We now seem to have a political party that appears to have little, or no, interest in addressing a rate of inflation in this country that’s the highest since the days of Jimmy Carter, the price of gas that’s higher than it’s EVER been, store shelves that are becoming increasingly emptier, and the warnings we’re now beginning to hear about a looming food shortage. Instead, what exactly is it that that same political party has as it’s main priority? Is it the coming up with a plan to fix any of those real problems that the American people are made to face every single day? Well, no, not exactly. It seems interested only in ensuring a woman’s ‘right’ to murder her baby.    

And so it was, just this past Sunday, that we saw another proud member of that same party, Senator Amy Klobuchar who, during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” made the blatantly idiotic, and patently dishonest, claim that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is “taking us back to the 1850s” in what was the leaked draft of his opinion that shows the Supreme Court seems poised to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. It was the imbecilic Ms. Klobuchar who said, “Let’s be clear about what’s going on here. With this leaked opinion, the court is looking at reversing 50 years of women’s rights, and the fall will be swift. Over 20 states have laws in place already.”

And it was this same dolt who then went on to say, “I think the question that voters are going to be asking when 75% of people are with us on this — who should make this decision? Should it be a woman and her doctor or a politician? Should it be Ted Cruz making this decision or a woman and her family? Where are women’s equal rights?” She continued, “This is 50 years of rights in a leaked opinion where Justice Alito is literally not just taking us back to the 1950s, he’s taking us back to the 1850s.” And Klobuchar said, “He actually cites the fact that abortion was criminalized back when the 14th Amendment was adopted. So this is really extreme thought.”

And she added, “I’m someone who believes, and I think when your viewers think of this, and they talk to their daughters, and they talk to their sisters and mothers, I say this — why should a woman in Texas have different rights and a different future and a different ability to make decisions about her body and her reproductive choices than a woman in Minnesota?” Klobuchar is nothing if not a total loon. No human right is being taken back to the 1850s. And why is it that Democrats feel the need to lie about absolutely everything? Have you ever noticed how it is that Democrats seem interested only in the murder of babies and unarmed adults? What’s up with that?

There is very little reason for an unwanted pregnancy with the technology and contraceptives that we have today. This is caused, primarily, by young women growing up without good values and/or self-respect. I’m ok if they want to sleep around without giving a second thought to pregnancy, that IS their choice. Once it goes beyond that the child she is carrying needs to be protected. If she wants to put the child up for adoption, that’s perfectly fine. There are a lot of couples who would love to raise their unwanted child. Killing it is just easier, more expedient even. But perhaps if you can’t afford to feed them, you shouldn’t breed them. Just sayin’!

In the 1850s, did they have pregnancy tests at the dollar store? Did they have widespread birth control in any grocery store, bar bathroom, or convenience store? Did they have surgeries and free drugs to prevent pregnancy? Sorry, Ms. Klobuchar, everything you say is completely inaccurate, including the phrase ‘reproductive choice.’ Clearly’ we’re not even going back to 1973, since the birth control landscape is ENTIRELY different from what it was even then. Klobuchar needs to explain why it is that the American left has become so bloodthirsty and cannot bring themselves to accept the science they claim to support, and admit that life begins a conception.

Let alone not taking us back to the 1850s, this decision, if it actually does come to pass officially, will not even take us back to the 1950s. Because it was then that there was no morning after pill. There was no fetal heart monitor. Babies born six weeks premature routinely died. There were very limited contraceptives. Very few family planning clinics. And abortion was illegal in every single state. Many considered it murder. Barely any country allowed abortions. Today, there are between 500,000 and 1,000,000 abortions per year in the U.S. alone. It’s legal in virtually every state. A reversal of Roe v. Wade will leave it to the states to decide, as it should be.

We now know a heartbeat is discernible at around six weeks and a baby is viable at around 6-7 months. There are only six countries in the entire world that allow unlimited abortion on demand. Virtually all countries in the world have some limitations on abortions. So, no. overturning Roe will not, in any way whatsoever, take us back to the 1850s or even the 1950s. All it will do is to put the U.S. on par with 95 percent of the rest of the civilized world. Those politicians who are working earnestly to create, and who essentially support, MOB rule are obviously ignorant of this nation’s history. But then history has never been all that important to them.

Klobuchar is clearly crying out for sympathy. Hyperbole will not do her side any good! She needs to come to grips with how women have devalued the life that dwells within a woman up to the moment of birth. That is the same entity whose health and welfare mothers-to-be pray for throughout their pregnancy. She also needs to recognize one of the most vocal subsets of pro-choice women are those who live their lives promiscuously and use abortion as their form of contraception. Some of these women do not even want their partner to use condoms, because they diminish maximum pleasure. These women are regular clients of abortion providers.

The left’s extreme reaction is proving that abortion at 1-5 months, which most people would agree to, is NOT what they want. They actually want to be able to kill viable children and are totally uncaring about the lives they are destroying. This decision only moves the federal ruling to the states. In most states abortions at 1-6 months will still be ok. This, apparently, is not enough for the radical left. And I can’t help but wonder if Klobuchar is simply too stupid to realize that overturning Roe v. Wade does nothing more than to simply return the abortion issue to the states, or is she another of those Democrats hoping that their base is made up of those too stupid to realize it?

Abortion on demand up to the moment of birth is clearly an extreme position. And this decision by the Supreme Court will not change that. Several states currently have laws that mandate that, and if the state you presently live in does not, and that’s what you support, then you are free to relocate. Personally, I’m one who still views it as being more of a moral issue, that birth control allows women the ‘ability’ to have indiscriminate sex with multiple partners and to then complain when they happen to get pregnant about how it was all the fault her birth control, and not her own. We have people simply wanting to use Roe v. Wade as an excuse for their bad behavior.

Letting the states decide the issue is the right thing to do, it simply does not fall under the purview of the federal government. Perhaps if people were somehow denied freedom of movement, to relocate to one state from another, then perhaps it would be a different story. We are represented by those whom we elect to the legislatures in our individual states. If we elect those who are pro-abortion then we get what we voted for. If we elect those who are pro-life then, again, we get what we voted for. And if we disagree then we are free to move to another state that is more aligned with our beliefs or we can stay and try to change things via the ballot box.


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