Anyone able to remember back to those very dark days, not only for our country but the entire world as well, known historically as ‘the Obama Presidency,’ will also likely remember he who was known as being ‘BO’s ‘Wing Man,’ none other than Eric Holder. Holder was, in all likelihood, one of the most corrupt individuals ever to hold any position in government, serving as ‘BO’s Attorney General. And so, I find it all a bit ironic that Mr. Holder continues to be one of the louder, and dare I say persistent, voices calling for the indictment of President Trump. Especially considering the fact that Holder should have long ago been indicted and should now be rotting in prison.

But be that as it may, it was again Holder who, this past Tuesday during an appearance on CNN’s “The Lead” stated that if he were the Attorney General, which we should all be glad that he is not, he would proceed with pursuing an indictment against former President Trump based on what was public knowledge. And it was guest-anchor, and one of the many resident bimbos there at CNN, Dana Bash, who said, “There’s a national conversation about the former president. And I know you were opposed to indicting a former president in the past. In the case of Donald Trump, however, you say that you no longer believe it’s unthinkable. Explain why.”

Holder said, “Yeah, I think given the breadth of what we already know, the depth of the criminality that we already know, and what I undoubtedly think we’re going to get from the January 6th Committee, and the danger to the republic, there was an attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power, there has to be accountability for that. Just as importantly, there has to be deterrence so people in the future will not try to do that which they tried to accomplish on January 6th. And that has really kind of moved me from thinking, it will be a divisive thing if it happens, but it will be equally divisive not to take action against those who tried to foment that coup.”

Bash said, “You do believe that there is a chance that the current attorney general, Merrick Garland, will indict Donald Trump, despite how divisive you acknowledge it could be?” Holder said, “I think that possibility exists. I have great faith in Merrick Garland.” Bash then asked, “Would you do that if you were attorney general now?” Holder said, “Well, I don’t have access to all of the information.” Bash interjected, “From public record.” Holder said, “Right, to the extent that I was satisfied that the statutory requirements were met and that you could show the necessary intent, given the nature of this crime, yeah, I would proceed.” To the extent he “was satisfied?”

Realistically speaking, based on public knowledge it’s Holder who should now be in prison for contempt of Congress and for gun running. And yet he is not, and President Trump is somehow worthy of being indicted? This guy is such a piece of shit. Holder managed to escape his contempt of Congress charge for failing to provide subpoenaed evidence that would have shown he lied during sworn testimony, because ‘BO’ channeled his inner Nixon and played the Executive Privilege card. Now I’m no legal expert, but I’ve always thought that perjury and refusal to honor a subpoena were both offenses worthy of disbarment, much less worthy of ending up behind bars.

And since when is he worried about “the Republic?” Some of us who are older than he is remember when it was he, and his Black Power buddies, who tried to burn down his own campus ROTC building. And it has been since that time that Holder has continued as being nothing but a permanent shit stain on the history of our great Republic. Again, it’s Holder who needs to be indicted for ‘gun running’ and as an ‘accessory to murder’ for his role in ‘Fast and Furious.’ It never ceases to amaze me how devils like this scum, Holder, can make such claims, without ever being asked to produce a shred of evidence as to what Trump actually did that was criminal or impeachable.

And that Holder says he has great faith in Merrick Garland, tells you all you really need to know. The unmitigated gall of these evil, corrupt Marxists is totally mindboggling. They have all proven themselves guilty of those same things that they continually accuse President Trump and the Republicans of doing. They will destroy any individual and/or institution that gets in the way of their unlimited lust for power. Holder is the antithesis of decency. He’s sinister, grossly dishonest, deceptive, racist and incompetent. I am sure this champion of justice would also indict Hitlery and ‘Shitbag Joey’ if given the opportunity as Attorney General. Doubtful!!!

The Democrats are aware, I think, of how it’s going to be more difficult next time around to steal the election through fraud, like they did in 2020. So, their only option now is to try and prevent President Trump from running again. Insiders like Holder knows President Trump defeated ‘Shitbag Joey,’ and by how much. That’s why he’s nervous. If there is a case to be made against President Trump, then bring it. But they won’t. The Democrats get more mileage out of simply threatening Trump than from actually prosecuting him. If they prosecute him, the country sees that they don’t have a case and they lose politically. If they demonize him, they can keep it going for years.

Holder, acting at the behest of his boss, succeeded in setting race relations in this country back 100 years with all of his phony racial attacks against law enforcement. He was also part of an administration that wire tapped reporters, weaponized the IRS in an effort to go after law abiding Tea Party members, not to mention the charade of trying to set up the Trump administration with phony accusations of Russian collusion. Holder was clearly one of the most dangerous Attorneys General in U.S. history. Democrats remain a very clear and present danger to our Republic. Eric Holder is nothing more than a criminal, a liar and another hater of a free America.

These people are terrified of Donald Trump the outsider, he did more for America than grifters like Holder, and his ilk, could ever hope to. It’s corrupt individuals like Holder who are dangerous to the Republic. These Democrats are in panic mode at the prospect that President Trump might run again. Anytime a spineless, slimy coward like Holder engages in this kind of over-the-top rhetoric, you know he’s scared. Now that we know the extent of ‘BO’s involvement in the undermining of the Trump administration, we can easily conclude the cleanup will be vast. Holder had his own scandals. Maybe we should take a second look at his activities at Justice.

And as far as public knowledge goes, why wasn’t ‘BO’ charged for giving hundreds of millions of dollars to an avowed enemy of the United States? Why has Hitlery not been charged when there is more than sufficient evidence against her? Why is ‘Shitbag Joey,’ and his son, not under federal investigation when there appears to be ample ‘public knowledge’ available? Why does Merrick Garland turn a blind eye toward abortion activists attempting to intimidate Supreme Court justices? There are prominent Democrat members in both houses of Congress people calling for violence against those who disagree with them and yet, nothing is done to these people?

Look, Democrats tried everything. They impeached President Trump over a phone call and tried to impeach him again AFTER he was out of office. They went after his taxes with a fine-toothed comb. They got nothing, because there was nothing. If they had one shred of evidence, every ‘fake news’ organization would have been screaming it 24/7/365. They got nothing and will continue to get nothing. Because there is nothing to get. Meanwhile, let’s ignore completely the workings of ‘Shitbag Joey’s criminal enterprise. But this is how skewed things have become, evidence is ignored when those on the Left are involved, evidence is never needed for those on the Right!


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