You really do have to ask yourself, just how much of a complete imbecile is John Stephens, aka John Legend? Because it’s every time this moron opens his mouth, that he is somehow able to prove, better than I could ever hope to, just how brain dead all of these uneducated entertainment types truly are. And it would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic because, believe it or not, there are those who actually believe the garbage spewed by those like Stephens. And so, needless to say, old John is at it yet again, and in so doing manages to take his stupidity to a whole new level. 

And so it was that that proverbial moron, and well-known backer of ‘Shitbag Joey,’ Stephens, net worth of $100 million, used the national baby formula shortage in the United States to attack pro-life people, suggesting that those who are concerned about baby formula being sent to illegal aliens over American citizens are somehow not “pro-life.” Stephens tweeted, “These are the ‘pro life’ folks” in what was his brilliant comeback to Rep. Troy Nehls, Texas Republican, who tweeted, “Baby formula should go to Americans before illegals. This should not have to be said.”

As *president, old ‘Shitbag Joey’ has yet to address the acute shortage of baby formula all across the country, which is resulting in panic for mothers, for whom formula is a necessary supplement or substitute for breast milk. And Stephens appears to have only one issue on his very small mind, abortion. His rather bizarre attack against pro-life Americans comes after he and his fruitcake wife, disgraced former model Chrissy Teigen, announced they will be donating to NNAF Abortion Funds and Keep Our Clinics in response to a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion on Roe v. Wade.

Stephens lamented, “I am outraged and dismayed that the U.S. Supreme Court appears ready to allow the government to invade women’s private health care decisions and strip them of rights the Court had upheld for 50 years.” Stephens added that the right of women to, if they so choose, murder their unborn children “is so fundamental to their humanity, so necessary for them to be full citizens and full participants in civic and professional life.” What’s he saying, that if you are not willing to let your child starve to death so some illegal can live, you’re not pro-life?

I’m sure everyone is aware by now regarding how Hollyweird celebrities, all manner of woke corporations, and kooky left-wing activists have been having what can only be described as a collective meltdown in the wake of a Supreme Court opinion overruling Roe v. Wade being leaked to the press. Moreover, these pro-abortion advocates have become increasingly hysterical over states passing laws limiting abortion, leaving leftists fretting over how poor pregnant women will be able to afford traveling out of state in order to successfully murder their unborn babies.

If nothing else, this clown, Stephens, is living proof that you don’t necessarily need talent, intelligence or even good looks to make it big in the ‘entertainment industry’ today. And is he saying that it’s somehow wrong to think that American babies are just as important as the babies of those immigrants who happen to be in our country illegally? He also seems to be saying that if you defend American living babies, you’re not pro-life, which makes absolutely no sense. There is simply no logic at all in his words or in his ‘thinking.’ But, he’s a Democrat, so what more should we expect?

Those like Stephens are a poor excuse for Americans. They use the freedoms that so many have died for to tear down our nation, and for what. They are ghouls, plain and simple, and they hate anything perceived as being innocent and pure. They have only one interest in children. And if they can’t-kill-them in the womb, they want to rape them in the cradle, or at the very least twist their minds in order to make their deviancy the new normal. They lie with every breath, to a level where conversation or real debate is impossible. They are cowards who call their perversions, ‘science.’

And it’s ludicrous comments made by a someone who donates money for no other reason than to ensure abortion factories are able to remain open and able to continue with the murdering of babies. He thinks what he has to say should be listened to. And he apparently thinks that American babies should die of starvation while we save the babies of those in this country illegally. Is that what he really thinks? What happened to taking care of your own first? Does he actually listen to the shit that comes out of his mouth? Because, I got to tell you, it’s a pretty bizarre way of looking at things.

But look, there’s really nothing new here, Stephens has always managed to be on the wrong side of any issue that has to do with making America truly a better place. Think about it, illegal immigrants didn’t make him rich, and they don’t buy his music, as crappy as it is, nor do they go to his concerts. It’s his American fans that have ensured his fame and fortune. And it’s those very same fans who should now stop spending any of their hard earned money on him. That’s really the only way to retaliate against those like Stephens, you have to hit them squarely in the wallet. Nothing else works.

And as usually the case, Stephens ignores one very important fact! Nobody invited any of these people, continuing to flood across our border, to come here in the first place unless, of course, you consider ‘Shitbag Joey’ piss-poor immigration policies as an invitation. Millions of illegal immigrants have already been released into our country and should not, in any way, be viewed as being more deserving than American citizens. And yet Stephens seems to think those at the border ARE more deserving? To my thinking, they should have thought about the downsides before making the trip.

The lefty argument seems to be that if you oppose abortion, then you must take care of every human being for the rest of their lives. How can you oppose abortion if you won’t feed a poor baby? Or pay for a poor kid’s clothes? Well, I oppose murder of adults, too. But just because I oppose the homicide of, say, a homeless drug addict sleeping on the street it does not mean that I’m obligated to support that person for the rest of his life. Like all radical left wing socialist Democrats, Stephens believes the government should put the needs of all law-abiding Americans dead last.

Stephens likely thought that his repartee about people being pro-life hypocrites if they objected to sending baby formula to the border was witty. But let me tell you, Johnny, it most certainly wasn’t. People are upset because the government refuses to protect our borders and in fact is encouraging an illegal invasion at our border at a time of economic distress in our own country. This invasion exacerbates all shortages. Another clueless Hollyweird bubble-dweller showing a lack of empathy for his fellow citizens. What exactly is it that Stephens has done for the good of humanity? Sing???

Stephens clearly supports the killing of children and, apparently, either inside or outside of the womb, just like the rest of the radical Leftist filth. And for those who think his words don’t matter or shouldn’t be discussed here, remember this, the man does commercials for large corporations. He does have a high-profile in the media and on social media. He has thousands of followers who want to hear his idiotic opinions. Those who ask, “why do we care about people like him,” need to look at the bigger picture. We need to be paying attention to what those on the left are saying.



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