Not being an actor myself I can only assume that it would be a very rare event for an actor to get the opportunity to play a character that is essentially himself, or herself, in real life. Take, for instance, Rob Reiner. You see, Reiner got his opportunity to do just that back in 1971 when he basically got to play himself for eight seasons on the TV sitcom, ‘All in the Family.’ I’m sure those old enough to remember will recall how it was that Reiner played ‘Meathead,’ Archie Bunker’s lefty son-in-law. Now we fast-forward 50 years, and we see that Reiner remains that very same ‘Meathead.’

I say that because it was during an appearance on this week’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “The Sunday Show” that Reiner claimed that a person voting for any Republican, is actually voting for “autocracy.” Reiner said, “First off, all let’s dispense with the idea of Republican and Democrat, or conservative and liberal. We are talking about democracy versus autocracy. We see it happening all over the world. That’s one of the reasons Putin invaded Ukraine. He is wanting to destroy democracy.” So once again Reiner appears eager to make clear just how completely ignorant he truly is.   

He continued, “We have an election right now in France between Macron and Marine Le Pen, and we don’t know the results yet there, but that is also a test as to whether or not democracy or autocracy will survive in the world. So, you have a man, former president of the United States, who led and incited a deadly insurrection to overthrow the United States government. He now is in control of one of the parties in this country.” Reiner added, “He controls every aspect of what he would now call the Republican Party. I don’t know what it is. This is an autocratic movement.”

And he went on to say, “So, if you’re voting for Republicans, you’re not voting for Republicans. You’re voting for autocracy. You’re voting for the man who tried to overthrow the government. So, that is what is at stake here. It’s much more than am I voting for a Republican or a Democrat.” So says the guy who sides with the Democrats on censorship, on child grooming and not calling men, men, and women, women. He is as psychotic as are all the rest on the Left. And if you vote Democrat you’re voting for pedophilia, inflation, open borders, unemployment, crime and high energy costs.

You almost have to feel sorry for him, almost. He’s old, he’s fat, he’s bald, he’s more than a bit demented, he’s stupid, and his ‘career’ is essentially in the toilet and nobody, except some of us oldsters, even recognize him anymore. And he desperately attempts to remain relevant despite having been proven wrong on everything he’s ever said. And so now, the only way left to him for gaining any amount of attention is to constantly appear on shows such as this. Actually I’m glad idiots like Reiner speak for the Democrat Party, people need to see the morons who vote for Democrats.

And what, exactly, makes Reiner think that there are any Americans who actually care what he thinks? At least those outside of his own little circle of insanity. The guy hasn’t had a creative thought in years. Remember too, that most celebrities are poorly educated, if educated at all. They, quite literally, know absolutely nothing about how our country came into being, just as they know nothing about any of the brave men who made it happen. And yet they feel somehow qualified to lecture us on topics they know nothing about. And their politics is always skewed to the left.

And when Reiner speaks of autocracy, does he mean like when the Democrats purposefully destroyed our energy independence, and FORCED humans to be injected with an experimental ‘vaccine’ that resulted in the unnecessary death of many? Or, does he mean when Democrats purposefully staged an invasion at our southern border, and then purposefully committed mass national voter fraud to steal a presidential election to install a man who very clearly has some pretty significant mental issues. After falsely accusing the previous president of being mentally ill.

All President Trump did during his four years in office was to do what he promised to do if elected. He set into motion an ‘America First’ agenda, called out those on the left regarding their hypocrisy and stood his ground. And still those like Reiner cry “autocracy” when everything they do and say is about silencing debate and denying blatant election fraud took place. They want power no matter what the consequences are to the country, yet it’s President Trump who they say is somehow like Hitler even though it’s the Democrats who work to advance their ‘America Last’ agenda.

And someone please remind me, was it the red states or the blue states that most often instituted autocratic (and unconstitutional) mandates over the last two years? The left is completely lacking in self-awareness. Vote for a Democrat and you’re voting for communism and incompetence like that of ‘Shitbag Joey.’ Reiner is just another wealthy leftist from Hollyweird who doesn’t have to live with failed Democrat policies. American media is a disgrace for giving a platform to morons like Reiner. What kind of democracy is this that advocates censorship and voter fraud?

And if we’re going to be contrasting democracy and autocracy, ‘Meathead,’ let’s see how that’s been working out. Grooming, pedophilia and rampant crime have increased exponentially under the Democrats. Democrats also advocate for forced masking and vaccinations, they declare OUR children to be essentially wards of the state and describe parents as being terrorists for disagreeing, they are disarming the public, and using massive voter fraud to ‘win’ elections and ruling by mandates while often repeating that your rights are not absolute. I’m pretty sure that is an Autocracy.

Honestly, these people are so ridiculously obtuse it can’t even be put into words. He played himself on all in the family. The fact is that they can’t see that the very people they claim are for democracy are actually the autocracy and dictatorial type people. And then the fact that he says President Trump led the insurrection is just plain ignorant. First of all, there was no insurrection, by anyone’s definition. Secondly Trump never said anything about going in there he said the peacefully go down there and make their voices heard. It’s funny how turds like Reiner overlook the obvious.

Finally, throughout modern history it has always been the leftists who ended up destroying ‘democracy’ along with their nations. All we Republicans want is a country with a thriving economy, a secure border and realistic immigration policies. But no, that’s way too much to ask for as far as Democrats are concerned. They want to destroy the economy and overrun the country with illegals, and with very few, if any, standards even for legal immigration. And where will all this lead, you ask? To a Totalitarian, one-party form of government, and that one party in control?

Well, of course, that would be the Democrat Party. It’s the only logical explanation for importing millions of illegals in just over a year. At some point Democrats, with the help of a few key RINOs, will simply grant amnesty and citizenship to all the illegals in the country, knowing they will reliably vote Democrat to keep their gravy train on the tracks. This will effectively relegate the Republican Party to permanent minority status, which will lead directly to the aforementioned Totalitarian form of government. Mark my words. it’s coming. Unless a miracle happens, it’s coming.


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