So we’ve now been called pretty much every name in the book by those who we chose to disagree with politically and for no other reason than because we choose to love our country and want to see it preserved for future generations. Any the irony here is that those who persist in doing all of the name calling are the very same ones who are very determined in their effort to see it completely destroyed socially, morally, economically and even militarily. These people are truly sick and yet it’s we who continue to be singled out and called “deplorables” by Hitlery, the “dregs of society” by ‘Shitbag Joey’ and now “weirdos” by that grandest weirdo of all, Jimmy Carville!

It was just this past Tuesday, during another of his many routine visits to MSDNC’s “The Beat,” that Carville made another of his idiotic claims, saying that “weirdos” are “becoming a majority” in the Republican Party. When asked about Mitch McConnell, Carville said, “Of course, this party, about a third of them are pulling for Russia. Yes, he wants people that will be compliant to his worldview, which is tax cuts for the richest people in the world and tax poor people, which isn’t a very smart idea. But the problem is they are a weird political party. They need to be branded as such. These 26 QAnon people, alright, that’s not necessarily the extreme.”

And he went on to say, “These are people that talk about testicle tanning. These are people who go to Hungary for conferences. These are not normal — by in large, a large part of the Republican Party is just out and out weird. When you have Moscow Mitch saying we need more sane people, that means you have a lot of really crazy people.” He continued, “The weirdos they are becoming a majority. You look at their commentators. They are out actually pulling for Russia. You look at Rick Scott’s tax plan. He wants to tax another 75 million people. He wants to tax the hotel maids. They don’t pay enough. Their life is too easy.”

And he said, “Workers in nursing home facilities, they need to pay taxes more. That’s a really strange stuff here. We’re getting into some version when I was a kid. You’re too young to remember this, but ‘The Twilight Zone.’ They are out there in the ‘Twilight Zone’ somewhere.” This coming from a guy who apparently thinks pedophilia rights are a winning plank for 2022. Also, that a winning plank is genderfluid, meaning you can be any sex you want any day, hour or minute. What’s next, racefluid where a person mistakenly identified at birth as white finally realizes they’re black. I say new black person, get in line, the reparations are on their way!

What the Hell is he even talking about? I haven’t heard ANYONE pulling for Russia! Granted, Republicans are adamant that we do not send American troops into the fray! Is that the equivalent of pulling for Russia? And as for the “weirdos” comment, he needs to change his glasses, because if he was able to see anything, then he’d know that printing and borrowing money while claiming that it HELPS inflation is pretty weird, but weirder still is how the Democrats are actually WANTING to sexualize the educational content of small children in school! But as weird as THEY are, NOTHING beats the “weirdos” of the Radical Left, also known as the “woke.”

You must admit that liberals are some miserably unhappy people because they constantly think that the government is somehow able protect them from lives calamities and are constantly shown that that is simply not the case. But wait, it’s worse than that. They want everyone else to be just as miserable as they are. They really are, without a doubt, seriously mentally ill. It’s now roughly half of all America that is now on some kind of government handout. It’s 39 percent of all farm income in America that now comes from government programs. If the Democrat base of lazy parasites ever got off their butts, no Republican would ever again win any election.

As I’ve said, the left has no ability to self-reflect. It’s why they don’t give a rip about their overabundance of hypocrisy, double standards and outright lies. We think it hurts them when we bring it up, but they couldn’t care less. All they do is lie, and pontificate, without batting an eye. And I’m sure you’ve noticed how it’s always someone else’s fault, Democrats never take any amount of responsibility for any of the collateral damage that comes about as a result of their half-baked ideas. With the midterms fast approaching we can rest assured that their accusations and excuses will only double and then redouble over the course of the next few months.

Much like others in the media, Carville will say anything to remain relevant. The fact is, he’s just a sick, bitter and twisted old man whose forced to watch as his party implodes due to reckless and failed policies. This guy should have been put in a rubber room years ago. Carville’s one ‘accomplishment’ in his entire life was getting ‘Slick Willy’ elected. When one considers the fact that it was Ross Perot who actually got old ‘Slick’ elected, Carville is down to zero accomplishments. And who is it that even still listens to this guy. He rarely, if ever, makes even a lick of sense and yet he continues to be invited on shows such as this to spew his insane drivel!

At a time when the Democrat Party supports men marrying men and women marrying women, and yet can’t even define what a man or a woman is, while claiming that Russia is somehow responsible for rising has prices and inflation while denying drilling permits and halting pipelines domestically, mandating vaccines under penalty of losing your job to you dare refuse, a southern border that remains essentially wide open, and yet it’s we, the Republicans, who are the “weirdos” living in ‘The Twilight Zone?” I think we need to seriously consider the source here. For the last six years all the Democrat’s, and their leftwing pundits, have done, is to lie.

Yup, by golly, these Democrats are truly a rational and normal bunch of people. They try to campaign on the supposed ‘positive’ accomplishments of ‘Shitbag Joey’ of which there are none. Carville can get back to us when the Democrats get the border under control or gas prices fall below Trump era prices. Until then he needs to slither back under his rock and shut the Hell up. To the extent that many Democrats feel the same as this guy, increasingly they are a reprehensible and odious group that has contempt for the general population. Anyone still a Democrat today, after the damage their party has done to this country, is no better than those who have done the damage.


  1. Great expose, re Carville.

    Poor fella can’t accept he’s as relevant as soured beans.

    We must hope the younger voters see through these lies, moreso that they understand these polito.whores think we’re all so stupid, thus they must control every aspect of life.

    These polito.whores care only for their own life. So, make no mistake, they’d rather see all of us dead. Blue, red, right, left…..all the same death cult.

    Prayers for awakening, strength, wisdom….in His name, Lord Jesus Christ….



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