You know, as insane as things are going right now, I have absolutely no doubt that over the course of the next five and a half months they are going to become even more insane, right up to, and including, Election Day this fall. Loons are already crawling out from under their rocks, and that too is only going to get worse. And the only reason Americans need pay attention to any of it is so that they can see for themselves just how extreme, how radical and how totally unhinged those on the left have become and how much of a threat they now pose to our freedom as a nation. We need to understand from where they’re coming and what their goal is.

And it is in politics, as well as in the ‘fake news’ media and in academia that we have those who are constantly spewing of all manner incendiary rhetoric that seems to sound even more insane with each passing day. There seems to be no lie that they will not tell, no accusation that they will not make if the intended result is to ensure that Democrats remain in power. And it matters not what shape the country is now in after a mere 16 months of total Democrat control, it only matters that the Democrats are in charge of running it. And the speed with which they have managed to destroy things is truly frightening, with much of the damage proving to be irreparable.

It’s each day that we read, or hear, about how yet another loon is claiming how it is that President Trump should be indicted, but they’re never able to provide any facts as to why he should be indicted. And it was very recently that we had another kook, this one from academia, spewing even more leftwing gibberish while appearing this past Thursday on MSDNC’s ‘Deadline.’ This time around it was Harvard Law professor emeritus Laurence Tribe making the argument that President Trump could face criminal prosecution for espionage while discussing reports that the Department of Justice is investigating President Trump’s handling of classified material.

So just who is this guy, Laurence Tribe. Briefly, Tribe is one of the co-founders of the liberal American Constitution Society, the law and policy organization formed to counter the conservative Federalist Society and is one of a number of scholars at Harvard Law School who have expressed their support for animal rights. Tribe also served as a judicial adviser to ‘BO’s 2008 presidential campaign. In December 2016, Tribe was one of three lawyers to provide pro bono legal counsel for those of the 538 members of the United States Electoral College who were considering a vote of conscience against Donald Trump in the presidential election. In other words, a kook.

Anyway, Tribe said, “When we find all of this apparent top secret information finding his way to unsecured boxes to Mar-a-Lago, it’s very encouraging that the Department of Justice isn’t simply asking who packed the boxes, but what did the president then of the United States on his way out of the Oval Office have in mind in taking that information? Did he do anything with it? Did he use it for his own benefit? That would be a serious crime of espionage.” You may remember Tribe as being the boob who actually described ‘BO’ as being the smartest student he ever had. But I digress. Listening to someone like this guy is nothing more than a waste of time.

Tribe went on to add, “So there is both a national security angle and a potentially criminal angle and the most encouraging thing to me because I’m worried about accountability so that we don’t have a repeat of all of these things in 2024 of the attempted coup and insurrection. What is most important to me is that no one should be above the law, and the attorney general and his top deputy and associate attorneys general, people like Lisa Monaco, should be taken at their word when they say they’re going to follow the evidence wherever it leads right into the Oval Office, right into the former guy, so stay tuned. I think this is an important development.”

So here we go again. While the Biden crime family evidence is right in our grills, these low IQ media shills make these nonsensical claims to distract. Just like Hitlery did with the Russia hoax because it was exactly what she was doing, ‘colluding’ with Russia and those in our ‘fake news’ media to frame President Trump. Tribe has been little more than a hired legal leftist hack his entire ‘career.’ Born in China, Communism seeped into him at an early age. When you’re 80 after such a career, with dimming wits and the accolades are a distant memory, croak something nasty about Trump, and the fascist media will flock to your bedside to hear your last gasps.

All this guy is doing is to, once again, make very clear just how freaking terrified those on the left, along with their RINO pals, are of that truth of their corruption, their sedition, and dare I say their treason, will be brought out into the full light of day. And if anything is ever done about it, they’re doomed. That’s why they went into a panic on election night 2016 and did everything they could to derail Donald Trump, to steal the election from him and to hound him with one bogus legal attack after another. If this was not true, they wouldn’t have bothered with him. And if they had won 2020 legitimately, they wouldn’t now be worried about him running again.

These radical leftwing scumbags will work to come up with every filthy lie and drummed up charge possible in their effort to stop President Trump, not only to discredit him and his support for ‘America First’ candidates, but to keep him from being seen at all. First, they spied on candidate Donald Trump and then they lied about President Trump. And it was the left that executed the coup that they speak of. ‘Shitbag Joey’ has done much worse while in office as he has supported a terrorist regime and gave them a complete military on the U.S. taxpayers’ dime while allowing them to murder our military in Afghanistan. That is treason and sedition!

It’s kind of sad, really, that those who work within our education system used to be so respected and now they no longer are. Now they’re considered as being nothing but a joke as they are no longer interested in educating, only in indoctrinating. Our public school system is just the beginning of the dumbing down of our children and the brainwashing of our young. The cherry on top are our supposed institutions of higher learner populated by leftist imbeciles like this dolt, Tribe. The liberal academia has done a great deal of damage to this country. When teachers use the phrase “for the children” watch out, something bad is about to happen for parents and taxpayers.

And when this scumbag uses words like “attempted coup and insurrection” he lets you know exactly what kind of a leftwing whack job he truly is! Now you think that this  supposed ‘law professor’ would be a bit more concerned about the criminal charges his buddy ‘Shitbag Joey’ should be facing for purposely wrecking our country rather than these silly, and clearly bogus, espionage charges against President Trump that will fail just like the two fake impeachments and the phony January 6th protest charges that no one is paying attention to. A Harvard law professor states President Trump should be prosecuted for espionage, nothing out of the ordinary here.

Once again we see how it is that President Trump still lives rent free in the heads of so many on the left. You can sense their fear regarding President Trump because they know the election was stolen and that it can now be proven and traced right back to them. These compulsively corrupt lying lefties will NEVER give up trying to get President Trump on something, ANYTHING. They just keep the train rolling, trawling for new accusations against him as they go. The truth is, based on all of the investigations, that President Trump is clearly the cleanest politician in all of DC. Easily the cleanest. Perhaps that’s only because he’s NOT a politician.

We’ve never seen anything like it before. Democrats subjected him to 24/7 harassment all through his term in office. A two year Russia, Russia, Russia investigation, two separate impeachments, and in the 15 months since he was deprived of his election win they’ve continued, unabated. Investigation after investigation, more calls to impeach him, accusations of treason, insurrection, and now “espionage?” I’m tempted to say, “you couldn’t make this shit up,” except they have. They’ve made it ALL up, and their blind and psychotic obsession to once and for all take down President Trump may ultimately end up destroying them.

Finally, one has to wonder just how many times MSDNC thinks it will be able to fool everyone by constantly having guests such as this on their network saying bad things about President Trump. So now espionage has been added to the list of Trump crimes? Let me see, we have a wide-open border causing a national security risk. Violent crime is through the roof. We can’t feed our babies. We are on the verge of an economic disaster. Putin threatens nuclear war. China is preparing to invade Taiwan. Iran is working overtime to build nukes and the three nations are getting cozy with each other because they all hate us. And all the left is worried about is…Trump?

Oh wait, how could I forget? We also have energy prices that are soaring and making everything else far more expensive. We have all the makings of the beginning of the end of our country BUT NO, it’s President Trump and his many “crimes” that’s the real news we need to know. This is nothing more than pure leftwing propaganda constantly being shoved down our throats and we’re actually expected to believe all of it because those in the leftist ‘fake news’ media think we’re all clueless when it comes to what they doing and too stupid to figure it out. What’s worse is that there are some who fall into that category, those who actually believe our leftist media.



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