For those in the great state of Wyoming who remain perched on that proverbial fence when it comes to choosing whether or not to support Liz Cheney in her bid for re-election there was a recent endorsement, of sorts, that might help make that decision a little easier. You see, it’s none other than Eric Holder who now seems very interested in trying to help you make up your mind. Either that or perhaps Mr. Holder is trying to convince enough Democrats to vote for her in an attempt to somehow make up for any potential shortfall in Republican votes that she might suffer because of the fact that she’s nothing more than a traitorous, Trump hating RINO.

I mean, think about it, why else would a slimy racist, like Holder, have any interest whatsoever in saying anything positive about Ms. Cheney, someone who works so very hard to convince us all that she is something she most definitely is not, a conservative Republican. But what better way to decide whether or not to vote her than on the recommendation from racist POS like Holder? And if Holder is bragging about a Republican, then we know that that Republican is not really a Republican and is instead nothing but a useful idiot. And it’s Holder’s endorsement that should only serve to solidify the treasonous nature of Cheney’s political existence.

And so it was during his recent appearance, this past Wednesday, on MSDNC’s “Deadline,” hosted by Nicolle Wallace, one the resident morons there at the network, that Holder described Cheney as having “guts,” and also made the claim that she was doing the nation a service with her work on House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 riot at the U.S. Capitol. During a congressional hearing, Cheney said, “Mr. Meadows’ testimony will bear on another key question before this committee, Donald Trump, through action or inaction, corruptly seek to obstruct or impede Congress’ official proceedings to count electoral votes?”

Wallace said, “The question for you, if you’re following the evidence and you want to stay as close to the moment of the alleged crimes, how important are the voices of people like Liz Cheney who has the courage to do it in public and in full view and people like Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell don’t?” Holder responded by saying, “I think it’s extremely important to the extent that we are going to keep the amount of division that a potential indictment would actually generate. Having leaders of the party do the responsible thing, what they know in their heart to be the right thing, would go a long way to keeping the nation together.”

He added, “And boy, I tell you, the words of Liz Cheney and I don’t share a world view and agree on many issues, but she’s got guts. She’s got guts. She is doing a service to this nation the likes of which I’ve not seen for some time. Adam Kinzinger, who is right there with her, these are people who need to be. Again, I don’t share political views with them, but I have to give them their due, and there need to be more people like them.” And it’s all of that that’s coming from a man who is nothing more than a treasonous bastard who should be awaiting his final sentence while rotting away in a 10 by 10 prison cell for the rest of his natural life.  

Democrats have become nothing more a malignant cancer on America. And the only thing worse are the RINO’s like Cheney who continually bend over backwards to assist the Democrats in their ongoing endeavor to destroy this country. Both Democrat and RINO are doing everything they can to distort America and our once civil society. When you earn any amount of praise from a guy like Holder, then we all know you’re a leftwing sympathizer. And if I was Cheney the last thing that I would want is any kind of an endorsement from a guy like Holder. This praise should make obvious to all the people of Wyoming that Chaney has no business on a Republican ballot.

If you want to identify a RINO turncoat just look for those ‘Republicans’ praised by Democrats like Holder. And just which country is it that she is doing a service to? Is it Communist China? Is it Iran? Or maybe Russia? Whichever country it is, it certainly is not America. And if we’re being honest she would do the nation a far BETTER service by going down in defeat. Cheney, and her trusty sidekick Kinzinger, don’t have “guts,” all they have is HATE. And it’s a pretty damn sad commentary on a man, President Trump, that did so many great things for this country, and the reason we know that is by the condition that it’s in now with ‘Shitbag Joey’ in office!

Now if I was someone trying to portray myself as being a conservative Republican, and running for re-election as such, I don’t think I’d be too quick to accept any kind of praise from a Constitution-hating, gun running racist like Holder. And just how stupid does he think the people of Wyoming are? Does he actually think that his endorsement of Cheney will in any way cause more people to see the light? All we have here is one treasonous bastard lauding another, and it’s as fake as it gets. If there was any real justice, Holder would now be in prison, and Cheney would have been recalled for failing to uphold her oath of office. But we’ll see neither taking place.

And if Cheney truly does love this country as much as she claims to, then she would simply step down and not run for re-election. She is a disgrace to all conservatives, not just those in Wyoming, that’s why she was essentially kicked to the curb. Queen of the RINOs who January 6 accusations are nothing but pure political theater. She is literally consumed by her hatred of President Trump. How much longer do we allow this charade to continue. Release the political prisoners and abandon the insurrection nonsense. The real enemy are those who murder police officers, mindlessly destroy private property and burn down our cities. All things that Holder supports!

So, Holder has jumped in the shallow end and seems to be trying to make a splash. But if you were a conservative Republican running for re-election and getting praise from likes of Holder, would that not cause you to rethink your position? I mean this guy is about as radical leftwing as you can get, and yet he’s out there doing his best to provide a supposed ‘conservative Republican’ with some positive press? Sorry, but something just doesn’t compute. When someone as corrupt as Holder endorses you, then you know you are on your way out as a Republican politician. Because if you need a racist Democrat to sing your praises, I’m afraid it’s not going to end well!


  1. Dopey al-Eriqholder’s gushing over Lizzy Cheney certainly passes as halal for libturds only. His fatwa will blow up in his face.


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