Sorry, but there is simply no other way to say it, John Kasich is a pussy. He’s the perfect example of that species of politician known to so many of us as the ‘RINO,’ or a Democrat who merely plays at being a conservative Republican. The kind of politician that the Republican Party has far too many of. And it’s those like Kasich that we should never, EVER, again vote for, for any public office whether local, state or federal. To do so is worse than voting for a Democrat. And Kasich is another of those who has a rather overinflated sense of importance. And he’s someone who has been a very outspoken critic of Donald Trump practically from the beginning.  

It was during something called the ‘Kasich and Klepper’ podcast that Kasich made it quite clear just how truly delusion he really is. Because it was that he said, “I was really hoping that we would block [Trump] and then people would come to their senses.” And he went on to say, “But when it was over, we got off the plane…I went behind this building, and I cried. I had one cry. Then I went to my daughter’s school – and that was really hard – and they had gotten wind of it and then they came out and gave me a big hug.” Kasich also discussed his time as governor, saying that while he enjoyed the job, he does not miss it. And those in Ohio like don’t miss him.

Kasich, who now serves in the capacity of senior contributor to the Comedy News Network (CNN), earning his money by attacking President Trump, which is something that he has done repeatedly in recent years, taking aim at the former president for his ‘America First’ politics and brash personal style. In February 2021, Kasich claimed that the Republican Party will die if it continues to be the party of Trump. It was then that he was heard to say, “If it stays a Trump party in the long term, it will not be successful. It will begin to die. Frankly, it’s dying already, because a lot of people have left the party. There is a chance for them to get back on their feet.”

Kasich, and those like him, of which there are many, is what’s wrong with the Republican Party today. Like every other RINO, Kasich is merely a poser, a Democrat who went to “How to run as a Republican” training. He’s competing with those like Romney, Collins, Murkowski and legion of others for the title of, ‘Biggest Living Turncoat.’ Kasich is simply not smart enough to realize that nobody wanted him as president then just as no one wants him now. Politics is not for sissies, John. Donald Trump has balls of steel. You and your sissy liberal pals are turning our sons into sissies. Donald Trump is giving us an example of what true manhood really is.

Donald Trump was the first nationalist nominated by the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan and would have done a heck of a lot more for our country and its citizenry had our cadre of congressional RINOs led by McConnell and Ryan fought for his agenda instead of assisting the Democrats in constructing roadblock after roadblock. It’s sad how messed up the Republican Party is and losers like Kasich leaving the Republican Party does not signal its death. In fact, the new Republican Party will grow into a bigger tent and be bigger and better than ever. The Republican Party WILL die if RINOs like Kasich continue to run the party into the ground.

The RINOS always attack President Trump’s methods and never his policies and/or results. To do so would expose how closely they are aligned with the Democrats. Like President Trump or not, he is a strong leader and the world would be a better place today had not the election been rigged. What kills me is that these so-called Republicans actually think anyone cares what they have to say. I know I don’t, and I doubt any true conservative does. Kasich was never in the running. He was a second-tier candidate. It was between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Kasich only stayed in the race to bleed votes, presumably to help Cruz, in states that were close.

Kasich is a RINO clown who should be in hiding much like ‘Shitbag Joey’ after telling us how great a *president ‘Shitbag Joey’ was going to be over President Trump. How is that working out for him? Even as Kasich sees the utter failure of his choice, the utter failure of his thinking and reasoning, he still is out promoting anti-Trump garbage. As for the Republican Party, this clown should realize the reason people are leaving it is because of people like him. If Kasich represents the Republican Party, it needs to die. I consider myself a member of the America First Party, and I support those that put American first, not the globalists like Kasich who put American last.

So he actually cried? Nothing screams Democrat more than that, and nothing justifies the voters’ rejection of him more. These people like Kasich spread disinformation hoping a critical mass of idiots will end up falling for it. There is a good reason Kasich got steamrollered by Donald Trump in the 2016 primaries. American voters are not the fools that Kasich seems determined to make them out to be. They recognize Kasich as the typical America-hating establishment RINO that he is, and someone who spent decades screwing up this country. Kasich has chosen the appropriate crowd, CNN, to join. He’d do well to understand that he has no political future.

Doesn’t he know there’s no crying in politics? The President needs to be a leader, strong, sensible and honest. Not someone who tears down others and then cries because he didn’t get his way. Kasich is pathetic. We dodged a bullet with Kasich and got a real leader in President Trump who worked to improve the lives of regular citizens, of every race, religion gender and sexual persuasion, by securing the border, dealing with foreign powers confidently and helping improve wages for citizens. That’s what a leader does. Those like Kasich have long been part of the problem because they had no reason to come up with any actual solutions.

Look, I too had plenty of reservations about Donald Trump back in 2016, Cruz was my guy back then. But when Trump was left as the last man standing I chose to vote for him because there was no way that he could have ever been worse than Hitlery. And as things turned out, he was way better than Hitlery could have ever dreamt of being and way better than I ever expected he would be. So, when 2020 came around I was only too happy to again vote for President Trump. I have no doubt that Kasich cried, but was he crying for the country he claims to love so much, or crying for himself? Does anyone seriously believe he genuinely loves this country more than himself?


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