Like Bullwinkle forever trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat, Democrats continue to persist in their attempt to convince us that ‘Shitbag Joey’s economy is so much better than we know it to be. The latest attempt to do so comes from none other than that perennial nitwit, James Carville. You see, it’s according to Carville that we folks who live out here in the real world don’t realize just how good we’ve really got it, and all because ‘Shitbag Joey’ is the one now in the Oval Office. I know, pretty bizarre, right? You really do have to wonder just how detached from reality, or how patently dishonest, these people must be to continue to make such claims.

Or, like so many others on the left, has Carville now convinced himself that we are all really that stupid? Apparently, we’re simply supposed to believe whatever it is that people like Carville tell us because it’s they, who are so such smarter than the rest of us, that are doing the telling. How crazy is that? Anyway, it was just this past Thursday during an appearance on CNN’s ‘OutFront,’ hosted by resident bimbo Erin Burnett, another of those at the network who fancies herself to be a ‘journalist,’ but most definitely is not, that Carville once again argued how it is that the average American simply does not understand how good the U.S. economy is doing.

And it was in getting things started off that our esteemed Ms. Burnett said, “So mentioned a new CNN poll that found two-thirds of all Americans now disapprove of how President Biden specifically is handling the economy, two-thirds of all Americans. That’s bad. On top of that, more than 50% of Democrats think the economy is in poor shape, up 16 percentage points from December. Eighty-one percent of independents think the economy is in poor shape. These are all bad, no good numbers in this entire thing. How big of a problem is this for the president?” Carville responded saying, “Well, it’s a huge problem. Let me tell you another thing.”

He went on to say, “A plurality of Americans think no jobs have been created under Joe Biden, and I think in his first 16 months it’s the best opening 16 months of any president since World War II in job creation.” He continued, “We have supply chain issues causing a great deal of grief. Shanghai is probably the leading port in the world in terms of supply chain. So they have formidable problems but understand we’ve had real good job creation and we have had a real reduction in child poverty.” He added, “I don’t think people, I think there is an entire picture of an economy here. I don’t think the people in America are understanding completely where it is.”

And Carville concluded by saying, “There are bad things, but if we’re making these decisions on the assumption, no jobs created, that’s just not true. Jobs are being created left and right.” Now I believe it was Hitlery who said during her 2016 campaign that the economy always does better when a Democrat in the White House. And it would seem that now in 2022 Carville is again working very hard to perpetuate that very same myth. Because for one to look at our economy today and confidently declare that it is in better shape than it was under President Trump would, to use another favorite phrase of Hitlery’s, “require a willing suspension of disbelief.”

Carville, like every other effluent Democrat, has a filter between himself and reality, shielding and distorting his perception of the real world in which regular folks live. And to be blunt, Carville is nothing more than a deranged mouthpiece for the left who actually seems to believe the sewage he spews every time his lips move. Remember, if you tell a big enough lie, long enough, it becomes the truth and with the assistance of the ‘fake news’ media and Big Tech it has a chance. Carville has gone from “it’s the economy stupid” to the American people “don’t understand” the economy. It’s Democrats who do not understand the economy and have no plan to fix it.

But I suppose we must give Carville credit for trying. But that said, while I know I’m nowhere near as smart as old James is, I just don’t see how folks being allowed to go back to their jobs after the government essentially forced those people out of those very same jobs can be viewed as job creation. These idiots think that we can be gaslighted over and over again, especially this particular idiot. ‘Shitbag Joey’ hasn’t created one job. All we have are people simply going back to work after spending all their ‘free’ government money. And he actually thinks that we’re too stupid to see what’s really going on here. The unbelievable hubris of these charlatans!

No, we know the economy is failing because, unlike those like Carville, we live it every single day. We feel every single pinch when prices go up, as the value of our money goes down. Our political class does not feel the sting, nor will they, EVER. They’ve made very sure of that, as they have protected themselves from the consequences of their own actions. Creating bona fide ‘new’ jobs is one thing. People going back to work after lockdowns and Covid handouts, is another. We knew the Democrats were going to try and take a victory lap “creating” jobs from Covid lockdowns, after destroying thousands and thousands of small businesses.

Carville has continually proven himself to be an idiot, as far back as the 1980s. As a political strategist he makes a good used car salesman. He has been wrong about everything he has said, and continues to say, about our economy. Being a liar and promoting lies, to get liars in office is not much of an accomplishment, but he seems very proud of being one of the best promoters of liars in the country. And if the economy is doing so well, why is inflation well over 8 percent, and closer to 20 percent for most families? Why is the U.S., which was a land of plenty just a year and a half ago, now a land of shortages, shortages, and even more shortages?

We’re not as stupid as those on the left seem to think we are. We understand shutting off the oil pipelines results in gas prices going up. We understand ships trapped in our ports affect the distribution of food and food prices going up. We understand delaying the railroads’ ability to deliver feedstocks and fertilizer for the cattle industry will cause food inflation. And we understand the war in Ukraine started almost a year after ‘Shitbag Joey’s’ inflation started and which he is trying to blame for causing his inflation. We Americans may not understand how good the economy is, but we know how bad it is and that it was ‘Shitbag Joey’ & Co. has caused it.

So once again we have Carville, sitting there with his millions of ill-gotten gains and free from the damage being done by those in his own party, insisting upon lecturing the working folks in this country about how good they have it with inflation now sitting at a record high. The cost of gas has more than doubled from what it was when ‘Shitbag Joey’ got into office, the cost of food is skyrocketing. And he’s busy begging our enemies to produce more oil so he doesn’t look so much like an idiot. And Carville has the gall to say ‘We the People’ just don’t know how good we have it? He’s an imbecile and a typical leftist scumbag who deserves neither trust nor respect.

Rent and home prices are up. Food prices are up. Gasoline prices are up. It just never ends, yet to hear Democrats, as well as those in the ‘fake news’ media, tell it we are wrong for noticing how it is that our money doesn’t go near as far now as it did just 18 months ago under President Trump. Every action ‘Shitbag Joey’ has taken, and continues to take, no matter how insane it may look, is intentional and designed to get the results that we see. The Left is out to destroy the country, and as quickly as they can. And contrary to Carville’s claim, record inflation and gas prices along with food shortages does not exactly scream great economy, it screams just the opposite.

Clearly, Carville is another of those who thinks that forcing people out of work for nearly two years before then, finally, allowing them back to work but only AFTER receiving one of the bogus vaccines or AFTER the courts finally shot down the clearly unconstitutional mandates for those who refused, is creating jobs and, in turn, reflects a solid economy. It does not! And let’s not forget about the RECORD trade deficit this nitwit has created while catering to the Red Chinese. And how can we forget about the billions of dollars being sent to Ukraine and the worst border crisis in the history of the country. And yet, we don’t realize how good we have it?

And finally, it’s always quite amazing how these shills on the left, which is all Carville is, are never willing to admit the truth, which is that everything they touch turns into a steaming pile of sh!t. Those on the left have never been good at creating things, only destroying things. All they can do is to keep making all the same false promises they’ve made for decades and hope the morons among us continue to believe them. And look at what they have done to America. We have a failed public education system, a weak, woke military, millions of illegals overrunning the border, gas and food prices sky high…and still, they brag about it all. Pathetic.



  1. Even the WSJ Tells the truth pertaining to the state of our economy. They have story after story that is flashing flaming red. Including one about why pipelines are not being constructed especially, In our nation east of the Mississippi.

    In the article they expose how cases keep winding up in front of the same three federal judges that keep denying them. When this is not supposed to happen. How it’s supposed to be a random pic. A pool, they go in.

    But this hasn’t been happening for the last 9 times / 9 separate cases. somebody has their fingers on the scale but they haven’t figured out yet who that person or, persons could be. The article is titled,

    “ Green Judges vs. American Gas
    The same three-judge panel keeps killing U.S. energy projects.”

    “ Here’s a hard political reality behind high energy prices: It has become nearly impossible to build a natural gas pipeline in the U.S. Consider West Virginia’s Mountain Valley pipeline, which has come under a relentless siege by green groups and activists in judicial robes. While more than 90% complete, the pipeline is in danger of getting cancelled.”

    “ Federal regulators have signed off on most of Mountain Valley’s environmental permits, but greens have filed lawsuits at every turn. Oddly, their repeated challenges keep landing before the same Fourth Circuit three-judge panel of Roger Gregory, James Wynn and Stephanie Thacker even though cases are supposed to be assigned to judges at random.”

    (This isn’t the end of this in-depth article. Not hardly. It’s long. It’s outstanding.
    (And now this article.

    Since you can’t read the WSJ without a paid subscription, I thought that I would post an entire article pertaining to the jobs report.

    “ The Inflationary April Jobs Report
    Employers added workers, but labor participation fell.”

    By, The Editorial Board

    “The 428,000 net new jobs last month in the Labor Department’s Friday report is just barely, encouraging since every major industry added workers. But the report also contains a warning that inflationary pressure may be starting to hurt the labor market.

    While the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.6%, the labor participation rate fell 0.2 percentage points to 62.2% and total employment declined by 353,000. Numbers from the household survey can fluctuate from month to month.

    But labor participation and the workforce have been trending up since January 2021 as lockdowns eased and vaccines rolled out. April represented the biggest labor participation decline since September 2020.

    What happened? Demand for workers isn’t falling, as nearly every employer survey shows businesses are desperate to hire. This week’s JOLTS report estimated a record 11.5 million job openings in March. The National Federation of Independent Business says 47% of small business owners reported job openings they couldn’t fill last month.

    Perhaps the answer is that hourly earnings rose a mere 0.3% in April. While wages are up 5.5% from a year ago, increases have slowed over the past few months. This is due to employers hiring more lower-wage workers, which reduce average earnings. Some may also be struggling to increase pay amid other inflationary pressures.

    But workers also have less of an incentive to keep working or return to work if their real wages are falling, as they have for 10 of the past 12 months. Large wage increases for production-level workers helped draw more Americans into the labor market last year.

    But real wages for unskilled workers have been declining at an accelerating rate this year, and that is because this president’s policies have all but destroyed the “Trump Economy” that brought us out of the worse stagnation that we labeled Obama‘s folly’s, since the years of the Carter presidency. And brought us out, flying out they did.

    With what all president Trump had to work with, Compared to this president? President Biden was handed a dream. Of an economy. Firing on all cylinders. 8, 12, 16, Take your pick.

    And with all the phony Russia collusion that was being hammered home on President Trump and his administration every day, tying them up in so many knots, it’s an absolute miracle that president Trump and his administration was able to give us the economy they did. And this administration has destroyed it, inside of a year.

    Worker paychecks can’t buy as much as they did even a few months ago, and those without the luxury to work from home have been slammed by surging gasoline prices. Expectations for continued economic growth rest with solid consumer spending, but the jobs report raises the question of how long this will continue if real wages keep falling.

    The Federal Reserve is worried that tightening too aggressively could tip the country into a recession, but meanwhile inflation is taking a toll on the labor market. Note to the Feds. Hello. We are already, In the throes of a “recession.” any nation runs on fuel. And when you cut the throat of oil and gas output, prices soar.

    And with the price of diesel, how much longer do you think owner operators will be able to afford to continue to meet and make, $1000 to $2000 dollars a month payments? I and with large trucking companies they already know there comes a time that they can’t keep passing it on to the consumer. Then what? under the Trump economy owner operators were reporting their greatest financial years in the entire time that they had ever been driving.


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