Apparently, Tony Fauci now views the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), our national public health agency, in much the same way as members of that ‘Evil Empire,’ from the movie ‘Star Wars,’ once viewed their moon-sized space station. And that would, of course, be as the “ultimate power in the universe.” And he seems to be very much in favor, even eager, of using the agency in exactly that very same manner. And it was earlier this week that Fauci described it is being “unfortunate” that a federal judge “superseded the authority of the CDC” by deeming the federal mask mandate, instituted by ‘Shitbag Joey’ & Co., illegal.

When asked about airlines quickly dropping their mask mandates following the ruling of, President Trump appointed, United States District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, who effectively nixed the federal mask mandate for public transportation, Fauci called it “unfortunate” and made it clear that he still continues to follow CDC guidance. Well of course he does! So Fauci once again makes it very clear how it is that he believes unelected bureaucrats at the CDC should make all health decisions for American citizens. He is a corrupt, power mad leftist. All tyrants are the same. They always lust for ever more power and control and are never satisfied.

Tony said, “Well, I follow the CDC guidelines. And the CDC wanted to extend the mandate for the 15-day period beyond April 18, up to May 3. The reason they wanted to do that was they wanted to see what the pattern of infection is during this bit of a surge we’re seeing.” And he went on to add, “I think it’s unfortunate that a court order came in and, I believe, superseded the authority of the CDC.” What’s far from “unfortunate” is that another rogue government agency has been prevented from forcing its will on the American people. Fauci continues to see himself as UNTOUCHABLE, and continues to spew his drivel that has no basis in scientific fact.

It was on Wednesday of this week that the CDC actually instructed the Department of Justice to proceed with an appeal of the Trump-appointee’s ruling, which ended the heavy-handed mask mandate that has dominated ‘Shitbag Joey’s reign of ‘terror.’ It was in statement released after the ruling, striking down the idiotic mask mandate, that the agency deemed masking on public transportation “necessary for public health.” The statement said, “To protect CDC’s public health authority beyond the ongoing assessment announced last week, CDC has asked DOJ to proceed with an appeal in Health Freedom Defense Fund, Inc., et al., v. Biden, et al.”

The agency then proceeded to add, “CDC will continue to monitor public health conditions to determine whether such an order remains necessary. CDC believes this is a lawful order, well within CDC’s legal authority to protect public health.” And it was ‘Shitbag Joey’ & Co. who also described the ruling as “disappointing.” And it was White House spokesmoron Jen ‘Circle Back’ Psaki who was unwilling to explain the widespread discrepancies across the country, as numerous states have lifted their mask mandates while ‘Shitbag Joey’s CDC continued to extend the mask mandate on public transportation. When asked about that she simply said, “I’m not a doctor.”

The translation of all this: “Unfortunate that there are still Constitutional constraints on government power when we’re trying to implement a permanent authoritarian government against the will of the people.” You may recall how it was that ‘BO’ constantly whined about the Constitution, saying that it restricted what the government could do. But if history serves, wasn’t that exactly the reason why it was crafted in the manner in which it was? Just sayin’. And wouldn’t you think that that would be something that a guy who we’ve been led to believe instructed classes on our founding document would know? But alas, apparently not. But I digress.

Apparently Fauci has now come to think of himself as being something of an all-powerful God. He’s right up there with the all-time egomaniac power-freaks. And he got there by sitting in the same office and being wrong about everything for over 45 years. Incompetence doesn’t even begin to describe this man’s total ineptitude as a medical professional. To these people the Constitution is viewed as being nothing more than an impediment to their quest for power and control. They fail to grasp that the CDC is a mere bureaucratic entity created by Congress, while the Judiciary is a third branch of the United States government created by the Constitution.

It’s “unfortunate” the level of corruption that has now spread throughout our so-called medical profession, to the point where straight answers are nearly impossible to come by. We’re supposed to able to trust our physicians but sadly we must now call into question nearly everything that we’re told. These ‘vaccines’ are most certainly not what they’ve continually been advertised to be, and yet we’re told we must take them for our own good. And when we hesitate, or dare to refuse, we’re said to be the equivalent of ‘flat-earthers.’ And when opposing views are not allowed anywhere in the discussion, what we have is an oligarchy making decisions.

The CDC was never meant to be anything more than advisory agency, and certainly has never had the authority to dictate public policy! Nevertheless, they’ve continued to get away with doing just that, because ‘Shitbag Joey’ & Co. has continued to allow them to, all in order further corrupt our political system. Frankly, I wasn’t aware that the CDC was any sort or an AUTHORITY, or possessed any AUTHORITY, or was ever entrusted with AUTHORITY to issue any sort of edicts upon the American population. And so again we see how Liberals can’t stand it when courts side with the people. Yet, when the courts rule on something they support, they laud the courts.

Fauci simply can’t be bothered with ‘following the law’ any more than he can be bothered with ‘following the science,’ especially when it comes to this ongoing mask mania. What Fauci is in support of, and even seems to be encouraging, is called tyranny. And, knowing this guy as we now do, why is it that we should be the least surprised by that?  A government oblivious to the rights and freedoms of the governed is not a constitutional Republic, but a tyrannical dictatorship. And since when is the CDC able to instruct the Justice Department to do anything? And how is that they think we’re all too stupid to recognize what it is that they are truly up to here?

I guess the question that needs to be asked by every American, regardless of political persuasion, is why overpaid and typically faceless bureaucrats there at the CDC should have the authority to literally force us to wear masks or, for that matter, to do anything? There is always plenty of squealing whenever unelected bureaucrats have someone step on their chain. And if ANY politicians, at the local, state or federal level, possessed even an ounce of integrity and sense, they would have put forth a vote to make some actual laws, after debate and scientific facts were presented, and not allowed the puppet in chief to pretend he had a clue what his mandates said.

And what is also “unfortunate,” to use Tony’s own words, is that the man we trusted to inform us about the ‘Chinese virus’ has now decided that he thinks administrative law should have absolutely no restrictions, checks, or balances. And who is it that’s supposed watch over the CDC, if not the courts? We already know that they are not following science, they are following politics. It’s bad enough that politicians are as lawless as they are without any worry of retribution. The CDC can and has been weaponized against the people. The courts did not supersede the CDC. They reigned it in and said they did not have the power to do what they so badly wanted to do.

And finally, what’s truly “unfortunate” is that none of these leftist bureaucrats, along with any number of Hollyweird “celebrities,” lack even the most basic understanding of how our government is designed to work, with its three, separate but equal, branches, Executive, Judicial, and Legislative, each with it’s own function when it comes to providing the very necessary checks and balances so that no one branch is able to exercise too much power. The CDC, as a part of the Executive Branch, has no legislative power and very clearly overreached its executive authority with all of these ridiculous mandates. And it was the Judicial Branch that called them on it.


  1. He is a disgusting evil thing, that’s for sure. But, unless I happen do you see an article about him like this, or I happen to see him on one of the shows on Fox News that I happen to watch, I never think about this thing because he doesn’t affect my life.

    And that’s because I pay no attention to what he wants or what the CDC wants. Me and my family have never followed, or lived by the CDC Mandates. Wear a mask. Good God. When ever we would go to a big town, like Denver for example to visit a relative.

    And see all the folks masked up. It’s disgusting!!!! And, to see folks driving around with you know, folks that are related to one another and they are all, MASKED UP!! How vile, evil, disgusting looking!! Practice some freedom my wife will yell at them!!!


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