So you have to wonder just how incredibly lazy, perverted, racist and/or flat out ignorant the kooks that comprise their party’s base must be that we have now Democrats who apparently feel it’s necessary to sound increasingly unhinged in their quest to ensure those same ‘supporters’ remain in the fold, so to speak. Case in point would, of course, be none other than James Carville. Carville, a guy who I have yet to figure out why he remains someone who remains so highly sought out for his supposed keen political insight. I know, right? I mean, here is a guy who every time he opens his mouth sounds a bit more unraveled than he did the last time.   

And so, riddle me this. How is it that you can have any hope of convincing folks to come join your side, by sounding like a complete lunatic? Take for instance Mr. Carville who, just this past Tuesday, during one of his many routine visits to MSDNC, this time appearing on “The Beat,” demonstrated just how truly psychotic he is when he claimed that Republicans had become “hypersonic weird” and had to be stopped. Now from where I’m standing it’s the Democrats, and their ‘science’ that says there are 50+ genders, who think boys can become girls and girls, boys, and that men can somehow get pregnant, who seem to be operating in “hypersonic weird” mode. 

It was this during appearance that Carville said, “My thoughts go back to less than a month ago when I was on the show, and we talked about how weird the Republican Party has become. It’s now hypersonic weird. We’ve gone through this horrific leak of a Supreme Court decision. We’ve actually seen over 25% of the House Republican caucus side with a hostile foreign power, namely Russia, and against Ukraine.” And he went on to say, “We’ve seen the replacement theory, which you know as well as anybody that this is a horrific anti-Semite racist thing that’s been around historically forever, come to its enviable fruition and will continue the do this.”

He said, “We’re in a very, very difficult time with a major American political party that has just become hypersonic weird, and it has to be stopped. The only way to stop this is at the ballot box. You’re not going to stop it by going and wasting your time demonstrating in front of Justice Kavanaugh or Senator Collins’ house. What a waste of time. Get out of Washington to go to Michigan and Wisconsin and North Carolina and Pennsylvania and Ohio, and Nevada and Arizona, where all these competitive races are taking place. The whole future of the country is going to be decided in November. The faster we understand that, the better off we’re going to be.”

Look, as long as Democrats keep shouting their battle cry of, “sex before eight, else it’s too late,” they will continue to lose elections. And still they haven’t figured it out. They are so trapped in their little bubble that they think advocating for abortion up to the point of birth is widely accepted by the public and that boy’s competing in girl’s sports is what people want. Carville is old enough to know better. A sane person does not defend the criminally indefensible. And Republicans must be stopped, before they do what? Restart energy production? Seal the border? Restart the economy? Shut down the Treasury money presses? Reform a corrupt DOJ? What exactly?

And even the massive losses that have been predicted for the Democrats this November, if they do come to pass, will likely not wake them up either. And there can be no doubt that they will continue to get increasingly insane as the midterms approach. The radical left has become a danger not just to the American people, but to people the world over. The faster it is eliminated, the better off the world will be. But in order for that to happen the American people, regardless of gender, politics, religion, race and even sexual persuasion are going to need to come together and to look at the bigger picture and understand that the Democrats are not their friends.

You know, it’s so sad when once ‘interesting’ people, sort of, are unable to recognize when their time in the sun has ended and the time has come to relax, maybe ponder the damage one has done to their country, which is now fighting to undo the damage they have wrought upon her. And it’s interesting that if you’re not pro-war or you question the sending of $50 billion to Ukraine, you’re somehow a Putin lover. Typical propaganda. And as far as the replacement theory goes, it’s playing out right before our eyes and they make no secret about working for demographic change. Carville is very well aware of what the whole diversity push is all about, he just playing dumb.

And since when is loving your country and defending our constitutional republic “hypersonic weird?” You gotta love how Democrats think using phrases like “hypersonic” make them sound more intelligent than those American citizens who believe in Faith, Family and Freedom. After all, the Republican Party is not: the party that does not know the definition of a woman, the party that is confused about which bathroom to use, the party that identifies 56 different genders, the party that celebrates men winning women sporting events or the party that loves to kill babies. Nor is it the party that cheats in elections or that suppresses and censors speech.

And here we have yet another example of Carville playing the part of evil court jester. The only “hypersonic wierdos” are those who try to sexualize young children into warped lifestyles, going so far as to brainwash them into having their genitals altered before they can even decide on which pair of socks to wear. The anti-American open border zealots who are letting illegal immigrants into the U.S. who put a further strain on the social safety net system and the Marxists in the Democrat Party are the “hypersonic weirdos” that Carville is only too happy to support. He needs to crawl back under his rock and to stay there for the remainder if his miserable life.

This is another act of pure desperation by a seasoned political weasel. Carville knows the Democrats are in a boatload of trouble heading into this election and he’s likely trying to shift attention away from the dumpster fire that is the Democrat Party and their failed policies. He’s trying to project and establish a false narrative that it’s actually the Republican Party that has come off the rails, is radical, and out of control. The fact is, it’s just the opposite. The Democrats are the ones off the rails, radical and out of control. The Marxists are running the party now. It’s why they’re getting buried in the polls and it’s why they’re panicked heading into the midterms.

And finally, you can almost smell their fear, and make no mistake it’s only going to get strong the closer we get to the election. But we must never underestimate them, these cornered rats are dangerous. Look for as much civil disruption and cheating as they think they will be able to get away with. And while it would helpful if those in our ‘fake news’ media would stop providing them cover, that’s not likely to happen. And it’s the cover provided that is only going to make them bolder. So like I said, the American people are going to have to step up and ignore the efforts being made to divide us. We, the American people, are this country’s last line of defense.

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