Is it just me or have we gotten to the point where whenever some kook on the left puts Donald Trump and 2024 in the same sentence, you can almost detect a hint of fear in their voice? And oddly enough, they persist with their claim that President Trump is not going to run in 2024 as if by simply saying it, it will somehow make it so. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the ‘political genius’ that is the campaign manager for the 2008 ‘BO’ campaign, David Plouffe. But let’s face it, Democrats have a pretty shitty track record when it comes to President Trump. It’s amazing how piss-poor they are at predicting his behavior, as well as the outcome of his actions.

Anyway, it was during an appearance just this past Monday on MSDNC’s “The Beat,” hosted by one of the network’s many resident dweebs Ari Melber, that Mr. Plouffe declared, and rather confidently so, that President Trump will not be running for president in 2024. You see, it was when asked about President Trump that Plouffe said, “I said for some time, and I may end up eating these words, I doubt he ends up running. Because I think, at end of the day, you can see the trend lines. In some focus groups that have been reported on Republicans, even people like him say it’s time for something new. Because they think that is the best route to win.”

Plouffe then went on to say, “And what is fascinating about the pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago is I believe it’s likely Republicans that are most successful this November, in true swing competitive Senate, Governor and House races, are those that show a little distance from Trump.” He added, “What Trump is doing is deeply damaging his party. You remember back in ’10 and ’12. The Republicans left three, four, five Senate races on the cutting-room floor because they nominated people that could not win general elections.” He continued by saying, “I think that some of the people Trump’s laying hands on may lose winnable races.” Sounded like wishful thinking to me.

Plouffe concluded, “The reason I say I don’t think he is not going to run, and I’m way out on a limb here, is we saw our democracy is just about ended right now.” Another democrat lackey claiming President Trump will somehow “end democracy?” I would argue that after the 2020 election shenanigans and the inquisition of the January 6 political prisoners, that it’s the Democrats who are the ones bringing about an end to any semblance of democracy. President Trump was on track to save our country despite all the roadblocks put in his way. That’s why they continue to hate him. They hate our Republic and everything they do and have done is designed to collapse it.

Like I said, this is all wishful thinking on the part of these fools. President Trump is the most powerful voice in the Republican Party. No one who wants to win a Republican seat anywhere wants to distance themselves from President Trump, because anything he touches turns to gold. Plouffe is only trying to manipulate us into backing someone easier for the Democrats to defeat. I have no doubt that he would much prefer to face off against some squishy RINO like a Romney or a Christie. It will be no more RINOs for me, I’m done with them. For me, at least at this point in time, it will be Donald Trump or no one. There’s now simply too much at stake!

And let’s face it, can anyone name a conservative Republican who would take advice from guy who is a leftwing political hack?  That would have to be considered as being stupid, crazy, or both. Plouffe has neither the best interests of the Republican Party, nor of the United States, at heart. What Plouffe and leftwing kooks like him are interested in, is absolute power and ultimate control. This is what they are always pursuing, every day of every week of every year of every decade. It’s all that the live for. They care nothing for this country and view it as nothing more than as something to be lorded over. It will be up to us to stop them if we want to restore our country.

And who needs enemies when we have a fraudulent *president like ‘Shitbag Joey?’ A man whose accomplishments have been as great as they have been many. After all, he single-handedly brought to a screeching halt a robust economic recovery with his rapidly rising inflation rate, a 100 percent increase in the price of gas, an inept withdrawal from Afghanistan that got 13 service man killed, stifling the U.S. gas and oil industry that was powering our robust economy, allowing Putin to invade the Ukraine and allowing his primary benefactor, Communist China, to again begin dominating trade with America and trying to resurrect the Iran nuclear deal.

Meanwhile, it was throughout his presidency that President Trump moved the country into one of the most prosperous American periods in our history. And it was in the Abraham Accords that he accomplished what so many on the left said could never be done. He was brokering peace between Israel and its neighbors. However, President Trump’s biggest accomplishment was in revealing to us exactly who the RINOs were and exposing the political left as the communists they truly are. We found they were anti American, corrupt, unprincipled two-faced power-hungry frauds masquerading as Americans. And he also exposed the media as their willing accomplices.

President Trump will run, and I have absolutely no doubt, Mr. Plouffe’s idiotic claim notwithstanding, that he will win again. He got more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016 and he will, after four years of the fiasco that is ‘Shitbag Joey,’ get more votes in 2024 than he did in 2020. There is a huge advantage in delaying the announcement of another run, if one truly does intend on running, and most all candidates wait for that very reason. Theses leftwing parasites are trying to goad President Trump in to announcing too early so other candidates can have an advantage in avoiding campaign laws he would be bound to. President Trump is way too smart to fall for that.

It’s a well-known fact that ‘Shitbag Joey’ has no morals, and we can add to that the fact that is also one of the most corrupt politicians to have ever held any elected office. And our fraudulent *president, after half a century in government, accomplished virtually nothing of any benefit for America or for the American people. And it’s only himself and those closest to him who ended up better off after he went into government than he, and they, were before he went into government. But then what’s a guy of his rather limited ability, and even more limited intelligence, to do other than to go into politics? He certainly lived up to his rather low expectations.

But there is one legitimate fear as we head into the next election. And that fear centers around the question of whether, or not, our Establishment RINOs actually WANT to win. They seem quite happy to be forever known as the ‘gallant losers,’ so long as they continue to get invited to the fancy cocktail parties held in DC every so often. They have an embarrassing, and bewildering, ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. We have to be responsible and force them to do the right thing. It seems every time the wind is at our backs, it’s we, the voters, who are forced into dragging our Republican Party ‘leaders,’ kicking and screaming, over the finish line.

One of the greats threats our Republic now faces comes from those within our party who continually ally themselves with those in the Democrat Party whose only goal is the destruction of America. President Trump isn’t hurting Republicans, far from it. His election forced many of these same RINOs into out of the shadows and into the full light of day, revealing to us all what they are, and what they have always been. And it became clear how, after years of claiming to be on the side of America, they really were not. And now Plouffe thinks he can blow smoke up our butt, trying to convince us the President Trump will do us more harm than good. Good luck with that!

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