house-slippers, and into bed they go.

    And these things are not white conservative’s. They are white leftist. Why they boil everything down to race and or racism?? I haven’t a clue.


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